ONS Urgent Ortho Care providers work on a rotating schedule.  You will receive expert care by the orthopedic professional who is treating urgent care patients at the time of your visit.

NOTE: ONS Urgent  Ortho Care is designed as a walk-in, emergency orthopedic service. Appointments and requests cannot be made for immediate care from specific provider. You can schedule an appointment with the provider of your choice during regular business hours. Please call 203-869-1145 for an appointment or request one online.

At ONS Urgent Ortho Care. you may see one of the following orthopedic specialists:

Matthew Cantlon, MD

Caroline Hillman, PA-C

Kevin E. Hwang, PA-C

Marc Kowalsky, MD

Sean Peden, MD

Jason Salomon, MMS, PA-C

Georgeann Torina, PA-C, RD

Krista Ulrich, PA-C

Mark Vitale, MD

Ariana WongWon, PA-C

Mark Yakavonis, MD