Dr. Sethi

I would like to take this opportunity to let you know of a surgeon that is what I consider a Rock Star in the orthopedic world.  His name is Dr. Paul Sethi.

About four years ago, I started to have trouble with my right elbow. I couldn’t fully extend or contract my right arm. Since I am right handed, this was causing a major problem. After many visits with the orthopedic staff at the West Haven VA and three attempted surgeries that were postponed or canceled due to various reasons, it was suggested that I make an appointment with Dr . Sethi. They told me, however, that he was only at the VA once every several months. So I made the appointment and waited. Finally, after several months, I was able to meet with him. He is the only doctor I have ever met who told me straight up what he could and couldn’t do for me. He said he couldn’t guarantee that I would get full range of motion back but he could make it better than it was. At that time, I had 30 degrees at full extension and 105 at full contraction. It was starting to be painful.  I have a fishing outreach program for my fellow veterans where I teach them how to fish. The condition was starting to affect my fishing. Paul said he could make it better. Surgery was finally scheduled for November 21, 2017. After doing research I found out that Dr. Sethi is one of the most highly talented and respected orthopedic surgeons in the country.  I wanted him to do my surgery.

After four years of disappointment and pain, it was definitely worth the wait!! Dr. Sethi was able to get me my full range of motion back. I now have zero degrees at full extension and 130 degrees at full contraction. I cannot be more pleased and grateful to him. We are lucky to have such a gifted, skilled and generous surgeon here at the VA. I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Sethi.  He really is a Rock Star!! Because of Dr. Sethi, I have normal use of my right arm and a better life! (Letter from patient J.K.)