Request Medical Records

For Patients: In accordance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996 and Connecticut law, you have a right to your health information.

You can retrieve your clinical visit summary via the ONS Patient Portal. Log in to you portal account and click on Medical Records. To obtain copies of x-ray or MRI images, or any other documents, complete the form below.  Requests for images will be processed by ONS staff who will send your images by secure email or will copy onto a a CD and send by US mail.

Please note, records will not be released without the medical records request and authorization form (below).

Charges- Records accessed via the patient portal are at no charge. For all other requests, payment is required prior to releasing your record. An invoice will be sent via email if email address has been provided.
The following fees are based on State & Federal regulated rates:

  • CT State regulated rates: $0.65/page (maximum charge $6.50)
  • No fee for requests sent directly to a physician’s office or healthcare facility for continuing care.
  • You may download your clinical visit summary (no images) at no charge through the ONS Patient Portal. Login to your Patient Portal account and click the Health Records icon.
  • MRI/X-ray images may be sent to you electronically via a HIPAA secure link – fee is $15
  • Alternatively, MRI/X-ray images may copies to a CD and sent by US mail- fee is $25

For Records Requests by a third party, click here.

For questions related to a third party request, please contact DMRS at 800-359-8520, between 10:00 AM and 6:30 PM, Monday-Friday. You may also email your question to

Note to Patients: ONS supports patients having access to their health information. Beyond the Patient Portal, we also support the sharing of health information via applications that use an Application Programming Interface (API), used by many mobile device apps.  We are required to inform you that while we have enabled the necessary solutions to receive requests from API applications, currently there are no apps available with the ability to connect to our data. We will update this information here on this website when we become aware of any applications that our patients can begin to use as soon as that occurs.


Request Medical Records Form

  • Please select one or more records you would like to request.

    Please note: MRI reports are available through the Patient Portal. We are now able to send images electronically through a HIPAA secure process. Electronic copies of images can be sent to another Physician’s office, or copied onto a disc and sent to you by mail.
  • Please specify approximate range of dates of appointment(s):
  • Copies

    Processing Timeframe • 2-3 business days for electronic submission • 3 to 5 business days if send by mail
  • Or fax:
  • Verification


Thank you for your submission.