Ever Injured Yourself Skiing or Snowboarding?

Have you ever injured yourself skiing or snowboarding? Injuries on the slopes can ruin a good season, even for the pros. Just last week, we posted Dr. Katie Vadasdi’s discussion about the knee injury of Olympic Gold Medalist, Lindsey Vonn whose injury forced her to pull out of the upcoming Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics. Recently, another famed Olympian suffered an ankle injury.


Two-time Olympic Gold Medalist, Shaun White suffered a sprained left ankle Thursday during the Slopestyle qualifiers. He landed the Olympic spot in Slopestyle but decided not to attend the X Games in Aspen this coming weekend.  “So far, the plan is still not to attend X,” White said Friday. “Especially considering how much work this has been to qualify for the Olympics. It’s that time of, what do I really want to work on before the Olympics and you’ve only got one week to really crank it out.”

ONS orthopedic and trauma specialist surgeon Steven Hindman, MD, who specializes in foot and ankle surgery and is a panel speaker for topics such as ski and snowboarding injuries shared his expert opinion on Shaun’s decision saying, “I think he made the right decision in taking a break this weekend and not attending the X Games. Shaun White, being one of the best, if not, the best athlete in his sport, knows what he can and cannot handle. He knows he can push the very difficult tricks and moves that he does. The Olympics are once every 4 years, it is critical to prepare and not over-do it especially when healing a previous injury.”


Another expert opinion came from ONS orthopedic surgeon Michael Clain, MD, who specializes in foot and ankle surgery and sports medicine. Dr. Clain said “most ankle sprains are fine with rest, immobilization and rehab. I’d expect him to be able to compete just fine at the level for which he qualified for.”


When you have a mild sprain, remember rest, immobilization and rehab are best before you head back to the slopes.

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Ski Binding Technology to be Presented

Skip Beitzel of Hickory and Tweed in Armonk, New York will be joining the ONS ski seminar crew again for the ONS annual free ski injury prevention seminar this year. Skip will bring along a selection of examples of the latest skis, ski bindings and snowboard equipment.  He has just signed on to distribute the new “KneeBinding” which the manufacturer claims is designed to prevent ACL injuries. Skip plans to try the binding out himself so he can speak about it from experience but, with reservations, he says it certainly sounds promising.

He also said he was excited about the re-release of the Look Pivot ski binding that was such a popular binding many years ago. According to the manufacturer, the Look Pivot 14 features a metal pivot heel which rotates with the boot directly under the tibia. The Turntable Heel ensures that the binding releases when it should and holds the boot in when it should for more reliable binding performance in stressful situations.

Come to the ONS Ski Injury Prevention Seminar at 7 PM on January 26th to see these new bindings and hear more about them and lots of other useful information on how not to get injured on the slopes this season. Admission is free but registration is requested. Call 203-869-3470 to register. For more information visit www.onsmd.com.