Dr. Kavanagh: Total Hip and Total Knee Replacements

Sixteen years ago, I had a total hip replacement with Dr. Kavanagh at ONS in Greenwich and it was a great experience with no pain killers needed after the surgery. A little less than a year ago, I had a total knee replacement with the same surgeon with the same type of result. I am planning to have another total knee replacement for my other knee and would not consider anyone else other than Dr. Kavanagh and ONS. (5 Star Google Review from Ron T.)

An ONS Experience

Quality of care is excellent. (5 Star Review on Google by Lynn V.)

Dr. Sethi

I would like to take this opportunity to let you know of a surgeon that is what I consider a Rock Star in the orthopedic world.  His name is Dr. Paul Sethi.

About four years ago, I started to have trouble with my right elbow. I couldn’t fully extend or contract my right arm. Since I am right handed, this was causing a major problem. After many visits with the orthopedic staff at the West Haven VA and three attempted surgeries that were postponed or canceled due to various reasons, it was suggested that I make an appointment with Dr . Sethi. They told me, however, that he was only at the VA once every several months. So I made the appointment and waited. Finally, after several months, I was able to meet with him. He is the only doctor I have ever met who told me straight up what he could and couldn’t do for me. He said he couldn’t guarantee that I would get full range of motion back but he could make it better than it was. At that time, I had 30 degrees at full extension and 105 at full contraction. It was starting to be painful.  I have a fishing outreach program for my fellow veterans where I teach them how to fish. The condition was starting to affect my fishing. Paul said he could make it better. Surgery was finally scheduled for November 21, 2017. After doing research I found out that Dr. Sethi is one of the most highly talented and respected orthopedic surgeons in the country.  I wanted him to do my surgery.

After four years of disappointment and pain, it was definitely worth the wait!! Dr. Sethi was able to get me my full range of motion back. I now have zero degrees at full extension and 130 degrees at full contraction. I cannot be more pleased and grateful to him. We are lucky to have such a gifted, skilled and generous surgeon here at the VA. I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Sethi.  He really is a Rock Star!! Because of Dr. Sethi, I have normal use of my right arm and a better life! (Letter from patient Joseph K.)

Dr. Sethi: Biceps Tendon Rupture Repair

Dr. Sethi and the entire support team at ONS are amazing! From my initial consult, to the surgery, to the rehabilitation period … they set the gold standard for medical care! Everyone I interacted with was an attentive listener, informative, and appeared to genuinely care about my recovery. I had a biceps tendon rupture repair five months ago which was performed at their Stamford surgical facility, which was state-of-art. (5 Star Review on Google from John K.)

Dr. Peden: Ankle Surgery

Dr. Peden is the best doctor with perfect bedside manner. I never once questioned any of the decisions he has made regarding my ankle issue, and most importantly I felt from day one like he genuinely cared. Having an approachable doctor is very important as I am on the heavier side, shy and anxious. If someone does not seem approachable it is hard for me to talk with them. From my first encounter, Dr. Peden was very friendly. When I explained all the problems I was having with my ankle, he agreed that he could see what it meant as he reviewed the imaging exams. Dr. Peden always acknowledged my concerns. He made me feel part of my care plan. I will 100% send everyone I know to Dr. Peden for orthopedic care! (Patient survey)

Dr. Miller: Bilateral Shoulder Replacement

I didn’t want to have shoulder replacement surgery.  The pain was so bad that it cut me off from living a normal life. Simple things like driving, turning to my side while sleeping and gardening were so painful that I just didn’t do them. I stopped travelling.  Dr. Miller was wonderful. He was sincere, empathetic and kind. He took the time to explain everything to me in terms I could understand.  Finally, I went ahead and had my right shoulder replaced on March 1, 2018 and my left in November. Now I regret waiting for so long.  For the first time in nearly 2 years I can say that I feel great.  While it’s a two hour drive from Litchfield Country to see Dr. Miller, it’s worth every mile to have the quality of care you get at ONS. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. (Comments from patient D.D.)

Dr. Clain: Foot Surgery

I have been a patient since 2004 with Dr. Clain. He has done amazing things with my ankle. I don’t think I would be walking today if it wast not for his expert surgery procedures. Thank you Dr. Clain. (5 Star Review on Google from John I.)

Dr. Sethi: Rotator Cuff and Bicep Repair, Bone Spur Removal

I went to Dr. Sethi as I had been experiencing shoulder and bicep pain for some time. Dr. Sethi and team surgically repaired both my rotator cuff and torn bicep (as well as removing a bone spur near my rotator cuff). While the first couple of months of recovery were difficult, I am now fully recovered at 9 months and my shoulder / bicep have never felt better. Dr. Sethi is a great doctor and surgeon and answered all questions I had along the way. I would highly recommend him to anyone as you will be in excellent hands. (5 Star Review on Google from Robert F.)

ONS Physical Therapy: Frozen Shoulder

Alicia Hirscht is an absolutely top-notch physical therapist!  As a physician who cares for patients myself, it was so wonderful to experience the kindhearted, knowledgeable, compassionate, and encouraging approach that Alicia took while treating my shoulder problem.  She guided me through an intensive 12-week program of physical therapy during which time I started out with a frozen shoulder and ended up with virtually full range of motion.  She managed my expectations beautifully, and she gave me terrific guidance with home therapy exercises.  I cannot recommend her highly enough! (Note from patient F.S.)

Dr. Clain: Foot Surgery

I have had very good experience with Dr Clain on foot surgery. He worked on my right foot. The foot is perfect to me. I just completed surgery on my left foot with him. The team is attentive. Pain control is good- my block lasted. We are hoping for a similar fine result on this left foot as we have on the right. Fingers crossed. I have great trust in Dr Clain. (5 Star Review on Google by Woodie S.)

Dr. Sethi

Good bedside manners, extremely knowledgeable. Nice staff. Especially Florence. (5 Star Review on Google from Elizabeth W.)

Dr. Miller: Shoulder Replacement

Dear Dr. Miller. Tomorrow will be exactly one year since my total shoulder replacement. I had been living with worsening arthritis pain in my right shoulder for 10 years before your gentle encouragement convinced me to go forward with the surgery. The outcome seems like a miracle. My new shoulder feels wonderful! When I wake, I must think which shoulder was replaced, as both shoulders feel exactly alike. I have no pain, my strength has returned, my shoulder movement feels normal, my range of motion is better than before surgery, and the scar is nearly invisible. An amazing outcome. Thank you, a thousand times over, for being my doctor and accepting me as a patient. (Letter from K.M.)

Dr. Ennis: Right and Left Hip Replacements

On the first anniversary of the second hip replacement, I wanted to write to formally thank you. I feel great. Play golf regularly. Exercise everyday when I don’t golf. Am strong, and have achieved much greater range of motion that I ever thought I would. In short, happy all around. (Letter from J.O.)

Dr. Simon: Spine Surgery

Thank you, Dr. Simon and Team.  From surgery to Paris in less than six months! Your 4 – 5 excavation and flying buttresses worked. I went from sitting to circumvent numb legs to striding to keep pace with my brothers: Notre Dame, Montmartre, Eiffel Tower. Merveilleux!  Longest lasting side effects: Balance still improving. Smiles still excessive. (Comments in a letter from M.Y)

Dr. Sahler

Doctor is a good listener, thorough regarding review my case and explained treatment & follow up very professionally.(5 Star Review on Healthgrades from Dr. H in Redding, CT)

Dr. Apostolides

Flat out the best in the medical field, Kind, compassion, great follow up, Great bed side manner. Really cares and top of his trade. (5 Star Review on Healthgrades)