The ONS Physical Therapy Advantage

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ONS Physical Therapy centers are an integral part of our practice. The three, and soon to be four, state-of-the-art PT facilities located in Fairfield and Westchester Counties enable our physical therapists to collaborate with physicians to ensure that each patient achieves the best results possible.

Our team of licensed physical and certified hand therapists hold advanced degrees and specialty certifications to evaluate, manage, and treat disorders and injuries of the musculoskeletal system, and to rehabilitate patients recovering from orthopedic or spine surgery. ONS certified occupational hand therapists (OTs and CPTs) also provide therapy and custom splinting to restore proper function to the hands of patients of all ages. 

At ONS PT centers, therapists begin by meeting with patients to not only evaluate their physical condition, but to gain an understanding of their own individual goals and lifestyle in order to develop a personalized treatment program that’s right for them. Treatment programs may include sports-specific training, plyometrics, dynamic lumbar stabilization, AI stretching, postural retraining and many other things. Therapists at each Center also provide sports performance services such as motion analysis, and return-to-play testing and training.

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