Beginning Monday, May 11, ONS will resume all office visits during regular business hours. Ambulatory surgeries  are scheduled to resume on Monday, May 18.

Throughout the past two months, ONS has maintained our commitment to patient and community health and safety. As our state leaders allow communities to reopen, ONS has strategically planned for the reinstatement of our elective office visits and ambulatory surgeries. 

We know this is a time of uncertainty. Our clinician-led team is acting purposefully and strategically to help you feel confident walking through our doors to receive the essential services you need, and to protect your safety before, during and after your visit.


ONS is taking a physician-led and phased approach to safely treat patients with time-sensitive needs. This careful effort began with the introduction of ONS TeleHealth to keep patient care plans on track during Shelter in Place orders and the service is now expanding.

While we do not and have not treated any COVID-19 patients within our facilities, we are nonetheless enhancing our Safety & Access Protocols to support your overall wellness.



·         Temperature & Symptom Screening – All patients and staff will be screened for potential COVID-19 symptoms prior to appointments and again upon arrival at any of our facilities.

·         Socially Distanced Waiting Room – Our waiting room will be open and will be rearranged to enforce social distancing measures for patients and staff.

·         Parking Lot Waiting – As an alternative to our waiting room, we are encouraging patients to wait in their car until their appointment begins.

·         Mask, Glove & PPE Use – We will use the proper PPE for all appointments in addition to following CDC reuse and preservation protocols.

·         Enhanced Cleaning & Sterilization – All common spaces, procedure rooms, equipment and more will undergo strict sanitization measures.


·         Pre-Visit Registration – You will have the opportunity to reduce time spent in our lobby and reception area by completing necessary registration documents prior to your visit.

·         ONS TeleHealth – Our new telehealth portal, ONS TeleHealth, continues to connect patients, physicians and therapists for virtual appointments and care sessions. Visit https://onsmd.com/telehealth/ for more information.

·         Online Self-Scheduling – ONS patients are now able to schedule TeleHealth appointments online through our self-scheduling program. You can handle your scheduling needs at any time of day that is convenient for you.

ONS Safety & Access Protocols are in place so that you can feel comfortable and confident returning to the providers you know and trust. We are here for you and can’t wait to see you … even if it will be from behind a face mask.

We also know you are going to have questions and that’s a good thing. We want to answer them. Call (203) 869-1145 or visit www.onsmed.com.