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Many of our patients share their successful experiences with ONS doctors, nurses, therapists and other staff who helped them to heal and return to the activities most important to them. You can read  them below.

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Sports Medicine


Physical Therapy

Read what patients say
about ONS specialists

Dr. Paul Apostolides
Spine, Neurosurgery

Dr. Jonathan Berliner
Joint Replacement & Revision

Dr. Mark Camel
Spine, Neurosurgery

Dr. Matthew Cantlon
Hand, Wrist & Elbow

Dr. Michael Clain
Foot and Ankle

Dr. James Cunningham
Sports Medicine, Shoulder & Knee

Dr. Demetris Delos
Sports Medicine, Shoulder & Knee

Real Patient Stories


Felicity Kostakis can pick up a brush again
after non-surgical treatment of tennis elbow


Victoria Leon, gymnast, foot surgery patient


Dr. Frank Ennis, Jr.
Joint Replacement & RevisionDr. Amory Fiore
Spine, NeurosurgeryDr. R. Tim Greene
Sports Medicine, Hip & KneeDr. Jeffrey Heftler
Interventional Physiatry
&  RehabilitationDr. Steven Hindman
General Orthopedics, Trauma

Dr. Brian Kavanagh
Joint Replacement & Revision

Dr. Tamar Kessel
Interventional Physiatry,
Sports Medicine, EMG

Dr. Marc Kowalsky
Sports Medicine, Shoulder,
Elbow & Knee


Lifetime sports enthusiast, Jeffrey B. Mendell,
can do all the activities he loves thanks to ONS.

David Hapke, ONS Patient


David Hapke, 2 shoulder replacements
and back on the water

Dr. Alex Levchenko
Interventional Physiatry,
Sports Medicine, EMG

Dr. Seth Miller
Comprehensive Shoulder

Dr. David Nocek
General Orthopedics, Trauma

Dr. Sean Peden
Foot and Ankle, Trauma

Dr. Christopher Sahler
Interventional Physiatry
Sports Medicine, EMG

Dr. Paul Sethi
Sports Medicine, Shoulder, Elbow
& Knee, Shoulder Replacement

Dr. Scott Simon
Spine, Neurosurgery, Scoliosis


ONS surgeons kept Alex Mozian’s dream alive
to one day play professional hockey.



Marathon runner Fran Hirsch, spinal fusion surgery patient

 Dr. Katherine Vadasdi
Sports Medicine, Shoulder,
Elbow & Knee, Shoulder Replacement

Dr. Mark Vitale
Hand, Wrist & Elbow

Dr. David Wei
Hand, Wrist & Elbow










James Dean, Shoulder replacement patient, 

shoots a hole in one