Dr. Miller

It is my pleasure to write the highest praises for Dr. Seth Miller at ONS who has performed successful rotator cuff surgery on both my shoulders. He and I were at Columbia in the late 80’s, me as a Urology resident and he as a Neer Shoulder fellow. Dr. Neer was the father of the modern shoulder prosthesis (1955) and Seth was fortunate to be one of his last fellows to reap in his vast clinical knowledge. I injured my right shoulder 15 years ago but tried conservative PT until 5 years ago when I needed excision of the AC joint and removal of a painful bony spur. Seth did a thorough evaluation in April and got me through work and golf season with a steroid injection at PT and I had successful surgery in Nov. Fast forward 5 years and I was exercising too much during Covid and in April I sustained a high grade tear of my left Supraspinatus. I had my MRI and evaluation by Seth and he said since I had full range of motion that he could try to get me through golf season and all my Urology scheduled surgeries and office hours until X mass vacation. I tried extensive PT, Acupuncture, Electrical stimulation and even Platelet rich plasma- none of which worked. Two days ago I went to the beautiful new Stanford ONS Ambulatory Surgery Center and was treated spectacularly through every step of the process. Seth called my wife immediately post op and came out and showed me the pictures of the successful surgery. He is so thorough, kind and compassionate. He always has a reassuring humble smile as he explains that everything is going to be fine and he doesn’t pressure you to do surgery till conservative alternatives are tried first. He was trained by the best and is the best’s legacy. I have friends at and was also evaluated at HSS and Joint Disease in NYC. ONS is so organized, caring and efficient. This kind of treatment is worth the drive up from NYC and the entire tri-state region. There are no long waits for appointments. They also have urgent care walk in availability for emergencies. Thanks Seth and everyone at ONS. I am writing this review and had more pain pre-op than post-op. The wonderful Nerve block has worn off.  I am returning my shoulder ice machine. Unheard of.

Benjamin C. H. Peng, MD