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Sports medicine is a field of medicine that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of injuries related to sports and exercise.  These physicians generally work with athletes and others with musculoskeletal injuries.

A sports medicine specialist has completed medical school, earned a license, completed an orthopaedic residency and fellowship program that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of injuries that result from sports or exercise-related activity, and have earned board certification in sports medicine.

ONS sports medicine physicians have served as consulting team physicians to many professional teams including the Los Angeles Dodgers and New York Mets. They also support several local high school and college athletic teams. They have authored numerous research papers on a variety of subjects.

Research studies done on athletic conditions and injuries by sports medicine physicians have led to important advances in treatments for orthopedic conditions in people of all ages and backgrounds. To learn more about ONS sports medicine physicians and their research, visit our physicians’ web pages.

Our sports specialists often speak to groups of student athletes, coaches and sports organization about health, sports injury prevention and treatment, similar to the webinars you can watch below.

ACL Injuries in Youth: An Ounce of Preventionw/Marc Kowalsky, MD

The Healthy Student Athlete w/Marc Kowalsky, MD

Throwing Injuries in Young Athletes wMarc Kowalsky, MD

If you are an Athletic Director or Athletic Trainer interested in medical coverage, athlete screenings or injury prevention seminars for your team(s), our experienced team physicians can help. Call 203-869-1145 or email