ONS Launches Sport Concussion Center to Evaluate and Treat Concussion in Youth Athletes

ONS Concussion Center Director Dr. Ben Greene

ONS is pleased to announce that it has established the new ONS Sports Concussion Center. The new center is led by Dr. Benjamin Greene who is dual certified in pediatrics and non-operative sports medicine. The center offers evaluation and management of patients who have suffered a head injury during sports play. Learn more>

“The ONS Concussion Center is intended to be a resource for coaches, trainers, as well as parents who are concerned that an athlete may have suffered a concussion,” said Dr. Greene. “When evaluating a patient for a sport-related concussion, it is important to understand and recognize the many ways in which the symptoms of a concussion may manifest. When a patient with a suspected sports concussion is seen by a physician on the ONS concussion team, they will receive a thorough evaluation to identify the particular symptoms and triggers so that a tailored treatment plan can be created.”