Performance Training at ONS

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Whether you are recovering from an injury or just looking to elevate your game, Performance Training at ONS is a safe and evidence-based alternative to private gyms.

We are pleased to extend this new offering to clients who wish to start—or continue—exercise regimens with personal trainers right here at ONS. If you are a former patient, this is a unique opportunity to receive personal training by someone who already knows your medical history. Your personal trainer will clear all programs with the physical therapist who treated you during your rehabilitation.

Whether or not you have been a patient with ONS in the past, your personalized performance training program will be tailored to your lifestyle goals (i.e. youth athlete, adult community-based athlete, etc.).

Our personal trainers have all earned their bachelor’s degrees in exercise science, while some also have advanced certifications in personal training and fitness.

All with over 5 years of experience, most trainers have specialty focus on areas such as sports physical therapy, women’s health, running, etc. All of our physical therapists have their doctor of physical therapy degree.

Our traditional personal training session is one-on-one, however we also offer a reduced rate for a semi-private session consisting of two clients receiving treatment from one personal trainer. Additionally, we are developing specialized group sessions that are sport-specific including: running, soccer, women’s health, skiing, overhead throwing, etc.

All sessions take place at our 7,500 square foot state-of-the-art ONS Stamford Physical Therapy Center located on the third floor of 5 High Ridge Park in Stamford, Connecticut.

Each hour-long session is $90, while a ten-pack is offered at a discounted $850. The semi-private rate is $75 per person for the dual hour-long session.

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