Dr. Vadasdi – Going above and beyond!

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ONS patient Sandy Wollman has a lot to say about his experience having a total shoulder replacement by Sports Medicine and Shoulder Specialist Dr. Katie Vadasdi.

I was most fortunate to have been referred to Dr. Vadasdi and the ONS Group a few years back when I suffered a freak accident at the gym and broke my right patella (complete with torn quad).  I had such a positive experience that I wouldn’t have looked to anyone else when there was nothing left to do for my arthritic shoulder than replace it.

Dr. Vadasdi

On my first visit, Dr Vadasdi and I shared that we have both completed Ironman Triathlons. She earned my trust right then and there. After two successful surgeries, I believe the lack of post-operative pain experienced is due to the quality of the surgeon and her team.

Whether pre/post-surgery, at every appointment Dr Vadasdi is/was always patient, transparent and informative. She just ROCKS!

The Staff

The surgeons are supported by a high quality team. The ONS staff behind the desks always greets me with a smile. They understand how to take care of patients. Smiles are so important in any business relationship with clients but even more so when a client is in pain.


With texting and email reminders, it’s almost impossible to forget about an upcoming appointment.

Unlike many of my visits at other medical practices, I have never waited more than 5 min for any ONS appointment; either for the Doctor or at PT!

Pre-doctor reviews and x-rays are done promptly and with a smile

How refreshing to be in and out of a doctor’s office efficiently!


A detailed review of my medical insurance and out of pocket costs was provided prior to each surgery.  For my shoulder replacement, Ben reviewed every last detail of how much my health insurance provider will cover and how much I’ll have to pay out of pocket. How refreshing not having to speak with my health insurance company at all!


The webinar given by Dr. Vadasdi on the details of shoulder replacement surgery was most informative.  While the operation itself is a bit “gnarly” (complete with drills, saws and other shop tools), the webinar explained all the details I needed to know about my upcoming surgery.


I received a detailed email from Erika on the pre-surgery testing I needed to have done.  She went above and beyond by personally scheduling an appointment with my GP Doctor for bloodwork!

Physical Therapy

The entire staff at ONS/Harrison makes a potentially difficult challenge enjoyable.  Faye was my lead PT for my knee and now for my shoulder.

I am in the best hands!

The staff at Harrison ONS is highly professional; from Lucie at the desk, Faye and the rest of the team

The ONS group has created a very positive experience for patients with challenging injuries.  They take care of every last detail; all patients have to do is show on time for surgery.

While I’d prefer to take some time off before any future surgeries, ONS is the only orthopedic practice I will ever need.

I am eternally grateful for the quality of life Dr. Vadasdi and the ONS team has restored to this old time endurance athlete.

Sandford (Sandy) Wollman