Dr. Miller: Shoulder Replacement

Arthritis had taken its toll on my shoulders. I was in constant pain. Sleeping was difficult and the activities I love, like kayaking, were difficult. Two friends with similar shoulder issuesD.Hapke in Kayak referred me to Dr. Miller at ONS.  When I met him, I immediately knew he was the doctor I wanted to care for me. He was thorough, thoughtful and patient. He has a great bedside manner and took the time to completely answer all my questions.

I had my first shoulder replacement in January, 2013; the second one was done a year later. In both instances, the therapists had me doing exercises the day after surgery, which I continued at home within the week. Through a physical therapy program over the next few months, I was able to build muscle mass to help support my new shoulders.

Just 16 weeks after surgery, I was back on the water kayaking. I feel a tremendous difference and am pain free. Now, I go to the gym 2- 3 times a week and I kayak quite a bit on ponds, lakes and streams. I can even carry a kayak.

I am so grateful to have my active life back, thanks to ONS!  (DH)

Conditions & Treatments Include: