Dr. Kessel

Dr Kessel is a well-rounded doctor. She is caring and gentle and educated and I am happy to have her treating me. Her nurses are also amazing and I am lucky to call them my team! Thank you. (5 Star Review on Google from C.P.)

Dr. Levchenko

Dr. Levchenko is the best. Proposed course of treatment – gel injection – was a winner as an alternative to total shoulder replacement. It is working already. He presents the options clearly and discusses them in detail, answering all questions. When he makes a recommendation you clearly understand the pros/cons and all other options. A refreshing approach in today’s environment. I highly recommend. (5 Star Review on Google)

Dr. Levchenko

I left the appointment with confidence that my issue could be treated. Dr. Levchenko was very clear with the information he provided and was also very kind. (5 star review on Healthgrades from J. in Greenwich)

Dr. Levchenko

This doctor is an excellent specialist, very compassionate and caring.  The stuff is excellent as well.  (5 star review on Healthgrades by E. in New York)

Dr. Heftler: Epidural Injection

Dr. Heftler has an excellent bedside manner and takes his time with you. I was just in for an epidural injection for a bad herniation of my L5-S1 and he provided me with the time I needed, to be certain all of my questions were answered. On the day of the procedure, the doctor was extremely pleasant and kept my mind calm with plenty of fun conversation. My fingers are crossed that I get some relief from the injection, but hands down he is highly recommended and I won’t go anywhere else. (comment from Health Grades)

Dr. Simon: Back

Dr. Simon has worked on my husband many times. There is absolutely no other doctor I would go to for back problems. He is the best! (Patient Survey)

Dr. Kessel: Knee Pain

Dr. Kessel is terrific! She has helped me with both of my knees in the last two years. I cannot live without her and I am very grateful. (Patient Survey)

Dr. Kessel

Dr. Kessel is very professional. I give her an A++++ (Patient Survey)

Dr. Kessel: Back Pain

Dr. Kessel  is warm, friendly, and most importantly, she is extremely competent. My back pain is being managed in a capable and efficient manner. Thank you all. (Patient Survey)

Dr. Kessel

Dr. Kessel is a kind and intelligent provider with great skill. (Patient Survey)

Dr. Heftler: Back

Dr. Heftler is wonderful. He shows exceptional bedside manner and spends plenty of time with each patient. My back issues have placed a lot of strain on me, and it has been comforting to have a doctor like him work with me using non-surgical treatments. Highly recommended. (Patient Survey)

Dr. Heftler and Dr. Sethi

My experience with the entire ONS practice is nothing short of exceptional. The doctors are beyond caring and are professional and respectful of my time which is almost unheard of these days. I recommend your facility for both Dr. Heftler and Dr. Sethi to anyone wanting fantastic quality and care. (Patient Survey)

Dr. Simon

We greatly appreciate the care I was given and the concern shown by Dr. Simon. Thank you! (R.S.)

Dr. Fiore and Dr. Camel

These doctors have saved my life 2 times. Originally it was Dr. Camel and this time happened to be Dr. Fiore. I always send my friends and family the ONS information and tell them how great the practice is. Thank you once again! (Patient Survey)

Dr. Sahler: Back Surgery

Dr. Sahler has provided exceptionally good care taking patience and gave a long view in tracking down and treating residual pain after back surgery. He provided as much art and detective work as traditional medicine. I am grateful that he has stayed with the chosen course because with each treatment, the pain is less and I become closer to getting my old life back. (Patient Survey)

Dr. Kessel

I am so grateful for Dr. Kessel. She is professional without being off-putting, caring, able to listen to concerns, and does the procedure with minimal discomfort. She is supportive of the treatment we are doing in the present and in the future, and does not set up a scenario where surgery is to be expected. Dr. Kessel is always positive about the future of my condition and I thank her for that. Also, the in office and front office staff across the board is caring, pleasant, professional, and comforting. I always feel better after an appointment with Dr. Kessel, even if I am in pain. She and her staff have an exceptional placebo effect on my pain and I love them all for that. (Patient Survey)

Dr. Simon

Dr. Simon is absolutely one of the most caring, considerate, and capable doctors I have ever had the pleasure of taking care of me. (Patient Survey)

Dr. Sahler

Dr. Sahler was very knowledgeable and helpful!!! (Patient Survey)

Dr. Simon

Dr. Simon was EXCELLENT! I would highly recommend him. (Patient Survey)

Dr. Simon

Thank you Dr. Simon for the tremendous work you have been doing. You are such a great doctor! (Patient Survey)

Dr. Simon

Dr. Simon was wonderful, kind, and compassionate. He explained everything in detail thoroughly. The staff was also very thoughtful and extremely helpful, especially Lisa who is the nurse and MRI scheduler. It was an absolutely pleasant experience. (Patient Survey)

Dr. Apostolides

Dr. Apostolides is an absolutely wonderful doctor. I would never go anywhere else. I give him 5 stars and he is simply the best of the best!! (Patient Survey)

Dr. Heftler

Dr. Heftler is my angel! He is simply the best!! (Patient Survey)

Dr. Sahler: Lumbar Injection

Dr. Sahler is incredible! I was in a ton of pain and it felt like I was being stabbed in my back every time I got out of the car and up from my desk. I had fluoroscopic lumbar spin injections at the new surgery center  and felt immediate relief during the procedure. I had full relief within a few days!!! ONS has a great group of doctors and a wonderful support staff!!! I proudly and gladly call the the doctors at ONS MY Doctors!!! RV-C (Facebook)

Dr. Apostolides and Dr. Kessel: Spine

I have been a patient of ONS for the past two years. I have had two major back surgeries with Dr. Apostolides, several injections from Dr. Kessel, two MRI‘s and multiple x-rays. From the very first day of visiting ONS in Greenwich, I experienced the most respectful and courteous staff of any medical office in my entire life.

Being greeted at the front desk by well-dressed and helpful security was the first sign that I knew I was going to have the best care. The second floor staff are superior in their handling of patients, not to mention promptly moving patients into the doctor’s exam room. The doctors are top notch and take as much time as needed to answer all questions. Their assistants are well-trained and equally respectful of patients and their families.

Barbara and Madelyn are exceptional in scheduling necessary procedures and surgeries. Sommre is also easy to work with and very helpful. The desk staff on all three floors are friendly and happy to assist.

I understand that all staff are interchangeable, which is a unique feature of any medical facility. This most definately adds to their skill level.

I am writing to express my thanks for a well-organized and smooth operation. My family and I thank you for putting together a wonderful professional group of doctors, nurses, assistants and staff. (DR)

Dr. Sahler: Spine

I want to thank Dr. Sahler for the tremendous job he did giving my daughter an injection and taking the time and effort to have a heart to heart talk with her. In my experience, most doctors wouldn’t take the time to do that, usually next in line is right at the door. She really had a connection with him and I wanted to make sure all of the time that he gave us was very much appreciated. (D.S.)

Dr. Apostolides: Spine

Dr. Apostolides– For over fifteen years, Darien High School computer technology trainer R.C. frequently suffered from back and leg pain. After a while, household projects became more and more difficult and by the time he was 58, he was easily fatigued and having difficulty walking short distances. Eventually, riding in a car was agonizing and he could no longer enjoy his favorite hobby, working on cars.

After consulting chiropractors, orthopaedic surgeons and neurosurgeons as well as following programs of physical therapy and exercise, he went to see Dr. Paul Apostolides, a neurosurgeon recommended to him by his brother-in-law.

“Upon reading my MRI, he explained that my problem was due to severe spinal stenosis and spondylolisthesis or slip-of-the-bone,” said R.C. “The spinal canal had severely narrowed putting pressure on the spinal nerves which caused my leg pain. In addition, one vertebra had slipped in front of the other and was moving abnormally, causing my back pain. Fortunately, there was a surgery that could help me.”

Dr. Apostolides with Dr. Amory Fiore, performed a laminectomy to widen the spinal canal and decompress the spinal nerves. Then, an instrumentation and fusion were performed to treat the instability using titanium screws and rods, medical grade plastic inter-body cages and bone graft.

R.C.’s recovery was steady through a post-operative routine of physical therapy and a home exercise program. He returned to his job after a two and a half month break to recuperate. Six months later, R.C. and his wife made a three-week trip to China and climbed the Great Wall. “I could never have made the trip before the surgery. It gave me my life back. I feel great!” he said. (RC)

Dr. Camel: Spine

Dr. Camel– At 86 years of age, E.B. of State College, PA is a healthy and active woman, accustomed to an independent lifestyle that includes gardening, volunteer work and traveling. She awoke one morning with considerable pain in her back and right leg. The previous afternoon she had spent raking and pulling weeds in her garden and her physician in Pennsylvania concluded that she had badly strained a muscle. The pain grew worse over time and after five weeks of physical therapy and pain medication, her condition had deteriorated significantly. Searing pain shot into her right thigh whenever she attempted to bear weight on it and she could no longer walk without leaning on a walker. Climbing stairs was all but impossible.

With great difficulty, E.B. traveled to Westchester County to visit her daughters for Thanksgiving. They brought her to ONS to see Dr. Mark Camel. Upon reading an MRI of her lower back, he determined that the source of her pain was pressure on the spinal nerve created by a ruptured disc. A 45-minute procedure called a discectomy could end her suffering.

She underwent the operation to remove disc fragments and material from the damaged disc. By the afternoon on the day of surgery she was up and walking with less difficulty, and in less than two weeks she was walking and climbing stairs unassisted.

“What a relief,” said E.B. “I had become so disabled, that I was really concerned I might lose my independence. The surgery was as successful as Dr. Camel predicted and it exceeded my expectations. I only wish I’d had it done sooner.” (E.B.)