Physical Therapy

I slipped on the snow and ice and ended up with multiple fractures in my right femur. I’ve never experienced that kind of pain, it was horrible and traumatic. They took me to Stamford Hospital and I got in touch with Demetris Delos, MD. I was moved to Greenwich Hospital and the very next morning at 7 a.m., Dr. Delos was there to operate on my leg.

Before the surgery, Dr. Delos explained everything I needed to know about my condition and how he was hoping to repair the damage in a minimally invasive way of inserting a rod into the bone. He informed me that there may be a chance he would have to do a little more invasive surgery and that would involve a steel plate but, that he would not know until he was actually in to see the damage. Dr. Delos made me feel very comfortable with his level of confidence before the surgery and after and the fact that he answered all of my questions so I knew what the outcomes would be.

After the surgery the terrible pain I had when I arrived, was gone. I stayed at the hospital a few days and very shortly after, almost all of the post-op pain was gone.

For two weeks I had physical therapy at home then I came to ONS for where PT’s, Nik (Besnik) and Tanya (Tatyana), worked with me to get back to normal activities. They were great and now I am 4 months out with little to no pain. I can’t believe that I’m back to spin class, palates and feel great considering the severity of my injury.

Throughout this process, Dr. Delos has been a great communicator. He was available when I called, he took the time and listened to my concerns personally and would tell me to come in if I felt he should evaluate any of my concerns. I have two small scars which is great when you consider how bad the injury was.