ONS Presents

ONS Presents is a series of live webinars designed to educate patients about conditions, Webinar Seriestreatment options, and injury prevention. Given by ONS orthopedic and spine specialists, and physical therapists, patients will learn how to recognize the symptoms of a disorder and the surgical and non-surgical treatment options. Injury prevention and treatment sessions may include demonstrations of suggested exercises to increase strength and movement. 

Upcoming talks, event links and descriptions are available on this website’s calendar of events page.

Is there a topic of particular interest to you?  Send your suggestions to contact@onsmd.com and put Webinars in the subject line.

ACL Injuries in Youth: An Ounce of Prevention w/ Marc Kowalsky, MD
Bunion Surgery Overview w/ Michael Clain, MD

Is Outpatient Joint Replacement Right for You? w/ Jonathan Berliner, MD

Non-Surgical Solutions for Back Pain w/ Alex Levchenko, DO

Overcoming Neck Pain w/ Heeren Makanji, MD

The Healthy Student Athlete w/ Marc Kowalsky, MD

Treatments for Shoulder Pain w/ Demetris Delos, MD

Understanding Knee Pain w/ Kevin Choo, MD

Working from Home? How to Prevent the Top 5 Wrist and Elbow Problems w/ David Wei, MD