Dr. Ennis: Broken Arm

Dr. Ennis: L.L. was a 15-year-old Port Chester High School freshman when he broke both bones in his right forearm while playing football in a game in Chappaqua, NY. His mother easily recalled how excruciating her son’s pain appeared to be as they raced to Greenwich Hospital. Dr. Frank Ennis was on call in the Emergency Room that afternoon. When he saw the deformed appearance of L.L.’ forearm, he knew his patient had suffered significant fractures in both his right ulna and radius. The bones were out of alignment and very unstable. Urgent surgery was required. It took two and a half hours for Dr. Ennis to insert two permanent plates and eleven screws to align and secure the bones. Everything went as expected and L.L.’s recovery went smoothly. L.L. was a serious basketball player and he had worried he wouldn’t be able to play on his school varsity team that November. After the surgery, Dr. Ennis gave him exercises to do at home and with conscientious effort, he regained full mobility of the arm in time to play the coming season with his team. Dr. Ennis attended his first game and congratulated L.L. on his recovery. (LL)