Bursitis of the HipA “bursa” is a fluid-filled sac and functions as a cushion between bones and the overlying soft tissues. It helps minimize friction between the gliding muscles and the bone. Bursitis is a common problem that causes pain and inflammation on the outside of the joint each time the tendon moves over the bone bursa. Symptoms include tenderness over the upper/outer thigh and swelling over the bursa.

Hip bursitis may be brought on by a number of factors. Some includes repetitive use, injury to the point of the hip or bone spurs. It is often associated with athletes who participate in running-oriented sports like jogging, soccer, football, etc., and athletes who have experienced a fall. However in many cases, there is no identifiable cause.


Further, the main symptom is pain in the outside of the thigh. The pain may initially be characterized as sharp and intense. Later on, the pain may feel more achy and spread out. The pain is often worse at night, when lying on the affected hip and when standing up from a chair after being seated for a while. Prolonged walking, stair climbing or squatting may also bring on pain.