Dr. Delos: ACL Surgery

In 2014, local student athlete Brooke was playing basketball with her team in the 7th of 8 games at the AAU Nationals when she became injured during a layup after another player collided with her causing immediate knee pain. “I fell down and the trainer helped me off the court. We could see instant swelling and knew I needed to see a doctor” said Brooke.

Brooke suffered a painful injury which required surgery. ONS orthopedic surgeon Demetris Delos, MD performed surgery to repair a torn ACL and a partial meniscus tear. Brooke said, “I felt a little bit timid before the surgery but the surgery went well.” After surgery and as the healing began, she was happy to see little to no scaring. She started physical therapy 3 times a week in the first three months and felt the biggest hurdle was getting through the first week. As she moved through the exercises, the visits to PT were reduced to twice a week and after several months when she no longer needed to go she started working with a personal trainer to get back to the sports she so dearly loves.

In just five months, Brooke returned to volleyball and basketball playing on the varsity basketball team to finish the season at the end of the year.

Brooke’s mother said that the advantage of coming to ONS was the great communication Dr. Delos had with her and her husband and also how the doctor spoke to Brooke clearly explaining the injury, surgical solutions and physical therapy. She was so impressed that Dr. Delos took the time to communicate with Brooke’s trainers and kept constant communication with no gaps to inform and check on her status during the healing process. She was pleased with the ONS experience of appointment availability and quick visits. Something very helpful to all was the video Dr. Delos had them watch that explained the procedure and the pros and cons involved. Knowing what to expect helped and being able to have an open channel of communication with Dr. Delos made the experience so much better.

Brooke continues her active sports life and is looking forward to her athletic career. (CK)