An ONS Experience

I’ve had two surgeries with ONS surgeons and I have to say they were both as good an experience as one can have when needing surgery. I have been treated with dignity and respect and that’s all I can ask for. Thank you! Great job!!! (Patient Survey)

An ONS Experience

It’s been over a year now since my elbow surgery and I’m back in full swing. Literally! My golf swing- I had my best season to date (over 45 rounds) and achieved my lowest handicap score of 10.8. I can’t thank you enough for applying your surgical skills in repairing my elbow. With PT my recovery was smooth and quick. I was back up and running in just a few months. I feel better and stronger than ever. Your staff from start to finish was professional and compassionate. Thank you. (D.T.)

An ONS Experience

ONS is the Best! The doctors are compassionate, caring, skilled and knowledgeable, the nurses and staff are great, they have taken the very best care of me, I wouldn’t go anywhere else. The doctors listen to you, answer all of your questions and take time with you. They want the best for you and that’s what you get, I can’t say enough about ONS, highly recommend! (5 Star Review on Yelp from E.O.)

An ONS Experience

I want to share the happiness and gratification I continue to experience as a patient of ONS. This place is what every Medical Provider’s Office should be – excellent service, respectful staff, qualified and upbeat nurses, beyond brilliant doctors, unbelievable efficiency in scheduling, follow-ups and clinical care, minimal wait time, multi-tasking and ever-pleasant front desk folks, amazingly clean examination rooms, fantastic diagnostic resources…. The list goes on and on. I am so happy I found ONS. I truly feel that I am in good hands. Professionalism builds trust and quality customer service heals beyond belief. ONS rocks! 🙂

A thing of beauty is indeed a joy forever. (email from patient, S.V.)

An ONS Experience

My experience with ONS and Dr. Delos has been outstanding in every way. I had been suffering with osteoarthritis in my knees and was looking for a second opinion. During my first appointment with Dr. Delos and after his review of my x-rays and my medical history, he thoughtfully explained all of my options and we worked together to determine next steps. My condition was advanced and I had already tried medication and physical therapy which had not relieved my pain. I tried cortisone injections next, but this too proved to be of limited value and my ability to walk and degree of pain worsened. I ultimately decided to request bilateral knee replacement. Again, Dr. Delos went over everything with me in a patient and clear manner with all of the risks and benefits identified. I felt confident and prepared after our appointment and I knew that if I played my part both in prepping for and participating in the hard work after surgery, that I could return to a normal life. The entire ONS team was incredibly organized and helpful in every way. In no time, I was scheduled for surgery, booked for a pre-surgery class and all my questions were answered. Each person I interacted with was friendly, competent and caring. My surgery at Greenwich Hospital was a complete success. Dr. Delos and his team did an amazing job and the staff at the hospital was fantastic. I could not have asked for more. Today, 5 months after surgery, I am walking normally and without pain. I am continuing to exercise and follow the advice provided by my physical therapists and with each month that goes by I continue to be amazed at how different my life is than it was at this time last year. This surgery gave me my life back and I am forever grateful to Dr. Delos and his team of dedicated professionals for making that happen. (5 Star Review on Google from E.R.)

An ONS Experience

I cannot say enough about ONS. I have had 2 spinal surgeries with Dr Camel. He explains every detail and had such compassion. Two foot surgeries with Dr. Clain. He has such confidence and a great wit. Lastly, Dr. Vitale did two hand surgeries. He literary holds your hand every step of the way. Their surgical bookers, Sommer and Kerri, go above and beyond to accommodate all of your needs. My husband had knee surgery with Dr. Kavanagh. I send several people to him and all the outcomes have been amazing. I travel from Long Island and back and I am home faster than seeing a Dr. near me. Their appointment schedulers are great and I have not once felt that I did not have all my questions answered. I cannot say enough about this group. One last comment…. I have 6 scars that are barely visible. My hand therapist was sure Dr. Vitale took plastic surgery. I asked him and he did not. (Comment on Facebook from patient F.E.)

An ONS Experience

The specialists there are highly trained from the best medical schools and the best training hospitals like the Mayo clinic and the Hospital for Special Surgery. I have used them for total hip replacement and total knee replacement surgeries with incredible results with little no pain throughout rehab and thereafter. Not all of the best doctors are located in NYC. (Comment on Facebook from patient R.T.)

An ONS Experience

Professional, friendly, caring facility. They explains all details to procedures. They don’t rush you into having surgery. Excellent pre and post services. (4 Star Review on Google from G.W.)

An ONS Experience

Great practice all around. Had my shoulder surgery at ONS surgical center, was extremely happy all around. Top notch staff, nurses and doctors. Thank you. (Patient Survey)

An ONS Experience

They are top notch and treat everyone with respect an friendliness from security, doctors, and especially the PT group are super friendly and amazing. Highly recommend them!!! (CCP)

An ONS Experience

The best doctors with a wonderful staff. I drive from Long Island to see them. (MM-V)

An ONS Experience

Excellent customer service from the first time you call for an appointment until your follow up. (KB-J)

An ONS Experience

I have sent several of my clients to ONS and all of them have been very happy with the service and their surgeries. Great doctors. (Comment on Facebook from M.L., MPT, OCS)

An ONS Experience

As always, ONS has again proven to be outstanding! (Patient Review)

An ONS Experience

ONS is awesome! From the diagnosis and surgery to the post-op and physical therapy I couldn’t be more pleased with all aspects of their service. I would highly recommend ONS. (Patient Survey)

An ONS Experience

The Best Doctor/Patient experience I have ever had. Went to him as a 2nd opinion for a partial ACL tear. He laid out ALL the options and was very knowledgeable with all my questions. I have FULL CONFIDENCE and have recommended him to others. They All love his Work!! (5 Star Review on Google from D.T.)

An ONS Experience

Everyone I encountered has been kind, caring, and patient. I found the whole process to be well organized with attention to every detail. I was well informed and well prepared mentally and emotionally which I am certain has made my recovery that much easier. (Patient Survey)

An ONS Experience

My experiences with ONS have always been exemplary. From check-in and payment to making MRI appointments ONS has never let me down. The fact that it is all in-house makes it so easy to be a patient. Thank you. (Patient Survey)

An ONS Experience

Each and every person I have had contact with is very accommodating to my needs and friendly! (Patient Survey)

An ONS Experience

I love ONS! The entire process from booking to the actual visit is soooo efficient. There is very little waiting time as well as friendly and personable staff. Even having to fill out a prescription is an efficient and quick process. I love the fact that when you call the phones are answered by actual people and not picked up by a machine. There is no phone tag. Congratulations on doing such a great job. (Patient Survey)

An ONS Experience

My ONS experience was excellent. From pre-op through post-op and on they have thought out all the details that make the knee replacement (what I had) almost a breeze. I found the medical team to be truthful, compassionate, have a good sense of humor, and were actually able to admit when they did not know the answer to a question! I highly recommend ONS. (Patient Survey)

An ONS Experience

I have been very pleased with my (multiple) experiences both for myself and my children at ONS throughout the years. I can honestly say that after I fully recover from my most recent knee surgery, I will be more orthopedically healthy at 49 than I was at 40. I am very appreciative of my doctors, the physical therapy staff, and the friendly office staff. (Patient Survey)

An ONS Experience: Dr. Sethi

This is one of the best experiences I have ever had in a doctor’s office. The people were GREAT, and the process was VERY quick and virtually painless. I would definitely recommend your office to my friends and family. I give you all the best! (RJB)


From realizing it was time for a knee replacement to researching a knee replacement doctor, a friend spoke to me about Dr. Choo from ONS. When I saw that he took my insurance it was a go. I paid close attention to the team Dr. Choo has. They are so informative and caring. I had such help from them setting into place what help I would need at home. Dr. Choo was so confident in letting me know what a better quality of life I would have. It has been 5 months since the surgery. Dr. Choo gave me the confidence to endure the icing of the knee and the exercising is so important rest and fluids. To stay focused on the healing process. Thank you Dr. Choo and his team. God bless you all. (5 Star Review on Healthgrades from DS)

Dr. Berliner

Dr. Berliner was great with our son! He was kind, professional, and put our minds at ease. We are so grateful he was the doctor that came to fix our son’s wrist! I would highly recommend Dr. Berliner!  (5 Star Review on Healthgrades)

Dr. Berliner: Anterior Hip Replacement

Dr. Berliner did an anterior hip replacement on me in January and I could not be happier with the results. He is a complete professional, treating me with the upmost respect and care. He is patient, kind, competent and totally without ego. I highly recommend him. (5 Star Review on Healthgrades by J.F. of Darien, CT) September 13, 2019

Dr. Berliner: Anterior Hip Replacement

I came across Dr. Berliner, who has a special training to perform anterior hip replacement surgery. This surgery  shortens recovery time and it is also less painful. When I met Dr. Berliner, I knew I was in great hands. He explained everything to me in great detail and was very patient with me. I felt so comfortable that I scheduled my surgery before leaving the office. My surgery went smoothly. I was home next day. I highly recommend him! He is an exceptional orthopedic surgeon! Thank you very much. (5 Star Review on Healthgrades from Y.)

Dr. Berliner: Anterior Hip Replacement

I was having severe left hip pain and went to Dr. Berliner for a second opinion. I ended up having him do my anterior hip replacement this past January, and I am so pleased. He is professional and compassionate, and an excellent surgeon. I was a nervous wreck since I never had surgery before, nor had I ever even been in a hospital in my 67 years of living! He is wonderful, bottom line. I need a knee replaced too, and he will be doing that when the time comes! (5 Star review on Healthgrades from P.P. in Norwalk)

Dr. Berliner: Anterior Hip Replacement

Dr. Berliner is absolutely the best! I did much research before having my total anterior hip replacement and because he is young and starting his practice, I could not find much information on him. I took a chance because I had a good feeling and he did an outstanding job with my surgery. He was very present and available and didn’t have the doctor ego where he wouldn’t answer questions etc. etc. He was nothing short of incredible. I’m so thankful to him and all the team at ONS. (5 Star Review on Healthgrades by M.F. of Danbury, CT)

Dr. Berliner: Anterior Hip Replacement

Dr. Berliner is a very nice man who answered all of my many questions prior to and after my surgery. It has been 4 weeks since my anterior full hip replacement and I am doing very well. I was pleased with his bedside manor, he had no arrogance and I never felt rushed at an appointment. Most of all, with Dr. Berliner’s muscle sparing anterior technique, I was able to do a full squat with no pain only 8 days after my surgery and I was twirling my cane like Charlie Chaplin on my daily walk! (5 Star Review on Healthgrades from L. in New Canaan, CT)

Dr. Berliner: Hip Replacement

At 34, I was young to need a hip replacement, but needed one regardless. I am very grateful to have found Dr. Berliner. He handled a complex case swiftly and adeptly, with a calm confidence unparalleled in other surgeons.

The post-operative pain was negligible compared to the amount of pain I was in pre-op. Within a week, I was walking with a cane, something I hadn’t been able to do during the 5 months prior.  Evident of his people skills, he even handled my post-operative anxiety about complications occurring like a pro, alleviating any concerns.

I sent the post-op images to a relative overseas who is also an orthopedic surgeon. He said Dr. Berliner did “brilliant work.” – I can only agree.  Thank you. (L.D.)

Dr. Berliner: Hip Replacement

It has been 8 weeks since my hip replacement with Dr. Berliner. He gave me my pre-pain active life back. I am completely pain free and have resumed my sporting activities. I walk at least a mile per day, resumed Pilates and even started to play a little golf. Everyone is amazed with my recovery ahead of schedule. I consider Dr. Berliner an excellent and compassionate surgeon. His communication was clear and informative. His confidence helped me make the decision to undergo the procedure. He made the process less scary than I thought it would be. I am very thankful to Dr. Berliner and the staff at ONS and will gladly recommend him to others and would entrust him with another procedure if needed. (Review on ONS Facebook by A.M.)

Dr. Berliner: Hip Replacements

With two hip replacements in 10 months I cannot say enough about Dr. Berliner and ONS. Professional, caring and superb quality of care. Would recommend Dr. Berliner and ONS to anyone with orthopedic concerns. (5 Star Review on Google from L.G.)

Dr. Berliner: Knee Replacements

I had total knee replacement in both knees by Dr. Berliner. He is an excellent surgeon and was great at explaining and guiding me through what to expect. He welcomed my questions and understood my concerns. His office staff was amazing in every situation…….Best decision I ever made. (5 Star Review on Google from A.G.)

Dr. Berliner: Total Knee Replacement Revision

When I first came into your office, I was nine months post-operative from a  total knee replacement from a doctor in Florida. He did a horrible job. I was +70/65 bend. Just horrible. I met Dr. Berliner after he came highly recommended. He changed my life on 12/15/17. He did a total revision on my right knee. I am now 8 days post operative and bending 80 already and -5. I am so blessed for him.  It was a very tough surgery and he did an amazing job.  (J.B., 5 Star Reveiw on ONS Facebook page)

Dr. Cantlon

Dr. Cantlon is very smart and is so nice. I would definitely go back and recommend. (Patient Survey)

Dr. Cantlon

Dr. Cantlon was terrific. He spent time with me, asking me questions, clarifying info and asking me if I understood. Got additional Xrays (tech was great too) which showed no break. So I was happy. Very happy.

Hopefully I don’t have to go back, but Greenwich ONS (Orthopaedic and Neurosurgery Specialists), the staff, and Dr. Cantlon (Hand and Upper Extremity Surgeon) were great. Highly recommended. (Five star review on Google)

Dr. Cantlon

Dr. Canton is one of the best doctors I have ever had! Definitely recommend for any hand/arm problem. Pleasure to deal with … (5 Star Review on Google from C.C.)

Dr. Cantlon

Today was my 1st visit to see Dr. Cantlon and he has such a great bedside manor, he’s gentle soft spoken, and easy on the eye lol. In all seriousness I really appreciate him and his staff taking such great care of me, and let me add no wait time which is very important to those of us who work.  (5 Star Review on Healthgrades from D.M.)

Dr. Cantlon

Best doctor ever! Dr Cantlon fit me in same day and despite the fact that I knew he was busy, I did not feel one bit rushed. He listened to me intently, explained everything in detail and even went through each xray one by one. I couldn’t recommend him more highly! (5 Star Review on Healthgrades)

Dr. Cantlon

We cannot thank Dr.Cantlon enough for his care and expertise in helping our young son recover from a broken arm. From the moment he came to the ER to set the bones, to the 3 cast changes and the appointments along the way he was reassuring, attentive, calm and we felt like we were in the best hands. The ONS front desk staff, nurses and Xray tech were also so kind each and every time ….even when my son would cry from fear. I highly recommend ONS and Dr.Cantlon. We are so grateful our son healed so well and it back to running around! (5 Star Review on Google from C. G.)

Dr. Cantlon

A careful, thoughtful doctor, whose excellent treatment skills are matched by his empathetic manner. Though still young, he possesses the clinical knowledge to treat the body, and the emotional knowledge to treat the patient as a whole. (5 Star Review on Google)

Dr. Cantlon: Broken Thumb

Dr. Cantlon has been great. During our Greenwich Hospital ER visit for a pediatric broken thumb and the ONS follow-up visit, his efficiency, clarity, and bedside manner he had for me and my 11 year old was excellent! (Patient Survey)

Dr. Choo

Knowledgeable, professional and caring. Thoroughly explained my condition to me. (5 Star Review on Healthgrades)

Dr. Choo

The office seemed very clean and well run, everyone was nice, Dr Choo explained everything clearly, was friendly, and I left feeling confident in what needed to be done. (5 Star Review on Healthgrades)

Dr. Choo

The office seemed very clean and well run, everyone was nice, Dr Choo explained everything clearly, was friendly, and I left feeling confident in what needed to be done. (5 Star Review on Healthgrades)

Dr. Choo

Excellent-responsive and interested. (5 Star Review on Healthgrades)

Dr. Choo

My 83 year old mother-in-law fell in April and broke her hip which required emergency surgery. This was made even more tragic since it was during the height of Covid-19. Dr.Choo, who we could only meet by phone, was extremely kind, compassionate and professional. He addressed all of our questions and concerns and really put our family at ease during this difficult time. At our request and without hesitation, Dr. Choo called a friend of ours, a surgeon at HSS, to go over the case prior to surgery. I don’t know many doctors who would have agreed to do that. The surgery went extremely well and I am happy to report that my mother-in-law is doing fabulous! Thank you Dr. Choo!

Dr. Choo

I waited three years in pain and at the end of 2019 I was in so much pain that I was dragging my right leg, the pain was incredible. I went to see Dr. Choo, he made me feel that he can give me my life back and he did. I suffered for 3 years because I was afraid. Today I’m so happy. On valentine’s day 2020, I got a new hip and the surgery was great, the pain management was great and I didn’t end up needing extra strong medicine. I was determined to get better and I was walking right after surgery. Thank you to Dr Choo and all his collegues, I have my life back and I can do anything I want with no pain. (5 Star Review on Healthgrades from G.I.))

Dr. Choo

I knew I probably needed a total hip replacement for several years, but I was terrified.
After a trip to the ER when attempting to ride my bike, I realized it was time. I was very impressed with Dr. Choo’s credentials and once I met him, I knew I had the surgeon I needed. He explained the procedure and what to expect really well, and that so helped to put me at ease. Dr Choo and his team are incredible. I am six months post -op and I can’t believe how great I feel. Thank you, Dr. Choo! (5 Star Review on Google)

Dr. Clain

Always a pleasure. Dr. Clain and his staff are excellent. The new Stamford facility and staff are fantastic! I will continue to recommend ONS. (Patient Survey)

Dr. Clain

I would definitely recommend Dr Clain, he was more than patient with my years of indecision about my surgery and was compassionate and comprehensive with the best of care once I did decide to have the surgery. I always felt like I was in the best hands I could be under his care. (5 Star review on Healthgrades from M.R. in Port Chester)

Dr. Clain

After a year of frustration over problems with a foot and ankle, Dr. Clain swiftly and competently diagnosed the problem and recommended a surgical correction. Normally I would be very skeptical about needing surgery but Dr. Clain convinced my wife and I it was the proper course; he was completely right. He pledged I would walk comfortably and without the aid of any brace or cane within five months of the surgery for a trip across Italy – mission accomplished. His staff is awesome too. 5 stars!!  (5 Star review on Healthgrades from T.V. in Danbury, CT)

Dr. Clain

Dr. Clain performed bilateral bunionectomy surgery for me this year and I couldn’t be happier with the care he provided. His surgical skills are known to be outstanding, and they are matched by his compassion and attentiveness. I highly recommend him to anyone who is suffering from foot problems. (5 star review on Heathgrades from a patient in Ludlow, VT)

Dr. Clain

Dr. Clain and his team are great. He explains everything clearly and spends all the time needed to answer any questions or concerns. He’s a master stitcher. My scar looks so much better than friends with the same op from other docs. (5 Star Review on Healthgrades)

Dr. Clain

Dr. Clain is a true gem at ONS. He is an excellent surgeon, listens with true care for his patients, and will go out of his way to make you feel comfortable and respond to your concerns. He is one of the best doctors I have ever worked with. (Patient Survey)

Dr. Clain

Unbelievable, helped with everything, great surgery. (5 star review on Google from B.S.)

Dr. Clain: Ankle

Dr. Clain-I want to thank you for taking such good care of me for my ankle surgery. It went much smoother than I expected and I know that’s in large part because of your care. From the moment I first consulted you, you were attentive and gracious. I appreciate your patience with all of my questions. You are remarkable in your ability to listen which I know is not easy in todays medical climate. I liked how you included me in looking at the x-rays and MRI before surgery and then the videos inside my ankle were fascinating. It was so helpful to have a visual of what you did. I am so grateful for the many ways you took care of me. I am so happy to be recovering and progressing. You are a most excellent doctor! (B.K.)

Dr. Clain: Ankle

Dear Dr. Clain – I don’t have the words to properly express my deep gratitude to you and your team. It’s not just the expertise and professionalism of “fixing” my ankle, or the mechanics of surgery – which was amazing by the way …it’s much more …the character of your person emanates the entire approach to care you and your team provide. Your leadership clearly directs your team which illustrate patience, comfort and great expertise. So thank you for all the big and little things you do to heal so many of us. You are deeply admired and appreciated. (L.D.)

Dr. Clain: Ankle Surgery

I broke my ankle in Maine, and wouldn’t have anyone else do the surgery necessary to fix it, so I chose to drive all the way down with my leg in a cast. Dr. Clain is capable, competent and a great surgeon. (comment from Health Grades)

Dr. Clain: Foot

Dr. Clain– I am thrilled with my new feet! Your patience and time you gave to me through both surgeries helped to make it all that much easier and manageable. I am grateful and off to buy some new shoes!! (M.M.)

Dr. Clain: Foot

Dr. Clain-Thank you so much for sending me the hardware that was in my foot! It is sad to think that I won’t have to see you anymore to assist with my endless amount of foot problems! Thank you for everything you have done! (H.H.)

Dr. Clain: Foot Conditions

Dr. Clain is the best doctor to treat foot problems in Fairfield County, CT. He is a true professional, and also a very nice person. I recommend him highly. (5 Star review on Healthgrades by a patient from New Canaan, CT)

Dr. Clain: Foot Surgery

Dr. Clain performed extensive surgery on both of my feet in November and December of 2014. Both operations went extremely well and have made a remarkable difference in my life. The recovery time was much less than expected and while it has taken some time to get flexibility back, I am hugely grateful for his expertise, kindness and the support of his staff. I would recommend them to anyone. He is a genius! (comment from RateMD) 

Dr. Clain: Foot Surgery

I have had very good experience with Dr Clain on foot surgery. He worked on my right foot. The foot is perfect to me. I just completed surgery on my left foot with him. The team is attentive. Pain control is good- my block lasted. We are hoping for a similar fine result on this left foot as we have on the right. Fingers crossed. I have great trust in Dr Clain. (5 Star Review on Google by W.S.)

Dr. Clain: Foot Surgery

I have been a patient since 2004 with Dr. Clain. He has done amazing things with my ankle. I don’t think I would be walking today if it wast not for his expert surgery procedures. Thank you Dr. Clain. (5 Star Review on Google from J.I.)

Dr. Clain: Recurring Cyst

Dr. Clain was recommended to me by several very satisfied patients. He treated me for a recurring cyst on my foot. While It didn’t look like much, it was painful. He patiently answered my questions and responded to my concerns. After surgery and a few days of recovery, I was pain free and up and walking. I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome. (5 Star review on Healthgrades from C. in Norwalk, CT)

Dr. Cunningham

This is the best medical practice I have ever experienced. Dr. Cunningham was terrific and I cannot say enough good things about him. He has a great staff and it is very much appreciated. (Patient Survey)

Dr. Cunningham

We are so pleased with the service and treatment at ONS. Dr. Cunningham has been so patient, helpful and took amazing care of our daughter. I’m happy to speak to anyone about what they can expect. (Patient comment on ONS Facebook page)

Dr. Cunningham

Dr. Cunningham: After coming from a less than adequate experience from another practitioner and staff, I was truly amazed and pleasantly surprised at the professionalism and courtesy of your office extended to me as a new patient. From receptionist to doctor, I enjoyed my experience! Thank you!! (Patient Survey)

Dr. Cunningham: Knee

Cos Cob resident J.M. was 24 when he was playing basketball with friends and tore his ACL. An x-ray at Stamford Hospital indicated no broken bones but Jason was advised to see an orthopedist. The next day, he visited James Cunningham, MD. A physical examination determined he had most likely ruptured his ACL. An MRI confirmed the diagnosis. “An avid basketball player and all-round athlete, J.M. was a good candidate for an ACL reconstruction,” said Dr. Cunningham who, in the surgery last April, used part of his patient’s patellar tendon to reconstruct the ACL. The surgery also included work on a partially torn meniscus. The surgery lasted an hour and a half and J.M. went home later the same day. His recovery was steady and his pain was managed with Advil. After five days he began a physical therapy program, which he followed three days a week for the first month and gradually reduced over the following few months. His knee regained full flexibility and before long he returned to playing basketball with his friends. (J.M.)

Dr. Cunningham: Shoulder and Knee

Dr. Cunningham has been my doctor for many years and has done a successful meniscus repair 6-7 years ago. More recently he helped me with a stiff shoulder 3 years ago, (advising excellent stretching exercises that worked) and has been very helpful with my knee and ankle problem. On my latest visit he was very effective in assessing the problem with my knee by recommending and administering a cortisone shot (which had excellent results) and laying out a plan for the next six months so I can return to golf. As I age he is an important medical partner. (F.B.)

Dr. Delos

I have had several significant orthopedic procedures and, after a bike accident, decided to try ONS and Dr. Delos after hearing so many good things. Every aspect of my treatment was IMPECCABLE including: Speed to first consultation (same day); speed to surgery (would have been next day but had to wait a week due to COVID testing); never waited more than 3 minutes on any visit; first class surgical center in Stamford; professional and compassionate interaction with Dr. Delos, never late, never rushed, very clear and helpful answers to every question, no doubt that at the time you are with him you are his number one priority. ONS is a first class operation that clearly takes great pride in every aspect of their treatment. As a patient, what is most important to me is great medical care. It was a surprising bonus to also receive a truly first-class customer experience every step of the way whether at check in, radiology, pre-operative procedures, appointment scheduling, etc. (5 Star Review on Healthgrades)

Dr. Delos

Dr. Delos, – “I was new customer at ONS. The staff showed me that they are really professional and made me feel comfortable, that they were reliable and it felt like home. Thanks everybody!” (Anonymous)

Dr. Delos

Dr. Delos was very helpful in determining expectations on the recovery time and reassuring that the whole process would go without a hitch. (5 Star review on Healthgrades from S.B. in Old Greenwich, CT)

Dr. Delos

Dr. Delos was incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. He diagnosed my son’s Lyme disease almost immediately and this was confirmed by testing. (Anonymous)

Dr. Delos

Dr. Delos is an outstanding man, doctor, and friend. He helped save my leg and got me back on the field way quicker than anyone expected. Would recommend him to anyone who is looking for an orthopedic surgeon in Fairfield County, CT. One of the best around. (5 Star review on Healthgrades from P.)

Dr. Delos

Everyone at ONS was very warm and friendly. Dr. Delos was extremely helpful and very direct with his thoughts and recommendations, which I liked! (Anonymous)

Dr. Delos

I’ve had my share of experiences with orthopedic surgeons. But I must say Dr. Delos is by far one of the best if not the best doctor I’ve ever been to. He strives to do the best for you and your recovery. Thank you for all of your help Doc because of you I can go back to my normal life. God bless you this and every day. (R.M.)

Dr. Delos

Overall – very pleased. Great bedside manner and professional. Great surgeon and follow up post-surgery. Always available when needed as well as attention to detail. Listens to concerns and needs. Have recommended to friends and would go back. The staff at ONS was amazing also. (5 Star Review on Healthgrades from S.A.)

Dr. Delos

Dr. Delos has been an excellent physician throughout. I always felt like we were in this together. (Patient Survey)

Dr. Delos

Dr. Delos and the entire staff at ONS are and always have been so friendly and professional. I cannot say enough positive things about him and will gladly recommend him and ONS to any and every one! Thank you all so much! (D.P.)

Dr. Delos

After years of pain and therapies that were not working, I decided to have surgery. It was the the best as it could be. The appointment was booked quickly, after care was great and the procedure itself worked wonders. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Delos to anyone. He is super professional and very competent. Not that I want surgery again but if I did it would be with him! (5 Star review on Healthgrades from a patient in New Canaan, CT)

Dr. Delos, Tanya K., DPT and the ONS Team

The ONS surgical team, physical therapy team and admin are all amazing. I had the good fortune of working closely with Dr. Delos and Tanya K., DPT (Greenwich PT Director), and they, and all on their team/staff were kind, knowledgeable, professional, efficient – – and it is clear they genuinely care about their patients and their improvement! They also give you the confidence and support you need to get through your recovery. From the moment you hobble in the door to the moment you walk out (better than ever), each member of the team makes a point get to know and be there for each individual client – particularly, so if you have a question or any need anything at all, someone on the team can assist you promptly/safely. They definitely go above and beyond in their patient care and it shows in the results! I never expected my recovery to be so pleasant and faster than expected! (5 Star Review on Google from S.S.)

Dr. Delos:

Dr. Delos explained my displaced meniscus injury and his recommendations for fixing it so that I could get back to doing what I could before. He was very clear and very positive in his description, diagnosis and surgery to be done. I had been suffering for over a month and received several other recommendations from another doctor. I felt confident that the surgery he recommended would fix the issue. He also was able to get me in for the surgery within the week. Arthroscopic surgery went well, physical therapy went well and I was able to walk without a cane and drive in 2 weeks. No pain after surgery. It was important to get to PT quickly after surgery and to follow the plan outlined by the therapist. I would recommend Dr. Delos for a knee injury.  (5 Star Review on Healthgrades, Aug. 6, 2019)

Dr. Delos: ACL and Meniscus

Dr. Delos is not only an exceptional doctor, but he is caring and compassionate. My daughter had a torn ACL and Meniscus and was scheduled to compete in Disney. Dr. Delos worked with her to assure she could take the mat and compete prior to her surgery. He was factual but understanding of the opportunity she had in going to Disney. I would recommend him to EVERYONE in need of his specialty. (comment from RateMD) 

Dr. Delos: ACL Reconstruction

Dr. Delos diagnosed my torn ACL and suggested reconstructive surgery using a part of my hamstring. I was reluctant to commit to surgery because of friends who had horror stories (with doctors in different practices), however Dr. Delos talked me off the ledge several times, boosting my confidence. Everything went seamlessly and his bedside manner both before and after the surgery was extraordinary. I couldn’t recommend him and the ONS team enough! (5 sSar review on Healthgrades from S.O. in Stamford, CT)

Dr. Delos: ACL Repair

I recently had my ACL done by Dr. Delos. It was a great experience and the surgery went really well. I am really happy with how it is healing and how quickly I was able to get back to regular life.

Dr. Delos: ACL Repair

In July  of 2014, Dr. Delos performed ACL surgery on my daughter.  Brooke is doing great!  In fact, since surgery Brooke has returned to playing volleyball & basketball.  She played Varsity Volleyball from Stamford HS where she was a setter.  She also played Varsity Basketball where she was the starting point guard.  Both teams had a great year, but the girls basketball team had a historical year. The Stamford Knights won the FCIAC Title (District title) and the CIAC Title (State Championship.)  Thanks to Dr. Delos, Brooke was a huge part of the team’s success. (C.K.)

Dr. Delos: ACL Surgery

In 2014, local student athlete Brooke was playing basketball with her team in the 7th of 8 games at the AAU Nationals when she became injured during a layup after another player collided with her causing immediate knee pain. “I fell down and the trainer helped me off the court. We could see instant swelling and knew I needed to see a doctor” said Brooke.

Brooke suffered a painful injury which required surgery. ONS orthopedic surgeon Demetris Delos, MD performed surgery to repair a torn ACL and a partial meniscus tear. Brooke said, “I felt a little bit timid before the surgery but the surgery went well.” Continue reading “Dr. Delos: ACL Surgery”

Dr. Delos: ACL Tear

For 21 year old S.R. the first game of the Division III  soccer season at SUNY Purchase was her last.  She twisted her knee awkwardly while running down the field and tore the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in her knee. She knew the ordeal she was in for, having torn the ACL in her other knee four years earlier while playing high school soccer.  “I knew there would be surgery and six months of rehabilitation, but  it was my senior year and I was determined to be back in shape to play lacrosse in the spring,” she said.

With the help and guidance of sports medicine specialist, Dr. Demetris Delos, S.R. achieved her goal.  Not only did S.R. contribute to her team’s 9 and 3 season, she was named MVP of the team, and Female Athlete of the Year by the university. She also qualified for the First Team All Conference and All Regional in lacrosse.

“Dr. Delos was so nice and friendly and straightforward in terms of expectations and recovery time. He turned a bad situation into a great experience.”  (S.R.)

Dr. Delos: Ankle

Dr. Delos operated on my broken ankle 6 months ago and today I have graduated and am doing great! My experience was very good at ONS and I have a healthcare background so I am very picky when I choose a doctor. The ONS office is extremely well-run and the ambulatory care center is top notch. I’m not sure how they could do a better job and they called me the next day to see how I was doing after surgery. I’ve referred friends to ONS in the past months that have seen other specialists at ONS who have told me they have all had the same experience. I’ve even brought my daughter here for care. Dr. Delos is very knowledgeable, competent, and caring. (M.S.)

Dr. Delos: Ankle Surgery

Dr. Delos is a very competent and caring surgeon, who is respectful of his patients as well as their time. He is knowledgeable and capable as well as kind. He operated on my broken ankle and I had an excellent results. (comment from Health Grades)

Dr. Delos: Biceps Surgery

Dr. Delos operated on my biceps as I ruptured it at the elbow. From initial consult to surgery to follow-ups, everything went fantastic. He explained everything, appointments were quick and easy and I couldn’t have been any happier. I would highly recommend him!!! (Five Star Review on Healthgrades from JA)

Dr. Delos: Bilateral Knee Replacement

My experience with ONS and Dr. Delos has been outstanding in every way. I had been suffering with osteoarthritis in my knees and was looking for a second opinion. During my first appointment with Dr. Delos and after his review of my x-rays and my medical history, he thoughtfully explained all of my options and we worked together to determine next steps. My condition was advanced and I had already tried medication and physical therapy which had not relieved my pain. I tried cortisone injections next, but this too proved to be of limited value and my ability to walk and degree of pain worsened. I ultimately decided to request bilateral knee replacement. Again, Dr. Delos went over everything with me in a patient and clear manner with all of the risks and benefits identified. I felt confident and prepared after our appointment and I knew that if I played my part both in prepping for and participating in the hard work after surgery, that I could return to a normal life. The entire ONS team was incredibly organized and helpful in every way. In no time, I was scheduled for surgery, booked for a pre-surgery class and all my questions were answered. Each person I interacted with was friendly, competent and caring. My surgery at Greenwich Hospital was a complete success. Dr. Delos and his team did an amazing job and the staff at the hospital was fantastic. I could not have asked for more. Today, 5 months after surgery, I am walking normally and without pain. I am continuing to exercise and follow the advice provided by my physical therapists and with each month that goes by I continue to be amazed at how different my life is than it was at this time last year. This surgery gave me my life back and I am forever grateful to Dr. Delos and his team of dedicated professionals for making that happen. (5 Star Review on Google from E.R.)

Dr. Delos: Bilateral Knee Replacement

I had a bilateral knee replacement in May of this year and I could not be more pleased. While there was some concern about doing both knees at the same time, the procedure went extremely well and the recovery has been all I could have hoped for. I would highly recommend Dr. Delos for this procedure. If possible, he exceeded my expectations.  (5 star review on Healthgrades from a patient in Stamford, CT)

Dr. Delos: Broken Shoulder

I came home from my vacation in the Dominican Republic with two broken shoulders. Dr. Delos was absolutely amazing. He has a kind and caring bedside manner and when he told me I needed surgery on my left shoulder, I never had a thought to go anywhere else. I highly recommend him. (J.R.)

Dr. Delos: Dislocated Kneecap

Dr. Delos changed my life! I went into my first appointment not knowing what to expect, and truly scared. He was kind, understanding, and extremely knowledgeable of my situation. I went in thinking my knee was dislocating, and after ten minutes of talking and examining my knee, Dr. Delos explained to me that my knee cap was dislocating, making it looser each time. I had surgery a month later and now I feel so much more secure! I can do everyday activities with ease, whereas before I was scared to even walk. I highly recommend Dr. Delos! He was amazing in every way! (5 Star Review on Healthgrades from B.A., Jul 2, 2019  )

Dr. Delos: Fractured Collarbone

Dr. Delos is a wonderfully gifted orthopedic surgeon who is also incredibly compassionate and personable. He instills a well-deserved sense of confidence in his patients, and even has a sense of humor! Dr. Delos surgically repaired my fractured collarbone by affixing a metal plate. The fractured bone and surgical wound healed completely without complication and post-surgery pain was well-controlled and never an issue. I highly recommend Dr. Delos and the highly efficient staff at ONS. (Five star review on Healthgrades from a patient in Port Chester, NY)

Dr. Delos: Knee

I broke my knee cap in 7 pieces. Dr. Delos repaired my knee with such expertise that I have healed quicker than expected. His professionalism is excellent and I would recommend him to my family and friends. (comment from RateMD)

Dr. Delos: Knee Arthroscopy

I was very pleased with the surgery Dr. Delos performed on my knee. I did not feel much pain at all after the surgery. I was walking normally in less than a week after my surgery. Dr. Delos was also very accommodating in that he used my MRI report from another center and didn’t make me do a new one, which saved me a lot of time. The office staff was also very good with all the follow ups and setting up appointments. Highly recommend Dr. Delos for knee arthroscopy(5 Star review on Healthgrades by R.J.)

Dr. Delos: Knee Osteoarthritis

Dr. Delos is wonderful. I went to him as a second opinion about my knee osteoarthritis.  After that meeting, I knew I needed to have him do my surgery. I’m only 4 weeks out, but there is a positive difference already. I was scared to death if the total knee replacement and he made it so much easier for me. Dr Delos takes pride in his work which shows in the results, thank you Dr. Delos! (Comment on Instagram from E.F.)

Dr. Delos: Knee Replacement

Dr. Delos is an awesome surgeon. He performed a knee replacement for my husband. Could not have had a better surgeon. Dr. Delos also helped our daughter who was injured in Canada with a fractured hip. His approach to her was so positive, and he was extremely honest with her prognosis as long as she followed his direction. She is now doing full marathons and an Ironman. All of this was because of Dr. Delos. He is the best surgeon I have ever met. His people skills are beyond reproach as well as his office staff. (Comment from Rate MDs)

Dr. Delos: Knee Replacement

Young, innovative, and on the cutting edge of his specialty. Dr. Delos replaced both my knees and I had wonderful results with minor pain, minimized by his phenomenal anesthesia formula. Best of all, the lack of external stitching (using medical glue instead) eased the healing process and left no ugly scarring. I could not ask for better results. Highly recommended by HSS and deservedly so. Thanks Dr. Delos. (comment from RateMD)

Dr. Delos: Knee Replacement

When my arthritis got so bad that I couldn’t walk, I knew I needed to have my right knee replaced. I went to ONS because my daughter had been treated by Dr. Camel and Dr. Sahler, and I was very impressed by how supportive and caring they were. As soon as I met Dr. Delos,  I had every confidence that I was in good hands. He has a great bedside manner, he’s honest and straightforward. He took the time to answer every question my husband and I had about the procedure. Two months after my surgery, I was able to take a trip to Cancun and walk around the Mayan ruins and the only thing that bothered me was the heat.  I’m going to Disney World next month, and I can’t thank Dr. Delos for making it all possible. I recommend ONS to everyone.  (S.S.)

Dr. Delos: Knee Replacement

Dr. Delos is an amazing man and surgeon. I had concerns about another physician that I was going to and heard great things about Dr. Delos, so I went to him for a second opinion. He was completely straight with me and reviewed everything with me. I  didn’t feel the least bit rushed. He took all the time that I needed. I walked away knowing what was wrong with my knee and subsequently, chose him for my total knee replacement. His bedside manner is wonderful and he is compassionate, caring and confident. He made sure that I knew exactly what was wrong and how he would treat it. I had ad my surgery and  am 6 weeks out. I’m already driving and back to work! His office staff are all great, and my PT is going well. They are all so supportive, as Dr. Delos is. I would recommend him to anyone. I can’t say enough wonderful things about him. Thank you Dr. Delos!!!!!! I’m a new woman with a brand new knee!! (5 Star Review on Google from E.N.) 07/10/2019

Dr. Delos: Knee Surgery

Sam McCanncropp

12 year old soccer player, Sam M., was on top of his sport when he developed knee pain and swelling after a fall during a game last June. He kept it to himself because he didn’t want to jeopardize his chance to compete internationally at the Madrid Cup in September.  Although he did make it to the tournament,  he spent most of his time on the sidelines with his knee too painful, swollen, and difficult to move.

Upon returning home, Sam’s mother, Paula, brought him to see Dr. Demetris Delos, a sports medicine physician who specializes in knee injuries.  Dr. Delos ordered an MRI, which revealed a slight fracture in Sam’s knee and a one inch piece of loose cartilage that would require surgery to repair.  The injury was close to the growth plate, which could have had long term consequences.  However, the surgery went well and Sam is back on the soccer field with his sights on the Hackley School’s Academy Team.

“Dr. Delos was always positive and everything he said would happen transpired, “said Paula M., Sam’s mother. “I was very impressed with the high level of care and collaboration with the physical therapists because they all wanted Sam to achieve his goal.  Everyone was unbelievably caring.” (S.M.)

Dr. Delos: Knee/Hip

ONS is excellent! The staff is warm and very nice to children. I injured myself at work and came to see Dr. Delos. He explained that I needed surgery and it was scheduled at the Holly Hill Ambulatory Center. ONS and surgery center staff are lovely people. Dr. Delos was very human and made sure to explain all that I needed to have done to get back to normal. It was a perfect experience and I am pain free. (I.K.)

Dr. Delos: Meniscus Repair

Dr. Delos performed ACL repair surgery as well as a meniscus repair after a ski accident in March 2018. Dr. Delos is not only an excellent surgeon, but also a caring and concerned doctor. I highly recommend him to anyone considering any type of knee surgery. I am almost back to my full strength and am forever grateful to Dr. Delos and the Physical Therapy team at ONS. (5 Star review on Healthgrades from M.R. in Riverside, CT)

Dr. Delos: Partial Knee Replacement

After years of PT, 2 surgeries that did not help, & numerous steroid injections I finally found ONS & Dr Delos. I WISH I had found him earlier! He listened to my story, understood MY situation & MY needs, evaluated MY condition & found a solution. He presented options & explained them all thoroughly. We made the decision together to undergo a partial knee replacement & WOW what a difference. At 7 months I walked a half marathon with NO ill effect, & I am back bike riding and hiking. And did I mention that this was an opioid free surgery – I did not need ANY strong painkillers – even in the hospital, I felt very little pain at all, I was only taking Tylenol!!! And as for the scar on my knee – what scar – you can barely see it! Thank you ONS and Dr Delos. (5 Star Review on Google from G.W.)

Dr. Delos: Shattered Collarbone

Dr Delos did surgery on my 15 year old son’s shattered collarbone, putting in a long plate and 8 screws. My son felt very little pain within 2-3 days and none by one week out. His physical therapist was AMAZED at his mobility and strength – and the fact that he had zero pain – and gave all the credit to his surgeon. Dr Delos followed up himself by phone and then at multiple appointments to make sure all was well. To my son’s delight, he was cleared to return to lacrosse 2 weeks earlier than expected. We would recommend him without any hesitation! (5 StarReview on Healthgrades from C.)

Dr. Delos: Shoulder and Arm

I broke my shoulder and arm and Dr. Delos was brought in to operate on me. He’s got a wonderful manner about him and he’s an excellent doctor who follows up with his patients. (comment from Health Grades)

Dr. Delos: Shoulder Surgery

Dr Delos is the best! He performed surgery on my shoulder after a car accident and it’s 100% better! No pain and absolutely no problems after the surgery. He recently did a total knee replacement for me. I was in excruciating pain before the surgery. He was so compassionate with me. I could truly feel he felt my pain and wanted it to go away. He wanted the best for me and that’s exactly what he did for me! I’m completely pain free, have absolutely no problems with my knee now. He gave me my freedom back. He is a wonderful, caring, skilful, and knowledgeable doctor. I can’t say enough about him! I highly recommend him, as I said, he is the Best!  (5 Star Review on Healthgrades from E.O.)

Dr. Delos: Shoulder Surgery

In a little less than two years ago, I had a small accident and broke my right shoulder. I had been seeing another physician for almost five months and my shoulder still wasn’t healing. The physician had tried of number of different things but nothing seemed to help. Needless to say my frustration level was over the top. Being right handed, many things in my life were quite difficult especially since my job requires me to type a lot on a computer.  I had just seen the physician for an appointment and he wanted to wait a few more weeks to see if what we had been trying for months might finally work to get my bone to heal. A member of my family convinced me to see a doctor in the ONS practice because they had helped him a few years earlier. I made an appointment for Friday, July 29 with Dr. Delos. I met with him and conveyed my overwhelming frustration and I needed something done quickly. After reviewing my case and seeing the other things that had been tried, he realized surgery was the only option left. I agreed but told him it needed to be done as soon as possible because in six weeks I was going away and needed to be well on the way to being healed by then. Well, he and the staff took my request very seriously and started jumping through hoops to get me in for surgery. The staff was very helpful in getting everything together. Everything about the surgery was explained so I understood the procedure and recovery very well. Well, five days later on Wednesday, August 3, I was in Greenwich Hospital getting my surgery. The surgery was a total success. All my follow ups went well and the staff took great care of me. I would easily recommend ONS for any orthopaedic needs, big and small. Thank you. I can’t explain how good it was to get back the use of my arm.  (F.V.O, 5 star review on the ONS Facebook page)

Dr. Delos: Shoulder Surgery

Dr. Delos is a great doctor. He performed surgery on my shoulder after massive injuries. There was no pain, and it healed very well. He takes his time when he talks to you and answers all questions. I am very pleased  with his work. (Five Star Review on Healthgrades from L.B)

Dr. Delos: Tendon Repair

Dr. Delos was fantastic. He made an expert repair on my torn tendon and the follow up and follow through with the Dr. and with ONS PT was outstanding. (5 Star Review on Healthgrades from J.M.  Jul 30, 2019)

Dr. Delos: Torn Meniscus Repair

Dr. Delos recently performed arthroscopic knee surgery for a torn meniscus. I was pleased by his conservative approach to addressing my injury with a plan I was comfortable with. I started with Physical Therapy first, and then ultimately surgery. He thoroughly explained what the surgery would entail, the recovery process and set a realistic expectation of when I could return back to exercising. (Five star review on Healthgrades from M. in CT)

Dr. Delos: Total Knee Replacement

If it wasn’t for Dr. Delos I would not be walking without pain. I am almost 7 months out from TKR and I feel great!!! I am back to my normal routine. Dr. Delos’s bed side manner is fabulous. He is caring and listens to what you have to say. I recommend him all the time when people ask who did my surgery. (comment from Health Grades)

Dr. Ennis

I was extremely happy with the results of my surgery done by Dr. Ennis. I was impressed with how knowledgeable and professional the nursing staff was as well as the scheduling staff. (Patient Survey)

Dr. Ennis

I was extremely impressed with Dr. Ennis and his knowledge of my rare condition and the time he took to fully explain my issues. (Patient Survey)

Dr. Ennis

Dr. Ennis was great! He was caring and professional! I would definitely recommend Dr. Ennis to my friends and family. (Patient Survey)

Dr. Ennis, PT: Knee Replacement

Dear Dr. Ennis –  I can’t thank you enough for giving me a new knee so I can hop around more quickly after my 2 year old grandson that I take care of three days a week. You are a truly brilliant surgeon. I also appreciate your accepting medicare assignment. I know since I was a former medical office manager that you only receive a fraction of what you truly deserve…also, your terrific physical therapy group, (especially Betsy) accepted medicare because you did surgery on me. (N.B.)

Dr. Ennis: Broken Arm

Dr. Ennis: L.L. was a 15-year-old Port Chester High School freshman when he broke both bones in his right forearm while playing football in a game in Chappaqua, NY. His mother easily recalled how excruciating her son’s pain appeared to be as they raced to Greenwich Hospital. Dr. Frank Ennis was on call in the Emergency Room that afternoon. When he saw the deformed appearance of L.L.’ forearm, he knew his patient had suffered significant fractures in both his right ulna and radius. The bones were out of alignment and very unstable. Urgent surgery was required. It took two and a half hours for Dr. Ennis to insert two permanent plates and eleven screws to align and secure the bones. Everything went as expected and L.L.’s recovery went smoothly. L.L. was a serious basketball player and he had worried he wouldn’t be able to play on his school varsity team that November. After the surgery, Dr. Ennis gave him exercises to do at home and with conscientious effort, he regained full mobility of the arm in time to play the coming season with his team. Dr. Ennis attended his first game and congratulated L.L. on his recovery. (L.L.)

Dr. Ennis: Hip

Dr. Ennis: Thanks to you, I closed out 2015 on the slopes in NH with my son, catching the first snowfall and getting in two days of skiing.  All went smoothly. I stuck to the blues as you suggested (the only ones open anyway) and the hip performed better than ever. Then we returned to CT and I took my 4-year-old granddaughter to Mohawk yesterday. Thank you for the great work. Take care. (S.S.)


Dr. Ennis: Hip

Dr. Ennis: Let me first thank you for the great job you did replacing my hip. What I had not expected was to be so impressed by each and every member of the ONS staff that I had interactions with. The office staff was at all times courteous, knowledgeable, and professional. The medical staff patiently explained every aspect of my procedure and answered my questions clearly. At all levels, each and every member of the ONS team appeared to both enjoy and excel at their professions. Thank you for your good work and that of the ONS team. – WHP (Hip)

Dr. Ennis: Hip Replacement

Dr. Ennis –  I am so impressed by Dr. Ennis’ confidence, compassion and skill as a surgeon. I have had a number of surgeries for my joints in the past and having my hip replaced was by far the easiest and relatively painless.  Physical fitness is extremely important to me. Before surgery, my hip had gotten to the point where just walking and going up stairs was excruciating. Dr. Ennis took the time to fully explain the mechanics of what was wrong with my hip and how he was going to fix it.  I was amazed that I walking without a cane two days after surgery! Now I can walk, ride a bike, do anything really because my legs are stronger than they have been in three years. I’m going out to California next month and I can’t wait to go windsurfing again. (J.B.)

Dr. Ennis: Hip Replacement

Dr. Ennis: I am totally ecstatic with all aspects of treatment. The results of my total hip replacement surgery have been extraordinary in both length of time to being able to walk without pain and without cane, crutches or walker. Dr. Ennis is a magician. I have gone out on the golf course and its only been five weeks since the operation.  (Comment from patient satisfaction survey)


Dr. Ennis: Hip Replacement

Dr. Ennis is a great doctor! I have a 3 year experience, first in consultation regarding my need for a hip replacement and the surgical follow-up. I couldn’t be more satisfied with my surgical outcome, and Dr. Ennis’s patient and compassionate approach to patient care. I have recommended him to many others who are looking at the procedure I had. Now that I am in need of a second hip replacement, I wouldn’t place my care into anyone else’s hands. (Patient Survey)

Dr. Ennis: Hip Replacement

Dr. Ennis and his staff always take good care of me and I have recommended him to several people and all of them have also used him for their hip replacements. (Patient Survey)

Dr. Ennis: Hip Replacement

Dr. Ennis– I just wanted you to pass on a personal message to Dr. Frank Ennis of what a fantastic job he did on my hip replacement. I was walking up stairs 3 days after surgery and out of the rehab place in 48 hours. I had previously looked at options of getting this surgery done in Monaco, London, New York, and Boston and am blessed that I found Dr Ennis just down the road. Eternally grateful, all best. (P.E.)

Dr. Ennis: Hip Surgery

Dr. Ennis, I would like to thank you for doing my hip surgery. I feel great. You did my surgery in October and I’m walking better than I did prior to the surgery. Once again, thank you. (M.B.)

Dr. Ennis: Knee

Dr. Ennis – I can’t begin to express my gratitude to you for making it possible for you to perform my knee surgery. It was so reassuring knowing I had such a great team that my anxiety level was “almost” zero! Your office is run so professionally, and my experience with the Greenwich Hospital team was amazing. One week post-op, I am improving and looking forward to enjoying my new, strong knee! Thank you again – see you soon. (K.S.)

Dr. Ennis: Knee Replacement

I travel down from the Hartford area just to see Dr. Ennis. I have had two knee replacements with follow-up appointments after each surgery. I think that says it all! (Patient Survey)

Dr. Ennis: Review

Dr. Ennis– Thank you for being so “normal” and answering all my questions frankly and your great staff. You’ll be happy to know I’m doing well…each week gets better as you promised. I know I am doing so well because of you. (C.S.)

Dr. Ennis: Right and Left Hip Replacements

On the first anniversary of the second hip replacement, I wanted to write to formally thank you. I feel great. Play golf regularly. Exercise everyday when I don’t golf. Am strong, and have achieved much greater range of motion that I ever thought I would. In short, happy all around. (Letter from J.O.)

Dr. Greene

Just took my daughter to an appointment with Dr. Tim Greene after a disappointing appointment at another orthopedic office not affiliated with ONS. If I was able to…I would give Dr. Greene and ONS a rating much higher than 5 Stars.

I could not have been more impressed with every aspect of my daughters care. The offices were clean & the staff was extremely welcoming & friendly. We were brought into the exam room early which in most cases doesn’t happen at a doctors office.

Dr. Greene came in and listened to our concerns/issues, examined our daughter and was in absolutely no rush to move on to his next patient. He answered all of our questions, explained the X-Rays to us and expressed genuine care for her injury and treatment. He made sure we understood everything and had a plan going forward.

We also had concerns about how to schedule MRI’s and other testing. He immediately sent a note to someone on his team to help us. We sat with Jessica who took her time and made all the arrangements for us. She also followed up the next day with info we needed to make sure everything was done right.

About 3 hours after our appt. with Dr. Greene my wife and I had a question we forgot to ask. We called the office after Dr. Greene had left but a message was taken and I was assured either Dr. Greene or his assistant would call back the next day. They called in the morning and answered everything for us.

Being an athlete and also a firefighter I have seen a lot of orthopedic surgeons and have been to many practices and I can say this was one of the best experiences I have had. In my opinion they go way above the standard of care. I would highly recommend Dr. Greene to anyone who may need orthopedic care. (5 Star Review from Google from P.F.)

Dr. Greene

I am a Director of Critical Care and a seasoned RN as well. Dr. Greene is top notch- I send everyone to him that I can. He is humane, highly comprehensible, takes his time, explains things well and is clinically excellent! The surgery center he uses in Stamford was excellent, clean, great staff and everyone was in the same page! (5 Star Review on Google from L.J.K)

Dr. Greene and Dr. Vadasdi: Hip & Elbow

I have been coming here for at least 15 years and have seen a variety of amazing doctors … Dr. Greene being a favorite in our household for years and would trust him with everything.  Recently I broke my elbow and was sent to Dr. Vadasdi.  She was amazing! Great with surgery and aftercare. Very compassionate throughout the whole process! Thank you ONS for getting me through everything! (E.D.)

Dr. Greene, Alicia Hirscht, DPT

I thought it was important to send a note to someone at ONS about Dr. Greene and Alicia Hirscht, DPT. I have been treating with Dr. Greene for a torn abductor tendon and other hip issues since December. I started PT in Stamford under Alicia Hirscht. I would easily recommend either practitioner to a family member.

Dr. Greene’s communication was clear and concise when weighing treatment options.  PT Hirscht made room in her schedule for me and took the time and effort to get me up and playing tennis again. They are both true professionals and showed an incredible amount of patience working with me to recover from my chronic injuries.

Keep up the excellent work and hiring practices. (note from patient P.Y.)

Dr. Greene: Hip

The ONS team is like family. Dr.Greene is my hip doctor and he is excellent!! I feel that I am in great hands from the moment I walk in the doors.. Thank you ONS. (T.A.)

Dr. Greene: Hip/Elbow

Doctors, Nurses, Therapists, and support staff: This is a big THANK YOU for all the expert and attentive care you extended towards my recovery from a broken pelvis and elbow after a spill on black ice in December ’09. Let everyone know, there is Zumba after broken bones heal. I received excellent care at Greenwich Hospital, with elbow surgery by Dr. Greene (yay for titanium). Each of you as a part of this “total team” took me from being in excruciating pain and bedridden to no pain and full function and then some! – (L.A.)


Dr. Greene: Shoulder

Dr. Greene: It has been 6 weeks since you mended my fractured left clavicle and I continue to make progress in my recovery. I estimate that my range of motion in the shoulder is close to 90% and I am beginning to cautiously build strength in the muscles affected by my injury. I wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving, and this year I am especially grateful for having such a great orthopedist as you. – (R.G.)


Dr. Heftler

Dr. Heftler

Excellent experience with both Dr. Heftler and his staff. Thank you! (5 Star Review on Google from KH)

Dr. Heftler and Dr. Sethi

My experience with the entire ONS practice is nothing short of exceptional. The doctors are beyond caring and are professional and respectful of my time which is almost unheard of these days. I recommend your facility for both Dr. Heftler and Dr. Sethi to anyone wanting fantastic quality and care. (Patient Survey)

Dr. Heftler, Dr. Greene

Unbelievable experience after many years and many doctors and feeling incredibly defeated I randomly saw ads for this place and figured what do I have to loose. After one visit, Dr Heftler figured it out. By this point I’d already had 6 MRIs from other doctors, medications, injections to no avail. He called me with the news himself not a nurse. I couldn’t be more impressed and grateful. I couldn’t be more grateful to him after years of debilitating pain someone finally figured it out. He then referred me to Dr Greene for surgery, another fantastic experience. All in all I will ONLY ago here for any orthopedic needs and send everyone else here. PT employees are fabulous, nurses and desk staff always made a pleasant experience. Highly recommend. (5 Star Review on Yelp from E.C.)


Dr. Heftler: Chronic Pain

I have living with chronic pain for years from a 14 year-old injury … I didn’t realize how used to it I had gotten. For the last 2 1/2 years, the pain became debilitating and I’ve gone to SO MANY doctors with no answers or guidance except physical therapy and meds and stretching! CLEARLY this wasn’t helping. One day I saw an ad for ONS on TV,  then a billboard on the highway and decided it was worth one more try. While they didn’t have insurance compatibility yet in Harrison which is more convenient for me …  they did in Greenwich and I went to see Dr. Heftler.  I ran a couple minutes late and was stressing because usually doctors’ offices are so rude when you run late ….. but  she couldn’t have been more patient, understanding and put me at ease.  At  my first visit, Dr. Heftler was super helpful and asked me questions no other doctors had.  He prescribed  something no one else had that helped to slowly reduce the pain. I’ve had 5 MRIs and not one doctor asked if I had had one with contrast until Dr. Heftler. I then had one with contrast and he found the problem. Now onto the next steps. I couldn’t be more relieved, grateful, validated and appreciative. Thank you so much for thinking outside the box to figure it out. You have no idea what you did for me. I will recommend this establishment to everyone I know … (5 star review on Google written by E.C.)

Dr. Hindman

Dr. Hindman has been treating me for years now with my ongoing injuries. He diagnoses for all my ailments have been spot on, I highly recommend Dr, Hindman and the ONS team for professional quality care in keeping my mobility and quality A+ (5 Star Review on Google by G.R.)

Dr. Hindman

Loved the in-practice availability. Dr. Hindman was able to schedule an MRI on an early Sunday morning very quickly with no hesitation which worked out perfectly for me. (Patient Survey)

Dr. Hindman

Dr. Hindman is a very kind and compassionate physician. I like that he goes the extra mile to help you return to your optimal health. (Patient Survey)

Dr. Hindman:

Dr. Hindman– Thank you for coming the the Mogul Meister Ski Club meeting to give us a presentation on injury prevention. It was very much appreciated.

Dr. Kavanagh

I am happy to be walking again! (Patient Survey)

Dr. Kavanagh

Dear Dr. Kavanagh,  Today marks more than four months since my knee replacement.  I wanted to again thank you for your very skilled and professional attention to my surgery and recovery, and the confidence and courage you provided me in order to undertake the procedure in the first place.  I’m looking forward to getting back to the course when it opens, and promise to be mindful in avoiding uneven terrain and gopher holes.  Best regards, and many thanks, Z.


Dr. Kavanagh

Wonderful care and great office staff. Now pain free. Highly recommend Dr Kavanagh and his staff. (5 Star Review on Healthgrades from P.)

Dr. Kavanagh

A note of thank you to Dr. Kavanagh and all of the staff of ONS. Truly very professional with personality and care for the patients. Thank you for all of your kindness! (Patient Survey)

Dr. Kavanagh: Hip and Knee Replacement

I am one hip down, one knee down and waiting to get the second knee done. There is no one else I would use other than Dr Kavanagh. No other words other than he is the best. The office and all around you there are so kind and willing to help you always. My experience has always been exceptional. (5 Star Review on Healthgrades)

Dr. Kavanagh: Hip and Knee Replacements

Dr. Kavanagh is an amazing doctor and a great example of really caring about his patients. I had a hip replaced in February 2019 and a knee replaced in June 2019. With Dr. Kavanagh’s one of a kind surgical skill and his after surgery care I am healed. My right leg is like new. Thank you Dr. K!

Dr. Kavanagh: Hip Replacement

Dear Dr. Kavanagh– And I do mean “Dear.” You may remember that nearly twenty-five years ago, you performed hip replacement surgery on my right hip. The replacement has been functioning perfectly for all of those years and seems to be continuing that pattern. May I add that my son, John Silker, who was injured in a motorcycle accident at about that same time that I had my hip surgery, is doing very well thanks to your outstanding and careful medical attention. Again, we want to thank you for that attention to detail. (N.S.)

Dr. Kavanagh: Hip Replacement

It’s been 6 months since you replaced my right hip. I just wanted you to know that I feel great. I am doing great and I have added 20 yards to my drives off the tees!!! Thanks again Dr. Kavanagh. (J.C.)

Dr. Kavanagh: Hip surgery

Dear  Dr. Kavanagh, Thank you for restoring my hip.  Since the surgery,  I have hiked in the Rockies (2 1/5 mile incline) and climbed Mt. Etna in Sicily. I feel like I have my life back. (Handwritten note from R.L.)

Dr. Kavanagh: Hip Surgery

I’ve been `doctored’ on all seven continents, and was fortunate enough to be in the US and have Dr Kavanaugh recommended for surgery on my left hip. The operation was seamlessly uncomplicated (he changed the date, at some inconvenience to himself, to accommodate my shift in schedule), and his cool explanations and guidance were mercifully succinct and understandable. Considering myself very lucky to have been his patient, I’m gratefully walking without a cane even over rough ground at three months out. Thank you! (5 Star Review on Google by J.L.)

Dr. Kavanagh: Hip/Back

Dr. Kavanagh -I just wanted to thank you for so many things, your kindness, your generosity with your time, and your well honed professionalism. I am so happy to know you are on the other end of my hip and back saga. (M.M.)

Dr. Kavanagh: Hip/Knee

Dr. Kavanagh–  (I’m writing) in appreciation for the artistry with which you replaced my hips and knees over the last 4 years, I would like to give you a sample of my art. As one craftsman to another. (N.B.)

Dr. Kavanagh: Knee and Hip Replacements

I am 85 years old and have had 2 total knee replacements, one in August 2006 and one in July 2011. I am still playing tennis actively and when on the court I am not even aware of my knees. I have no pain or discomfit either playing tennis or walking stairs. My only regret is that I did not have Dr. Kavanagh fix my knees 10 years sooner. My wife had a hip replaced and she is also fine. If you need either a knee or hip replaced, I heartily recommend Dr. Kavanagh. (5 Star Review from B.T.)

Dr. Kavanagh: Knee Replacement

Dr. Kavanagh and “The Kavanagh Team”- You and your team gave me a total right knee replacement on 01-10-12 (six months ago) at Greenwich Hospital. I am a new man! You and your entire team gave me the greatest gift, the ability play competitive sports again and to keep up with my wife! Five months after the operation I have no pain and no stiffness. I am almost back to my former level of tennis, but it’s a mind game, my knee is fine, but my mind still hesitates on instinctive shots. My tennis partners are amazed at my level of play with a new knee. My wife and I went on a cruise to Europe in May and I was able to take every excursion rated “rigorous”. A wonderful experience thanks to you and your team! Also, my wife and I walk our new Black Lab Rescue puppy on a 20 / 25 minute walk every morning and every evening, pain free! Finally, while I am delighted with no pain, my wife loves the compliments that my scar is near invisible and she also likes the idea that I can shop longer and complain less. You are the “Best!” (J.O.)


Dr. Kavanagh: Knee Replacement

I am 6 weeks out from having my 2nd knee replacement with Dr. Kavanagh. I would highly recommend him since he performs a quad-sparing minimally invasive approach which means a smaller scar and faster recovery. (5 Star Review on Healthgrades)

Dr. Kavanagh: Knee Replacement

My 1-year post surgery review found my knee replacement in great shape. As I told Dr. Kavanagh, I have to think a bit to remember which knee has the replacement. The office visit was also near perfect. Almost no waiting, thorough, and out the door in a half hour. At an eye appointment a week earlier, it took 2 hours for a checkup of which at least an hour was spent waiting for the doctor or his assistants. Everything about Dr. Kavanagh and his office is near perfection. (5 Star Reveiw on Healthgrades)

Dr. Kavanagh: Knee Replacement

Two years ago, I tore my meniscus. I was advised to undergo orthoscopic repair surgery by HSS in Stamford. I was not pleased with the result. I was in more pain than before. I began researching my options and learned about a relatively new surgical procedure called minimally invasive quad sparing total knee replacement. I found Dr. Kavanagh at ONS in Greenwich and was pleased to learn that he had extensive experience with this type of surgery, more than any other surgeon I had met with in the area. It turns out that I was a good candidate. At two weeks post surgery, I no longer walked with a cane. At four weeks, I began driving. Now, at six weeks, I am returning to work and also to my regular activities. If you have knee pain and aren’t sure where to turn, I highly recommend a consultation with Dr. Brian Kavanagh. He will definitely point you in the right direction, the first time.  (Five Star Review on Google by A.S.)

Dr. Kavanagh: Knee Replacement

Dr. Kavanagh is an amazing surgeon. I had a very bad knee case (90% percentile) and needed a total knee replacement. I interviewed three top surgeons in my area and picked Dr. Kavanagh because he explained his point of view on the procedure and was attentive to my questions. He used a minimally invasive technique when applicable which leaves less tissue damage, nerve damage and no muscle cutting and a smaller scar. It’s harder to perform but he feels the patients benefit. I did!  (5 star review on Healthgrades from M., Wilton, CT)

Dr. Kavanagh: Knee Replacement Surgery

The care and treatment I received before and during my knee replacement surgery was excellent. Dr. Kavanagh explained in detail what it would entail. I was provided with a complete package of information that outlined every step and answered any question. I had physical therapy in the hospital that helped with my transition to home care and then outpatient PT. I was driving in 3 1/2 weeks. I highly recommend Dr. Kavanagh. (5 Star Review on Healthgrades)

Dr. Kavanagh: Knee Replacements

Dr. Kavanagh is amazing. I had a knee replacement in May 2016 and April 2018. I was only stiff and sore. His staff is also attentive and caring. I was in pain prior to surgery and now pain free and walk 1.9 miles daily. ONS is one stop shopping. Their PT is also amazing. I have had many of my friends go to him for hips / knees all feel the same way I do. ONS is a well oiled machine. (5 Star Review on Healthgrades from L.D.)

Dr. Kavanagh: Knee Surgery

Dr. Kavanagh had a direct and logical approach to everything concerning my TKA. I was never in any doubt as to the intelligence and competence of him, his staff, and his operating team. (comment from Health Grades)

Dr. Kavanagh: Total Hip and Total Knee Replacements

Sixteen years ago, I had a total hip replacement with Dr. Kavanagh at ONS in Greenwich and it was a great experience with no pain killers needed after the surgery. A little less than a year ago, I had a total knee replacement with the same surgeon with the same type of result. I am planning to have another total knee replacement for my other knee and would not consider anyone else other than Dr. Kavanagh and ONS. (5 Star Google Review from R.T.)

Dr. Kavanagh: Total Hip Replacement

I attribute my remarkably quick, almost painless recovery from total hip replacement to Dr. Kavanagh‘s expertise. Every office visit was efficient. Dr. Kavanagh listened to all of my numerous concerns and addressed each of them, patiently and concisely. He was quite assuring and honest in terms of his preferences for how he approaches certain aspects of the procedure. I asked if I might speak to one of his patients who was a tennis player and had returned to tennis, as is my goal. He complied and I received a call from a patient who had had three surgeries with Dr. Kavanagh and gave him glowing reviews. Post surgery, he visited me within hours. An added bonus: my wife, who is in the skin care business, says the scar from my surgery is so minimal and healing so well that she’d have Dr. Kavanagh work on her face if she ever needed it, lol! (5 Star Review on Healthgrades from M.L. Aug. 2, 2019)

Dr. Kavanagh: Total Knee Replacement

I am a 62 yo male. My minimally invasive TKR was done at Greenwich Hospital in Oct 2016. Within 10 days I had full range of motion (0 – 140), and walking w/o a walker in less than 2 weeks. Four weeks post surgery I was walking w/o a cane. Here I am at just under 4 months and my knee feels great, with only a little stiffness from sitting for long periods of time. Dr. Kavanagh is a highly competent surgeon, and his minimally invasive approach makes a huge difference with recovery time. Highly Recommended! (Comment from Health Grades)

Dr. Kavanagh: Total Knee Replacement

Dr. Kavanagh is an excellent surgeon. I interviewed three different orthopedic doctors for my total knee replacement surgery and he was the only doctor who could do the minimally invasive option which means he doesn’t cut muscles and has less tissue and nerve damage. It is a harder surgery to perform and health insurance doesn’t pay him any more. He does it because he genuinely cares about his patients well-being and recovery. He was also the only doctor I met with that was explained the type of knee implants. I got a rotating platform knee which mimics the natural gait of women. The other two orthopedic surgeons only implanted fixed knees. This allows only one movement and will eventually show more wear than a joint with multiple frames of movement. Do your research before a major surgery. Find out about types of implant, size of scar, follow up care, complication rates, how many surgeries the doctor performs per year…etc. I had a long list of questions that were all answered without condescension. Dr. Kavanagh was patient and thorough.  (5 star review on Google from M.S.)

Dr. Kavanagh: Total Knee Replacement

Dr. Kavanagh is nothing short of phenomenal.  He performed my hip replacement surgery 16 years ago, and the outcome was so good I can’t even remember which hip it was.  In May, I turned to Dr. Kavanagh for a knee replacement.  I had heard that this would be a very painful procedure and difficult recovery, but that was not at all the case.  I felt discomfort but no real pain.  I didn’t need any narcotics for pain.  What’s more, when I began rehabilitation I was told that I was quite farther ahead in the healing process than most knee replacement patients.   It was the most incredible experience.  I want everyone to know that you don’t need to go to a big city orthopedic practice to get world class care.  Dr. Kavanagh and all the specialists at ONS are the best of the best. (personal testimonial from R.T. from Armonk, NY)

Dr. Kavanagh: Total Knee Replacement

Dr. Kavanagh is a remarkable surgeon.  He was very communicative throughout my whole knee replacement process – from our first consultation to all the follow-up visits after surgery.  My family and I always felt comfortable sharing our questions and concerns, and his skill as a surgeon is incomparable.  Before the replacement, my knee was so painful I could barely walk.  Now, merely months after surgery with Dr. Kavanagh, I feel like myself again and can enjoy chasing after my grandchildren once more.  He is truly an angel; I can’t thank him enough. (Patient comment from A.G. in  CT)

Dr. Kavanagh: Total Knee Replacement

Dr. Kavanagh performed two total knee replacement surgeries for my grandmother recently, after she was crippled by pain and discomfort due to severe arthritis. It was truly an exceptional experience from the first meeting until her last checkup. Dr. Kavanagh is a brilliant, world class surgeon and our experience could not have been better. Both times she was up on the same day, and recovered very quickly. Dr. Kavanagh is the best in the field and we are very grateful for his effort and care. (5 Star review on Healthgrades from T. in Stamford, CT)

Dr. Kavanagh: Total Knee Replacement

Dr. Kavanagh: My total knee replacement went unbelievably well including pre-surgery visits walking unassisted in two weeks, and post-surgery appointments. It was the best medical experience that I have been through. To me, his quadriceps sparing surgery should be required. Physical therapists, other doctors and friends were all amazed at my recovery. My primary care doctor said it took longer for him to recover from his hip replacement, which is known to have a much easier recovery. Office staff is superb. (5 Star review on Healthgrades from R. in Oxford, CT)

Dr. Kavanagh: Two Hips and One Knee Replacement

Excellent Physician and surgeon. Two hips and one knee after the fact I am a mobile testament as to how good Dr. Kavanagh‘s skill set is. Add to that the professionalism of everyone I have dealt with at ONS and you have the makings of a “PERFECT STORM!!”

Dr. Kessel

Dr. Kessel is great. She takes the time to explain the procedure and overall, took sufficient time with me. Great bedside manner. (comment from Health Grades)

Dr. Kessel: Back Pain

Dr. Kessel  is warm, friendly, and most importantly, she is extremely competent. My back pain is being managed in a capable and efficient manner. Thank you all. (Patient Survey)

Dr. Kowalsky

Dr. Kowalsky

As always, I was beyond happy with my ONS experience. My expectations for the treatment of my son were exceeded. This was our first time meeting Dr. Kowalsky and he was absolutely great! We were so well taken care of. Thank you! (Patient Survey)

Dr. Kowalsky

Dr. Kowalsky is one of the best and most caring physicians you’ll ever find. It is a blessing to be his patient. Thank you! (Patient Survey)

Dr. Kowalsky

Dr. Kowalsky took the time to hear me explain the progression of my symptoms. He gave me a thorough exam, asked all of the right questions and gave a very logical diagnosis and treatment plan. I am very pleased. (Patient Survey)

Dr. Kowalsky

Dr. Kowalsky:  It’s almost a year since I met you in Greenwich Hospital. I want to thank you for the wonderful care and kind bedside manner you showed me over the past year.  I’m so grateful you were the doctor on call that day. I don’t know how I would have gotten this far without your gentle manner.. I have the utmost respect for you.  Sincerely, S.M.

Dr. Kowalsky

It is always a great experience coming to see one the doctors here. The professionalism and great customer service keeps me coming back even though it is an hour drive for me! (Anonymous online patient satisfaction survey)

Dr. Kowalsky

Thanks to Dr. Kowalsky my surgery went extremely well. I am mystified at how I am recovering faster than I had expected. (Patient Survey)

Dr. Kowalsky

Dr. Kowalsky did an amazing job on my surgery. My arm is fully back to normal after surgery. I never had to wait for my appointments. He has a very good bedside manner. I would strongly recommend him for surgery. (5 Star review on Healthgrades by S.)

Dr. Kowalsky: ACL Reconstruction

Dr. Kowalsky performed ACL reconstruction on my knee and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the result! He’s an excellent surgeon, but also has superb bedside manager and is willing to spend whatever time is necessary for his patients to feel informed and cared for. He managed my expectations all through the process, from surgery through physical therapy. I’m cleared for skiing again and couldn’t be happier. (5 star review on Healthgrades from K. in Norwalk, CT)

Dr. Kowalsky: ACL Surgery

I had ACL surgery with Dr. Kowalsky and it went better than I would have hoped! I’m currently 5 months out of surgery and feel great. Thanks to Dr. Kowalsky and team for making me feel comfortable as well as answering all my questions along the way. (5 star review on Healthgrades)

Dr. Kowalsky: ACL, Meniscus, Fracture

After a sport related knee injury (ACL, meniscus & tiny fracture), I found Dr. Kowalsky in my research. He exceeded my expectations and namely these things standout: very approachable, professionally informative and honest. He thoroughly explained all possible options with his expert opinion, addressed my questions about specifics of the procedure. After surgery, he followed up with rehab making sure I was right on schedule for full recovery. Excellent, professional and relatable care overall! (5 Star review on Healthgrades)

Dr. Kowalsky: Broken Humerus

Dr. Kowalski besides being very caring, professional and friendly did an amazing job putting our son’s broken humerus bone back together. The follow-up xrays revealed an amazing progress and almost seamless recovery. We are very grateful to Dr. Kowalski and his staff for taking such great care of our young athlete and enabling him to get back to skiing, training and competing in record time! (5 Star Review on Healthgrades from a patient in Darien, CT)

Dr. Kowalsky: Clavicle Repair

Dr. Kowalsky repaired my non union clavicle. I had a graft and 2 plates. I now have full range of motion on my shoulder. Dr. Kowalsky is a skilled surgeon and has a great bed side manner. He spends time with you and explains procedures every step of the way. I could not have asked for a better surgeon and doctor. (Five star review on Healthgrades from a patient in Weston, CT)

Dr. Kowalsky: Elbow Injury

Dr. Kowalsky is the absolute best! Following a serious sport related injury (elbow), I was treated with the utmost professionalism and personal care. He talked me through every step of my recovery, checked in with me, was there when I had questions/worries about being able to return to full activities sports, etc. A year later, I needed emergency surgery (meniscus repair) which he did too. He took such amazing care of me! His level of expertise and personal involvement is unparalleled! (5 Star Review on Healthgrades from S.D. in Greenwich, CT)

Dr. Kowalsky: Knee

Dr Kowalsky and the entire staff at ONS are professional, incredibly knowledgeable about their individual crafts and really cared about getting my knee/quad and leg back to normal so I can resume my daily activities. Dr Kowalsky, despite being very busy took the time to respond to a question via e-mail and I can’t name another Dr who would take the time to do so! Additionally ONS is “one stop shopping” from setting up appts, MRI, surgery and PT all under one roof! Their PT staff is exceptional! (5 Star Review on Healthgrades from C.W. in Larchmont, NY)

Dr. Kowalsky: Knee Injury

Dr. Kowalsky was kind and understanding of my desire to “get back” to rowing and dance. He took time to ask questions to understand my commitments to my teams and how important my attendance was at upcoming events. I appreciated his empathy and straight-forward options. He was a nice person too. – (Patient satisfaction survey)

Dr. Kowalsky: Knee Surgery

I had a serious knee accident with 3 detached quad muscles at the age of 68. Dr. Kowalsky performed a surgical procedure to reattach them all. I’m able to ski and bike again! Recovery takes time but I’m very happy with the results. Thanks so much! (comment from Health Grades)

Dr. Kowalsky: Knee Surgery

Thanks to Dr. Kowalsky, my knee surgery was very easy. I had no pain and the recovery time was unexpectedly quick and easy! I did not have to take any painkillers. He really knows what he’s doing! Thank you Dr. Kowalsky! (comment from Health Grades)

Dr. Kowalsky: Knee Surgery

Dr. Marc Kowalsky is an incredibly kind and caring doctor that took the time to explain every step of my very complicated knee surgery and was extremely diligent in attending to my growing concerns as a patient. Not only did he fix my knee physically but he basically turned my way of life around mentally. I would highly recommend him to anyone !!! I cannot speak highly enough about him and his practice! (5 Star Review on Healthgades)

Dr. Kowalsky: Meniscus Repair

Dr. Kowalsky – I had my left meniscus repaired by you in October 2016 and my right meniscus repaired in April 2017. My desire was to get back into marathon running. I completed my 15th marathon on Sunday, January 7th at Walt Disney World thanks to you and your staff’s expertise and assistance. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the ability to be back running. Again, thank you. (D.N., Greenwich, CT)

Dr. Kowalsky: Meniscus Repair

So much praise for Dr. K so I hope this will sum up who he is as a physician, surgeon & man. He knew I was pressed for time to get my meniscus repaired so he scheduled me first thing in the morning (also my preference). As I was leaving after recovery, I met him in the parking garage. He came in early to operate on me alone and then went on with the rest of his day! Who does that but a kind, compassionate, considerate human! Also, I came home with pics which he explained later. I’m eternally grateful! (5 star review on Healthgrades from J.C. in New York)

Dr. Kowalsky: Rotator Cuff Repair

Dr. Kowalsky operated on my shoulder for rotator cuff repair a year ago. Excellent result with full range of motion. He is a great surgeon with skills!! Also, very personable and professional. Many people had given me horror stories about their similar surgery and were advising against it. So glad I didn’t listen. I’m about to start playing tennis again which could not have happened without the results I have. Thank you Dr. Kowalsky! (5 star Review from E.B. in Stamford)

Dr. Kowalsky: Rotator Cuff Tear

I had a complete tear in one of my rotator cuff tendons. I had gotten 2 opinions, one locally and the other in NYC. I had heard of very positive results at ONS through a relative and scheduled an appointment with Dr Kowalsky. It was an instant fit, I was ready to make my decision. Dr Kowalsky took time to go over my MRI and my injury in detail and also his surgical procedure to repair it. The recovery process was also explained so I knew what to expect. Great results and great doctor! (Five star review on Healthgrades from A. in Easton, CT)


Dr. Kowalsky: Ruptured Patella Tendon

Dr. Kowalsky is above and beyond a great surgeon. He has the knowledge, skill, and experience to back it up. Dr. Kowalsky truly cares about his patients and that is why I am writing this review. I ruptured my patella tendon falling down the stairs. After a visit to the ER, Dr. Kowalsky saw me the very next day due to the severity of the injury. In the office, Dr. Kolwasky was calm and reassuring as I panicked that my life would never be the same. I knew after that visit I would be ok. Dr. Kowalsky cleared his schedule and made room for my surgery within a week. He is beyond dedicated to his profession. He called multiple times to check up on me and he is genuinely concerned about getting my knee back to normal, pre-accident. I’m almost 4 months from surgery and I am having great progress. He is a fascinating person, he does so much work in the community and with local sports teams. I regret I had to meet him under these circumstances, but so fortunate that I chose him to perform my surgery. (5 Star Review on Google from F.P.)

Dr. Kowalsky: Shoulder

I was so pleased with Dr. Kowalsky‘s professionalism. He was very thorough and spoke to me in “real talk” so that I understood what was going on with my shoulder. I also liked the fact that he told me if I had any questions or problems to feel free and call the office. I called him about a medication I was taking and his nurse got right back to me. I highly recommend Dr. Kowalsky. (comment from Health Grades)

Dr. Kowalsky: Shoulder Surgery

This is a follow-up to my 5-star review of Dr. Kowalsky (dated 12/13/18), shortly after I completed P/T and had my last visit with the doctor. I had suffered a very serious shoulder injury while bicycling late May 2018. Dr. Kowalsky performed a complex surgery mid-June to repair my shoulder, which had several tears of the rotator cuff and biceps. I am now back on my bicycle, and doing the somewhat challenging rides that I had been doing prior to my accident, although perhaps a bit more carefully. My shoulder feels great, is working great, and I can’t speak highly enough of Dr. Kowalsky’s surgical skills and wonderful bedside manner. I would highly recommend him to anyone with a shoulder injury. (5 Star Review on Healthgrades from B.Z.)

Dr. Kowalsky: Shoulder Surgery

I had a very serious shoulder injury. Dr. Kowalsky clearly and completely explained the extent of the injury and the surgery needed to repair my shoulder. He also accurately predicted the recovery time and effort needed. Dr. Kowalsky always took as much time as was needed to thoroughly answer every one of my questions. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who has experienced a shoulder injury. (5 Star Review on Healthgrades)

Dr. Kowalsky: Shoulder Surgery

I am very pleased with the outcome of my shoulder surgery. I highly recommend Dr. Kowalsky he is very friendly and professional.  (5 Star Review on Healthgrades)

Dr. Kowalsky: Shoulder Surgery

Dr. Kowalsky took EXCELLENT care of my 12 year old son who needed shoulder surgery. He is an outstanding doctor from beginning to end. (5 Star review on Healthgrades by patient’s parent from Harrison, NY.)

Dr. Kowalsky: Surgery

Dr. Kowalsky did an amazing job on my surgery. My arm is fully back to normal. I never had to wait for my appointments. He has a very good bedside manner. I would strongly recommend him for surgery. (5 Star Review on Healthgrades by S.)

Dr. Kowalsky: Torn Meniscus

This past May, Dr. Kowalsky performed arthroscopic surgery to repair a torn meniscus and to address two other issues in the same knee. Shortly after the surgery, I was able to travel on a long-planned vacation and to pick up on my marathon training when I returned. On Sunday, November 3, 2019 I completed my 32nd consecutive NYC Marathon with not one bit of pain. Thank you, Dr. Kowalsky! (5 Star Review on Healthgrades)

Dr. Levchenko

This doctor is an excellent specialist, very compassionate and caring.  The stuff is excellent as well.  (5 star review on Healthgrades by E. in New York)

Dr. Levchenko

I left the appointment with confidence that my issue could be treated. Dr. Levchenko was very clear with the information he provided and was also very kind. (5 star review on Healthgrades from J. in Greenwich)

Dr. Levchenko

Dr. Levchenko was professional, thorough and clear. I cannot say enough positive things about him. (Five Star Review on Healthgrades from S.)

Dr. Levchenko

Good experience. Doctor spent a lot of time examining me and explaining problems. I felt very confident when I left. (5 Star Review on Healthgrades)

Dr. Levchenko

What a fantastic facility in Harrison. Wonderful experience, I feel that Dr. Levchenko cares about my needs and provides excellent care. (5 Star Review on Healthgrades)

Dr. Miller

Outstanding combination of skill and personality! (5 Star Review on Healthgrades)

Dr. Miller

3 months ago Dr. Miller did surgery on my shoulder. Before the surgery I had terrible pain and couldn’t sleep well at night, certain movements were gone or limited. I am very pleased with Dr. Miler and how the shoulder operation went. He is efficient, organized, helpful and wonderful. I would highly recommend Dr. Miller and ONS for the quality of care, everyone is first rate. It has been three months since my surgery and I have no pain. For a few more months I will still go to physical therapy to completely improve certain movements. I’m back to yoga and the gym and can sleep at night without pain. (JP)

Dr. Miller

Dr. Miller has been my shoulder doctor since 1997. Through 4 surgeries and a complicated bone disease, he has been my idea of the perfect surgeon. One who treats you before and after surgeries and takes the time to balance treatments, PT and surgeries. He cares and has built a remarkable organization at ONS in his spare time. A surgeon who other surgeons consult. One of the top shoulder surgeons in the country. Highly recommended.  (5 Star Review on Healthgrades)

Dr. Miller

I had ongoing shoulder problems and received excellent care from Dr. Miller over 1 1/2 yrs.  Finally, after relapses, I had arthroscopic surgery. Excellent results and it is wonderful to be pain-free! All office staff, nurses and radiology staff also are great. (5 Star Review on Yelp from S.P. of Bethel, CT)

Dr. Miller

My continued thank you to Dr. Miller for the excellent work he performed on me. I will be eternally grateful. (Patient Survey)

Dr. Miller

Dr Miller is an excellent surgeon with a wonderful bedside manner. He has a way of making you feel like you are his most important patient. He answers all of your questions fully without ever making you feel rushed. He is truly exceptional. I would recommend him to everyone I know! (5 star review on Healthgrades from R. in White Plains, NY

Dr. Miller: Bilateral Shoulder Replacement

I didn’t want to have shoulder replacement surgery.  The pain was so bad that it cut me off from living a normal life. Simple things like driving, turning to my side while sleeping and gardening were so painful that I just didn’t do them. I stopped travelling.  Dr. Miller was wonderful. He was sincere, empathetic and kind. He took the time to explain everything to me in terms I could understand.  Finally, I went ahead and had my right shoulder replaced on March 1, 2018 and my left in November. Now I regret waiting for so long.  For the first time in nearly 2 years I can say that I feel great.  While it’s a two hour drive from Litchfield Country to see Dr. Miller, it’s worth every mile to have the quality of care you get at ONS. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. (Comments from patient D.D.)

Dr. Miller: Chronic Shoulder Pain

I went to see Dr. Miller after putting up with chronic shoulder pain for years. Dr. Miller diagnosed torn Rotator Cuffs and bone spurs in both shoulders. Dr. Miller fixed both shoulders in the span of 10 months. A year and a half later, my shoulders are fully recovered and pain free. The experience throughout couldn’t have been better. Dr Miller is a shoulder expert and a pro (my partially torn RCs were probably a walk in the park compared to the more complex repairs that he does). Regardless, I received the same excellent care. Beyond the surgical expertise, my experience at ONS was always outstanding. I don’t believe that I ever waited more than 10 minutes to see Dr. Miller. At the same time, Dr. Miller always took time to explain things to me and answer all of my questions, such that I never felt hurried. I strongly recommend Dr. Miller and the entire ONS staff. (5 Star Review on Healthgrades)

Dr. Miller: Reverse Shoulder Replacement

Dr. Miller: At 73, Wilton resident E.S. still missed his sport, skeet and trap shooting. He had been a serious competitor in skeet and trap shooting tournaments until twelve years earlier when he noticed his left shoulder “catching” as he followed his target. It didn’t sweep in the smooth arc that he was accustomed to. Before long, the problem became painful and also began affecting other activities including putting on shoes and even driving a car.

After consulting an orthopaedic surgeon, he learned that years of wear and tear had resulted in a torn rotator cuff. A year later, after losing much of his arm’s mobility and living with increasing pain, he underwent surgery to repair the tear. The result was only modestly successful and over the next nine years, he underwent two more surgeries. His condition continued to deteriorate, eventually forcing him to retire from his work as a plumbing contractor.

After the failure of his third surgery, E.S. was referred to Dr. Seth Miller, who was successfully using a brand new procedure known as a reverse shoulder replacement. Approved by the FDA in 2004, reverse shoulder replacement has been performed in Europe for nearly 20 years. The surgery uses a metal and plastic implant that works the opposite of a normal shoulder by placing the ball onto the shoulder blade and the socket onto the top of the upper arm bone. The reversed position of the ball and socket alters the mechanics of the shoulder, changing the center of the shoulder’s rotation. The strength needed to move the arm is shifted away from the damaged rotator cuff muscles, allowing the deltoid muscle to take over.

A reverse shoulder replacement is a breakthrough for patients with a rotator cuff that has degenerated to the point it no longer functions and cannot be repaired. “Many of these patients are unable to raise their arm more than a few inches and a traditional shoulder replacement is not an option because the tendons aren’t healthy enough to hold the shoulder ball into the socket,” explains Dr. Miller. “Until the reverse shoulder replacement was invented, there was no solution for a patient with such a badly damaged shoulder.”

Dr. Miller performed the surgery and E.S. remained in the hospital for three days. Soon after, he began a home exercise program to strengthen and train the deltoid muscle for its new job. In only a few weeks, he began to regain the ability to lift his arm and within two months, he was able to raise his arm well over his head, something he hadn’t been able to do for years. (E.S.)

Dr. Miller: Rotator Cuff Repair

Dr. Miller is phenomenal. He is knowledgeable and thorough. He properly set my expectations and was patient with me as I asked a multitude of questions. The staff does a phenomenal job of scheduling appointments. I was always taken into the exam room early or on time.  I couldn’t be happier with the outcome of my rotator cuff repair! The care I was received was first rate!!!! Thank you Dr. Miller for fixing my broken wing! – (D.M.)

Dr. Miller: Rotator Cuff Repair

When shoulder surgeon, Dr. Seth Miller, performed a rotator cuff repair on Penny W’s husband, Bob, little did she know that she would turn to Dr. Miller to repair her severe rotator cuff injury  in just two months’ time.  “I was very impressed with Dr. Miller’s bedside manner,” Penny said.  “He was very generous with his time and answered all of our questions. He was not condescending and never made us feel rushed.  His communication style was clear and his easy ability to interact with us was truly distinguishing.  It was an amazingly great experience.”

Dr. Miller: Rotator Cuff Surgery

Working with Dr. Miller on was a fantastic experience. He is knowledgeable, patient, very thorough in his explanations, and sticks with you through the process. The team at ONS are organized, great in their follow up, and very professional. I would highly recommend Dr. Miller, I am very satisfied with the outcome of my rotator cuff surgery(5 Star review on Healhgrades from G.R. in Fairfield, CT)

Dr. Miller: Rotator Cuff Surgery

I was in excruciating pain, waking up three times a night with a stabbing pain in my right shoulder that would not go away. I was fortunate to have Dr. Miller repair and make my shoulder better than new with a rotator cuff surgery . Best of all, I am totally pain free. My range of motion and strength are perfect. Dr. Miller is personable and is very empathetic. His surgical skills are of the highest caliber. ONS experience from pre op to full recovery was flawless. Thank You Dr. Miller. (comment from Health Grades)

Dr. Miller: Rotator Cuff Surgery

A fully functioning shoulder joint rotates 360 degrees. When I arrived at ONS, my range of motion was only a fraction of that. With the skilled hands and intelligent mind of Dr. Seth Miller, my significant rotator cuff tear has been successfully repaired and I can fly again! (comment from RateMD)

Dr. Miller: Shoulder

Dr. Miller– Just to let you know that I am grateful for the excellent surgery you performed on my left shoulder. I feel like I have completely recovered after seven months. Thanks so much for giving me back the use of my shoulder. Looking forward to playing golf again in the spring. (G.D.)

Dr. Miller: Shoulder

If I had to rate Dr. Seth Miller on a scale of 1 – 10, I would give him an 11. He is a fine human being and a superb surgeon. He is unusual in the degree of his expertise, his manner and clarity in explaining a situation, and his empathy with patients. For an old timer like me, having all these qualities when you are putting your life in someone’s hands is of critical importance. (JH)

Dr. Miller: Shoulder

Dear Dr. Miller – Today is the one year anniversary of the surgery you did on my right shoulder and I wanted to write you a note to express my gratitude for your wonderful work. I am swimming with the strength that I had before my injury and I don’t detect that I have any limitations.  Thank you again and I wish you all the best! (MP)

Dr. Miller: Shoulder

Dr. Miller – Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking such good care of A… You made (her) smile again and that means the world to us! (T&W)

Dr. Miller: Shoulder Joint Replacement

Dr. Miller – I just wanted to take a moment to thank you. In June of 2010, you gave me a full left shoulder joint replacement.  Prior to surgery, my severely arthritic shoulder was painful 24 hours a day.  I had a very hard time sleeping or doing anything with my left arm.  After the replacement and a reasonable recovery period, the new shoulder was pain free and fully functional, quickly getting to the point where I could do anything I would normally contemplate without giving it a second thought. Today, five years after the fact, I realize that your work was life-altering for me.  On a regular basis I think about what life over these past years would have been had I not found my way to your door. I’m sure you have 100s of patients that feel exactly the same way. If I were you, I’d feel pretty good about what I’d accomplished in life! Thanks again. (CH)

Dr. Miller: Shoulder Repair

I slipped and fell on the ice two years ago and tore my subscapularis tendon.  I saw four different surgeons who all said the damage was too massive to repair.  Then a friend of mine recommended his surgeon, Dr. Miller.  Dr. Miller thought he could do a series smaller repairs and during surgery, was  in fact was able to salvage some of the subscapularis tendon as well.  He was the only doctor who took the time to fully explain what he saw on my MRI and how he thought he could fix it.  I was impressed with his analysis of my injury and what he thought was possible.  There was one other doctor from a large New York City hospital who thought he could fix it, but I felt like I would just be a number at that place.  I felt like I would get personalized attention from the people at ONS and I did. Everything is healing well and for the first time in a long time I feel optimistic.  BH (Manhattan)

Dr. Miller: Shoulder Replacement

Arthritis had taken its toll on my shoulders. I was in constant pain. Sleeping was difficult and the activities I love, like kayaking, were difficult. Two friends with similar shoulder issuesD.Hapke in Kayak referred me to Dr. Miller at ONS.  When I met him, I immediately knew he was the doctor I wanted to care for me. He was thorough, thoughtful and patient. He has a great bedside manner and took the time to completely answer all my questions. Continue reading “Dr. Miller: Shoulder Replacement”

Dr. Miller: Shoulder Replacement

Over years of playing tennis and abusing my shoulder in ways I wasn’t aware of, the cartilage in my shoulder joint wore away and I was living with a painful bone-on-bone condition. I eventually went to have it checked out two years ago, but I didn’t want to go through the ordeal of a shoulder replacement. I stopped playing tennis and more and more the pain interfered with my life.  I finally decided to let Dr. Miller do the surgery and I am so glad I did.  The whole experience was so much better than I could have ever possibly expected.  Dr. Miller has a tremendous amount of humanity and compassion. I don’t know if it’s possible to give a person more credit. Dr. Miller said I could be playing tennis in a month, and even serving the ball the month after.  Knowing what I know now, I should have had this done years ago. (patient S.D.)

Dr. Miller: Shoulder Replacement

I recently underwent shoulder replacement surgery with Dr. Seth Miller. As a plastic surgeon, my whole career depended on successful results. Being in practice for many years, I had access to the credentials of many top surgeons. Based on my research, the referral of several other doctors, and three people I knew who had successful shoulder replacements by him, I was very confident in my choice of Dr. Miller. My surgery went smoothly. I was back to performing surgery in two months and playing golf in four months! Dr. Miller is an extremely competent and well regarded shoulder surgeon. His staff was most polite, helpful and professional. Greenwich Hospital is like a four star hotel. The ONS rehab facility was excellent, especially my therapist Tanya who was most knowledgeable, effective and friendly. I whole heartedly recommend Dr. Seth Miller for shoulder surgery, especially shoulder replacement.  (RateMD)

Dr. Miller: Shoulder Replacement

I had advanced arthritis in my right shoulder at the age of 55. I had lost most movement and was in constant (albeit endurable) pain. Dr. Miller performed a shoulder replacement just over a year ago. I have no pain and complete mobility. I would recommend him to anyone with shoulder arthritis. (Five star review on Healthgrades from J.G. in Clifton, NJ)

Dr. Miller: Shoulder Replacement

Dear Dr. Miller. Tomorrow will be exactly one year since my total shoulder replacement. I had been living with worsening arthritis pain in my right shoulder for 10 years before your gentle encouragement convinced me to go forward with the surgery. The outcome seems like a miracle. My new shoulder feels wonderful! When I wake, I must think which shoulder was replaced, as both shoulders feel exactly alike. I have no pain, my strength has returned, my shoulder movement feels normal, my range of motion is better than before surgery, and the scar is nearly invisible. An amazing outcome. Thank you, a thousand times over, for being my doctor and accepting me as a patient. (Letter from K.M.)

Dr. Miller: Shoulder Replacement

Dear Dr. Miller, Tomorrow, December 7th, will be exactly one year since my total shoulder replacement. I had been living with worsening arthritis pain in my right shoulder for 10 years before your gentle encouragement convinced me to go forward with the surgery.  The outcome seems like a miracle. My new shoulder feels wonderful! When I wake, I must think which shoulder was replaced, as both shoulders feel exactly alike. I have no pain, my strength has returned, my shoulder movement feels normal, my range of motion is better than before surgery, and the scar is nearly invisible. An amazing outcome. Thank you, a thousand times over, for being my doctor and accepting me as a patient. Sincerely, K.M. (patient letter)

Dr. Miller: Shoulder Replacement

I still can’t believe this. 4 days ago I walked into Greenwich Hospital to have a total shoulder replacement. Since I came home from the hospital I have zero pain. I have not taken a single pain pill. I am looking forward to start my physical therapy at ONS.  You can believe all the hype you heard about Dr Seth Miller. He really is the best of the best. (5 Star Review on Yelp from A.K., Astoria, NY)

Dr. Miller: Shoulder Replacement

Dr. Miller – I went to see another surgeon who I was not comfortable with. Two other individuals with the same shoulder issues told me they had been to Dr. Miller and were happy with him. I met with Dr. Miller and was very comfortable, he is an amazing person. He spent 4-5 minutes was very thorough and complete about what I needed to know. He gave time for questions and has a great bedside manner and he makes things happen quickly.

I had my shoulders replaced, the first in January 2013 and the second in January 2014. After surgery they had me doing exercises within one day and doing exercises at home within 1 week and physical therapy after this which worked out very well. Both surgeries went well and I notice a very tremendous difference. No pain sleeping and activities are now pain free. I go to the gym 2-3 times a week and I still do my shoulder exercises. Before the surgery, I had to take Advil after kayaking and couldn’t get the kayaks up on top of the car. Now, I can load the kayaks over my head onto the car and I don’t need Advil after. (DH)

Dr. Miller: Shoulder Surgery

I am very, very pleased with my experience at ONS.  Everyone was terrific —  Dr. Miller, the nurses and the entire staff.  Everything was positive and went smoothly.  I had surgery two weeks ago and I’ve already recommended Dr. Miller to someone.  MR (Repair of rotator cuff and labral tears, bone spur removal).

Dr. Miller: Surgery

Dr. Miller is the BEST!!!! Totally professional, always on time, a direct and thoughtful communicator, and most importantly a very skilled surgeon. I was always made aware of what to expect, was given lots of support if I needed it, was given excellent PT instructions and his office staff were equally competent, professional, thorough and timely. I can’t say enough good things. Dr. Miller has my highest recommendation. (5 Star review on Healthgrades from V.C. in Southport, CT)

Dr. Miller: Torn Bicep

Dr. Miller– I wanted to take a minute to thank you for the excellent job you did repairing my torn bicep. The surgery and recovery went remarkably well, and I have probably recovered 95% of my strength at this time.  Your entire staff, from your office to Greenwich Hospital, provided nothing but the best of care and service.  Moreover, it was very much appreciated to be able to make a doctor’s appointment and actually be taken on time. I would not hesitate to recommend your practice to anyone. Thanks for everything. (AG)

Dr. Miller: Torn Rotator Cuff

After Greenwich resident and Brunswick Academy teacher T.S. seriously injured his shoulder, he sought relief from the disabling pain and loss of mobility from leading shoulder specialist Dr. Seth Miller. “I’d been taking lots of anti-inflammatory medication,” said T.S. who enjoys recreational softball and kayaking adventures with his students. “I kept trying to work through the problem but eventually realized I was losing strength in my arm.” Dr. Miller determined that his patient had torn a tendon of his rotator cuff, but an arthroscopic surgical procedure could repair the damage and end his pain. By using the latest arthroscopic technique, the tendons heal at about the same rate as in traditional surgery, but the less-invasive procedure has several big advantages. Arthroscopy is a same-day surgery and can be performed with local anesthesia. Patients experience substantially less pain after arthroscopy, which allows them to get back to their normal routine quicker. “Almost all rotator cuff tears can be repaired with arthroscopy and there are clear benefits,” says Dr. Miller. “T.S. had same day surgery and returned to his classroom the following day with his arm in a sling. Two months after surgery, he had regained complete range of motion and had full use of his shoulder. He was able to resume all his normal activities and even went on a rafting trip with his students.”

Dr. Miller: Total Shoulder Replacement

Total shoulder replacement completed 10/31/18. Diagnosed with bone on bone grinding and ostheoarthritis. Had unbearable pain and unable to lift my arm above my shoulder joint. After 12 weeks I have no pain and better than expected range of motion. Was amazed at the lack of pain after the procedure. Used no pain killers whatsoever. Dr. Miller is a gifted surgeon who uses the latest technologies and still maintains a personal touch. Planning on my left shoulder procedure next year. (5 Star Review on Healthgrades from S. in Yorktown Heights, NY)

Dr. Nocek, Dr. Heftler, Fey: Herniated Disc, Sciatica

“Having recently completed four months of treatment at ONS, I wanted to share my positive experience as too many times this recognition may not be communicated.  Suffering from an old injury of a herniated disc, David Nocek, MD determined it had developed into sciatica.  Early physical therapy sessions with Fey Adamarola, DPT, had temporary relief,  so I was referred to Jeffrey Heftler, MD to get my pain to lower levels to pave the way for an aggressive PT regimen.  It was Fey’s positive outlook that gave me the confidence to stay the course and lead to a very positive outcome. I am grateful to the full team at ONS.” (E.H.)

Dr. Sahler

Dr. Sahler is very compassionate, listens to you, works with you to plan treatment. (5 star review on Healthgrades from P.B. in Wilton, CT)

Dr. Sahler

Dr Sahler puts you at ease immediately and explains everything really well. My procedure today was a little nerve racking for me but everything went so smoothly and I didn’t feel any pain at all. He’s awesome. (5 Star Review on Healthgrades from S.G. in Stamford, CT)

Dr. Sethi

Ready for my 50+ tennis career, all thanks to Dr. Sethi. He’s amazing and gave me a high degree of confidence through the entire process. Thank you! (comment from RateMD)

Dr. Sethi

Dr. Sethi: Just a small a word to tell you thanks for all you’ve done for [my son.] Not only have you repaired him physically, but emotionally as well. I am eternally grateful to you for your genuine interest in my son. (LG)

Dr. Sethi

Dr. Sethi is kind and compassionate and inspires confidence. From the very first appointment, through surgery and recovery, he proved to be an expert in his field. (Five star review on Healthgrades from D. in Bedford, NY)

Dr. Sethi

One of the best around. Fixed up my knee perfectly from a severe football injury. Got me back on the field when no one thought I would be able to. Outstanding doctor, but even better person. Highly recommend to anyone. (5 Star review from P.)

Dr. Sethi

Good bedside manners, extremely knowledgeable. Nice staff. Especially Florence. (5 Star Review on Google from E.W.)

Dr. Sethi

I would like to take this opportunity to let you know of a surgeon that is what I consider a Rock Star in the orthopedic world.  His name is Dr. Paul Sethi.

About four years ago, I started to have trouble with my right elbow. I couldn’t fully extend or contract my right arm. Since I am right handed, this was causing a major problem. After many visits with the orthopedic staff at the West Haven VA and three attempted surgeries that were postponed or canceled due to various reasons, it was suggested that I make an appointment with Dr . Sethi. They told me, however, that he was only at the VA once every several months. So I made the appointment and waited. Finally, after several months, I was able to meet with him. He is the only doctor I have ever met who told me straight up what he could and couldn’t do for me. He said he couldn’t guarantee that I would get full range of motion back but he could make it better than it was. At that time, I had 30 degrees at full extension and 105 at full contraction. It was starting to be painful.  I have a fishing outreach program for my fellow veterans where I teach them how to fish. The condition was starting to affect my fishing. Paul said he could make it better. Surgery was finally scheduled for November 21, 2017. After doing research I found out that Dr. Sethi is one of the most highly talented and respected orthopedic surgeons in the country.  I wanted him to do my surgery.

After four years of disappointment and pain, it was definitely worth the wait!! Dr. Sethi was able to get me my full range of motion back. I now have zero degrees at full extension and 130 degrees at full contraction. I cannot be more pleased and grateful to him. We are lucky to have such a gifted, skilled and generous surgeon here at the VA. I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Sethi.  He really is a Rock Star!! Because of Dr. Sethi, I have normal use of my right arm and a better life! (Letter from patient J.K.)

Dr. Sethi: Biceps Tendon Rupture Repair

Dr. Sethi and the entire support team at ONS are amazing! From my initial consult, to the surgery, to the rehabilitation period … they set the gold standard for medical care! Everyone I interacted with was an attentive listener, informative, and appeared to genuinely care about my recovery. I had a biceps tendon rupture repair five months ago which was performed at their Stamford surgical facility, which was state-of-art. (5 Star Review on Google from J.K.)

Dr. Sethi: Biceps, Rotator Cuff

Dr Paul Sethi did a great job on my shoulder. I tore my long head bicep tendon and my rotator cuff was a mess. I work construction, played baseball, coached little league etc. I’m 60 now. DR. Sethi was my 3rd opinion and gave me the most confidence. Operation turned out great! He repaired it all! I have no more pain now that I’m back working, working out and throwing baseballs to my grandkids !!! He’s the best !!! (5 Star review on Google by R.V.)

Dr. Sethi: Broken Collarbone

I broke my collarbone in my last football season and was looking for a doctor who could help me the best way possible. Doctor Sethi was my doctor for the process and he was amazing to say the least. He was very helpful to my family and me. We could not be happier. It is not just him as well. The office ran to perfection with a great system of getting in and getting out. In fact, my father and I were 20 minutes late to our appointment. We sat down and within 5 minutes I was in my room waiting to get X-rays. Overall 5/5, 10/10, 100%. It is a great place to be.  (5 Star Review on Yelp from P.P.)

Dr. Sethi: Knee

Dr. Sethi– Thank you for providing your expertise and service. You performed a ACL replacement, OAT’s procedure, and meniscectomy on my left knee. As a veteran and college student of limited means…thank you for your medical service. (MZL)

Dr. Sethi: Knee and Shoulder Surgeries

Dr. Sethi is an amazing doctor, and a really nice guy. He operated on my knee and my daughter’s shoulder. Both procedures had a perfect outcome!  He has a wonderful bedside manner and really cares about his patients. He explained everything and took the time to answer my questions. I highly recommend Dr. Sethi. (5 Star review on Healthgrades by S.B. of Rye, NY)

Dr. Sethi: Knee Surgery

I was fortunate to have Dr. Sethi with my two knee surgeries. I love the way he treats his patients, takes his time to explain, and makes sure you understand the problem and the options you have. Very knowledgeable and trustworthy. The prospect of surgery is never pleasant, however, Dr. Sethi and his team made the experience enjoyable. Very thankful! (comment from RateMD)

Dr. Sethi: Knees

“Paul is an amazing orthopedist. I went to 3 orthopedists and physiatrists who told me there was nothing wrong with my knees….” read more on YELP from R.P.

Dr. Sethi: Meniscal Repair

Dr Sethi helped saved our son’s chances of getting into college after a very bad meniscus tear. We are forever grateful for the care and his expertise in correcting the problem. He always made my son a priority, giving our son his full attention, and I’m sure he puts the same effort into every patient. Thank you very much for everything, we look forward to seeing our son back on the court this season. We hope we never have to return, but if we do, we know we are in the best hands. ( 5 star review on Yelp from J.P. in Easton, CT)

Dr. Sethi: Rotator Cuff

I went to see Dr. Paul Sethi for a second opinion regarding a small rotator cuff tear on my left shoulder. My sister recommended Dr. Sethi as he repaired her shoulder a few years before. I was so impressed by Dr. Sethi that I decided to have him perform the surgery. During surgery it was discovered that my tear was massive. After seeing the images of the tear, it’s amazing that Dr. Sethi was even able to repair my rotator cuff. I went for my three month follow up today and I am at 100%. My friends at the gym who have had the same injury and surgery as me can’t believe what I am able to do at just three months. Most of my friends are not where I am and it’s been a few years since they had their surgery. I tell everyone that I had the most amazing surgeon. Dr. Sethi originally told me that it would take about nine months to lift my arm straight up and I am able to do that in less than three months. I recently sent my daughter to Dr. Sethi for knee pain she was experiencing. When she came home, she told me that she was also impressed by his bedside manner and the care she received from him. Dr. Sethi has the most amazing bedside manner and truly makes you feel as if you are in good hands. He will take care of you and you don’t need to worry about anything. I also want to say that the staff at ONS is truly professional. The staff does an amazing job in scheduling their appointments. I have never had to wait in the waiting room and usually go right in to see the doctor. I can’t say enough about Dr. Sethi and ONS. (5 Star review on Google from D.C.)

Dr. Sethi: Rotator Cuff and Bicep Repair, Bone Spur Removal

I went to Dr. Sethi as I had been experiencing shoulder and bicep pain for some time. Dr. Sethi and team surgically repaired both my rotator cuff and torn bicep (as well as removing a bone spur near my rotator cuff). While the first couple of months of recovery were difficult, I am now fully recovered at 9 months and my shoulder / bicep have never felt better. Dr. Sethi is a great doctor and surgeon and answered all questions I had along the way. I would highly recommend him to anyone as you will be in excellent hands. (5 Star Review on Google from R.F.)

Dr. Sethi: Rotator Cuff Repair

I first met Dr. Sethi in early 2017 after injuring my right shoulder and having sleep disruption. The ONS MRI DX was a minor tear of the rotator cuff and labrum plus a bone spur. I was worried about missing time from a new job I’d started and Dr. Sethi told me I could give PT a try and he administered a cortisone shot for the inflammation and pain. No push towards surgery whatsoever. He examined me physically, showed me the X-Rays and MRI images, walked me through what was going on and gave me all the facts and info I needed to make my decision. In about 8 weeks I was done with PT and sleeping normally. Fast forward to March 2019 and I reinjured my shoulder, this time severely. The DX was a major tear but again, Dr. Sethi didn’t push surgery. He did say no to another cortisone shot in case surgery became necessary but once again said I could try PT to avoid the downtime. In a few weeks of struggling through PT and sliding backwards we agreed on surgery and on June 5th Dr. Sethi did his thing. When I woke up and met with Dr. Sethi he told me the tears were much worse than the MRI had revealed but the good news was that my tissue was viable at the surgical margins making the repair easier and adding to his optimism that I’d have a good recovery. He had previously warned me “You’re going to hate me for the 3 months following surgery.” LOL – No but I quickly understood what he meant after the nerve blocker wore off, pain, discomfort, you’re one handed, strapped to an ice cooling machine (definitely a great help). Make no mistake. It’s horrible. Sleep? Forget it but that was already an issue for months and you’re wearing a sling 24 hours a day for weeks so – yeah, it sucked. Dr. Sethi’s pain management team and his PA’s were in constant touch with me. At my first follow up Dr. Sethi was his usual optimistic and articulate self, showing me the pre and post-surgical images from the surgical camera. WOW! My rotator cuff was just shredded. Then I could see the repaired view, what a difference. It was time for PT and he was pleased with my progress to this early stage. Fast forward and Dr. Sethi just “discharged” me, I’m close to fully recovered almost 9 months post-op. Sleep returned by October of 2019, that was for me the worst part of the experience but within normal boundaries. I worked hard at PT and for this part of the recovery, Range of Motion and Strength gains came steadily week after week. I did the work and got the results. I’m now in the gym 3-4 times a week, do my Home Exercise program plus regular cardio and sensible lifting and have zero pain. Dr. Sethi is an acknowledged leader in his field. He’s a straight talker, a funny and personable guy and he exudes quiet confidence while simultaneously listening to whatever feedback or questions you may have. I can’t say enough about him and his team at ONS. People warned me about surgery and I know some friends who didn’t have the same results as me. My days of throwing javelin and playing rugby are behind me but my every day living is pain free, sleeping like a baby and able to reach and lift and put on or take off my jackets, hit the gym with confidence and more. Paul is a great surgeon and he cares, that’s obvious. Thank you Dr. Sethi! (5 Star Review on Google from S.L.)

Dr. Sethi: Rotator Cuff Surgery

I had shoulder pain for a couple of years, knowing that eventually rotator cuff surgery would be necessary. Dr. Sethi at ONS was fantastic, helping me with PT and exploring non-surgical options, and understood my reservations and concerns. Once the last cortisone shot wore off we scheduled surgery for December 2017. He cautioned me that for six weeks I would curse him but in six months I would praise him. 20 weeks after surgery I was hitting golf balls, in far less pain than before the surgery – I don’t even need the Advil and Aleve I used to use. I can’t recommend Dr. Sethi and ONS more highly! (5 star review left on the ONS Facebook page by J.F.)

Dr. Sethi: Rotator Cuff Surgery

I had rotator cuff surgery in October 2016. Dr. Sethi was not only professional and knowledgeable, he was the most caring doctor I’ve ever met. Post surgery pain was minimal… 3 months later I am 99% better. I cannot say enough about him and his staff. (Comment from Health Grades)

Dr. Sethi: Shoulder

William McHale: Getting Back in the Game

Will McHale Paul Sethi MD
William McHale with ONS Orthopedic Surgeon, Sports Medicine Specialist Paul Sethi, MD who has provided orthopedic care for Will since the 7th grade.

The doctors at ONS have always been my resource for orthopedic issues. I met Dr. Paul Sethi when I broke my ankle playing football in 7th grade. In high school I broke my wrist and had a number of other strains and sprains, each time, returning to ONS. Dr. Paul Sethi is a sports medicine doctor who has an athlete’s mentality when it comes to treatments and recovery. He has a balanced view of treating an injury thoroughly and properly- while understanding the urgency of getting the athlete back to the game as soon as possible.

I played linebacker for Yale University and started in 30 consecutive games between my sophomore year and the end of my senior year. In my senior year though, I tore the labrums in both of my shoulders. It was so bad that I had to wear a restrictive brace to keep my shoulders from slipping out of the socket during games. I couldn’t do most of the upper body weight training regime. It was rough. I had to get them repaired. On top of everything, I was under pressure to recover in time for my Pro Day in front of NFL scouts.

McHale Push Up Position
Will McHale – post shoulder surgery.

The surgeries went great. Dr. Sethi found more damage than originally showed on the MRIs.  Afterward, did physical therapy three to four times a week. By four months post surgery, I was able to do most of the prescribed exercises and my shoulders felt back to normal. I regained all my strength between six and seven months after surgery.

Dr. Sethi was completely sensitive to my goal to perform well on my Pro Day, and he worked with me to set up an aggressive rehab schedule. I was able to return to play with complete confidence in the strength of my shoulders, and I haven’t had any issues with them since! The result was that my Pro Day went great, and I was invited to Minicamp with the New Orleans Saints! I just returned from playing professional football in France and played at 110%! (WM)

Dr. Sethi: Shoulder Replacement

Dr Paul Sethi is a wonderful person and a fine surgeon! His office is run efficiently and is always on time. Dr. Sethi is generous with his time and answers all the questions and concerns I have. I am very grateful to Dr. Sethi for giving me a new shoulder! I would recommend him to my friends and family! (5 Star review on Healthgrades by B.F. of New York, NY)

Dr. Sethi: Shoulder Surgery

I am very grateful to Dr. Paul Sethi for restoring me to a pain-free life. My torn up shoulder constantly ached, woke me up at night, and limited all sorts of physical endeavors with that arm. 3 short months later, I have a fully restored range of motion with almost no lingering pain, and I’m sure with a few more months of strengthening PT I will be better than new. I cannot say enough about his approach, his thorough explanations throughout the process outlining my treatment options, and his skill as a surgeon. (Make sure to search YouTube for some of his presentations on the latest techniques in shoulder surgery.) Thanks again to Dr. Sethi and the entire support staff at ONS for an outcome that is better than I could have hoped for! (5 Star Review on Google from K.B.)

Dr. Sethi: Shoulder Surgery

I am a 45-yo female competitive rower. I’d been having trouble with my right shoulder for 18 months. After a year of applying every plausible alternative therapy to avoid surgery, I succumbed to the reality. There was no question in my mind that Dr. Sethi would do my surgery. He’d operated on a few fellow athletes and has a sterling reputation for both outcomes and manner. He delivered beyond my expectations in all respects. As a fellow athlete himself, he really understood the unique considerations of my life and the specifics of my individual sport. He warned me that going from my usual athleticism to no activity would have psychiatric effects. That warning came to mind when I started catching myself randomly crying when my kids didn’t put away their laundry or I saw videos of puppies and babies on my Facebook feed. I realized what was going on and that helped tremendously. He anticipated that I’d be eager to get back to my sport and have a propensity to try to “over-achieve” the process or not rely on others for help. He sternly warned me that some of the character qualities that serve me as an athlete would be liabilities in recovery. That warning changed the way I considered my choices. We had a detailed discussion about the potential repairs that could be made and the trade-offs that would accompany a faster recovery and less extensive repair. After that discussion, I elected for a “one-and-done” approach. He ended up repairing my bicep, labrum and rotator cuff. He also removed a very large bone spur that was sitting on top of my rotator cuff. I did my PT with ONS as well. As always, they were stellar. But here’s the punchline. He said the soonest he would be willing to have any kind of conversation about my return to rowing would be 5 months post-op. I accepted that and adjusted my expectations. At every appointment, he was very pleased with my recovery. I then thought, “Cool. I should be good to go at 5 months.” At my 3 month post-op, he concluded my exam with the following statement. “I can’t think of any reason why you can’t return to rowing.” “What? Are you serious? What restrictions?” “Don’t do anything stupid.” I got back on the erg and haven’t had any problems. Went back to full time training and after about a month also started performance training. When we got back on the water, I found out that I could still even hold the full weight of one end of a quad by myself. No problems with the shoulder. I’ve asked physical therapists and others how the heck I healed so quickly. The main theme of their answer is “surgeon skill.” (5 Star review on Google by J.S.)

Dr. Sethi: Shoulder Surgery

Dr. Sethi: Shoulder Surgery

Dr. Sethi was amazing and caring. He listened to all of my concerns and fears. He spent time talking with me and had a wonderful bedside manner with my daughter. I would recommend Dr. Sethi to anyone because not only is he great, but the staff is exceptional as well. I truly appreciate everything that was done for my daughter in the office and at the time of surgery. When  I called after the surgery my call was returned immediately. Thank you all for taking such good care of my daughter. It means the world to me that she was in such good hands. All the best to all of you. (Patient Survey)

Dr. Sethi: Shoulder Surgery

Dr. Sethi has consistently been attentive, professional, competent, timely, and just an absolute pleasure to work with. My shoulder surgery was a huge success and he supported me through every step of the process. I couldn’t recommend him highly enough! (Patient Survey)

Dr. Sethi: Torn Labrum

I was fortunate enough to be connected to Dr. Sethi when I started experiencing shoulder issues. He diagnosed the issue immediately and tried the least invasive approach to attempt to rectify. After some time it was clear I would need surgery to repair a torn labrum. I can attest to the fact that Dr. Sethi is the consummate professional, very personable, and compassionate. If he is treating you for orthopedic issues you are in good hands! Thank you Dr. Sethi!  (Five Star Review on Goolge from C)

Dr. Sethi: Torn Rotator Cuff

Dr. Sethi repaired my torn rotator cuff and his suggestion to use the ice machine on my shoulder post-surgery worked miracles. I have only taken 1 painkiller on the day of post-surgery and didn’t need any more. The ONS PT and Dr. Sethi definitely made my recovery easier as well. Very happy with his professionalism as well as his entire ONS facility and staff.  (5 Star review on Google by T.H.)

Dr. Sethi: Total Shoulder Replacement

I chose to go to Greenwich for Dr. Sethi because his reputation is superior to anyone in the city. He is the most sympathetic, wonderful man. My friends can’t believe my incredible recovery. I highly recommend him to anyone. (MP)

Dr. Sethi: Total Shoulder Replacement

Dr. Sethi: Youth Baseball Injury

Dr. Sethi is amazing. He did a phenomenal job for my son helping him get over a baseball injury that HSS gave up on. I strongly recommend him. (5 Star Review on Google from O.C.)

Dr. Vadasdi

Dr. Vadasdi was wonderful. She performed two surgeries, the first to find out what was wrong with a repair conducted by another surgeon, and a second to then fix the problem. She also thought to collect tissue samples during her first surgery, then finding that I had an infection that required 6 weeks of daily antibiotic infusion. I am now 100% healthy and back to normal routines, including yoga (at age 68!) (comment from RateMD)

Dr. Vadasdi

Dr. Vadasdi: It’s been over a year now since my elbow surgery and I’m back in full swing. Literally! My golf swing- I had my best season to date (over 45 rounds) and achieved my lowest handicap score of 10.8. I can’t thank you enough for applying your surgical skills in repairing my elbow. With PT my recovery was smooth and quick. I was back up and running in just a few months. I feel better and stronger than ever. Your staff from start to finish was professional and compassionate. Thank you. (D.T.)


Dr. Vadasdi

I find Dr. Vadasdi to be a genius and compassionate doctor. Her care of me as her patient was outstanding! (Patient Survey)

Dr. Vadasdi

Dr. Vadasdi– I was given great information prior to and post surgery. The staff and Dr. Vadasdi were very responsive.  I was very pleased with all aspects of the experience. (Anonymous)

Dr. Vadasdi

I have had shoulder surgery before and Dr. Vadasdi is the best and so is the ONS staff! (Patient Review)

Dr. Vadasdi: Shoulder

Dear Dr. VadasdiI neglected to tell you today how much I appreciated the excellent rebuild of my shoulder.  You are obviously very talented as my recovery demonstrates. I recommend you to everyone! Thanks again for your time, concern, and operating skills. Have a great New Year!  (CS)


Dr. Vadasdi: Broken Patella

From the moment I walked in the ONS door with my broken right patella, I knew I was in the right place!  I was most fortunate to be referred to Dr. Vadasdi by two of her former patients. I immediately felt comfortable as she is an Ironwoman Triathlete and I am a 3 time Ironman.

The entire ONS group, from surgery to PT, has turned a most difficult situation into a pleasant one.  I am always greeted with a warm smile and never wait more than five minutes.  The staff at ONS took care of ALL my health insurance needs leaving me with my sole responsibility of showing up on time. I would highly recommend ONS to anyone in need of orthopedic care or PT. They are simply the best. This is from the heart as I am soooo grateful for ONS taking good care of me!! (patient S.W.)

Dr. Vadasdi: Shoulder Surgery

My experience was fantastic! Dr. Vadasdi was incredible. She did a great job on my shoulder. I strongly recommend that anyone who is facing shoulder surgery to use Dr. Vadasdi.

Dr. Vitale

Dr. Vitale was great! Took the time to explain things, treated me on the spot. Overall great experience. (5 star review on Google from T. J. A.)

Dr. Vitale

I recently saw Dr. Vitale for a wrist injury. Dr. Vitale is not only extremely knowledgeable, nice to work with, but he explained my situation and told me how to deal with the problem without the need for surgery. He is an outstanding physician and person. I highly recommend him especially for hand issues. (5 Star Review on Google from A.E.)

Dr. Vitale

Dr. Vitale was professional and explained everything very clearly. I was impressed with him as well as the entire process. (Patient Survey)

Dr. Vitale, Tara Friedler, DPT, CHT

I wish there was more I could do or say to express my appreciation for both the doctors and the therapists at ONS. I had a really terrible finger injury over 2 years ago. Over the course of 2 years I have tried two different surgeries with a different popular practice in Stamford and have had no luck. I understand my injury is one that is difficult to fix and takes tremendous patience and attention- so really this is no diss at my previous doctor by any means. Despite my surgeries being with a different practice, my PT/OT was always with ONS and specifically Tara. If you have the opportunity to work with Tara after surgery, rest assured you are in good hands. Tara helped give me confidence in my hand and movement in my finger during a very trying time in my life. I was discouraged and frustrated I wasn’t getting movement after both my surgeries and Tara was always positive and patient- I am forever grateful for that. After not healing right from the second surgery even after tons of OT, I decided to get a second opinion from ONS doctors since I had such a good experience with their physical therapy. Within minutes, Dr. Vitale looked at my hand and knew exactly what had happened and that I had gotten a contracture post op from the trauma to my hand. Without making any medical assumptions, he sent me for an MRI and the results concluded what he assumed to be true. We scheduled treatment and got the ball rolling right away. I can’t describe to you the level of attention and care ONS will provide you. They are a smooth running operation and the communication from doctors to PT is second to none. They truly care about their patients. From coordinating times that will work with my crazy schedule and just sending an email to ask how my splint is holding up. The small details are what matter most when you are medically frustrated. They made me feel like there was more they could do for me and it was at least worth a try for every procedure we did. I always had confidence in their medical advice and fully trusted their decisions. I can’t see how anyone could give this practice or PT office a bad review. They are medically up to date and provide high end care all while keeping the human component alive. I am so grateful I found ONS. In a world and in a city where you have many options for orthopedic care, I know it can be difficult to choose. I knew I had to leave a review to help people like me who felt stuck with their medical treatment and who needed someone different. Give ONS a call, you will not he disappointed. (5 Star Review on Yelp from E.S. October, 2019)

Dr. Vitale: Broken Wrist

The staff, from the moment you walk in, are professional, courteous and friendly! Dr Mark Vitale is a top notch orthopedic surgeon! I broke my wrist last week and required surgery. I was not the least bit nervous because I knew I was in great hands! He’s an Intelligent, caring, talented and dedicated surgeon. What more can you ask for!? Don’t get me started regarding Greenwich Hospital! Unbelievably professional hospital! (5 star review on Yelp from A.C. in Mamaroneck)

Dr. Vitale: Carpal Tunnel Release Surgical Revision

LOVE this doctor!! I’ve seen Dr. Vitale a number of times–primarily to repair problems from “one of the best” surgeons in NYC who did my carpal tunnel release surgery. Dr. Vitale does beautiful work and has an OUTSTANDING way with patients. Dr. Vitale is extremely kind, unhurried and super attentive and patient, extremely informative and exceedingly concerned with the patient’s comfort. He did beautiful work repairing my surgery (he also took care of my trigger finger with cortisone rather than surgery). I  found him through another medical professional who also gave the highest recommendation. He is the only hand surgeon I would see and I cannot recommend him highly enough!!  (5 Star Review on Google.)

Dr. Vitale: Elbow Replacement

One week ago this wonderful doctor changed my right elbow. It was an elbow replacement. For three years I had been suffering greatly and it removed all of the pain and I’m beginning for use of my arm again thanks to this fantastic doctor. If I could give him 10 stars I would. He is kind, he listens and cares, most of all he is a fabulous surgeon! (5 Star Review on Healthgrades from CB)

Dr. Vitale: Finger/Wrist

Dr. Vitale– I’ve been wanting to write to you for some time now to express my sincere appreciation and DELIGHT in the outcome of my finger and wrist surgery done by you back on April 4. I wish you could see the results! Nothing short of professional beauty!  — more than I had hoped for.  No one could believe the difference.  AND, I have complete movement with no limitations or pain at all.  Remarkable. Be assured, I will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone I love or know! (SC)

Dr. Vitale: Hand

The first thing that amazed me about ONS is that there was no wait! I hadn’t even finished filling out my forms when they called me in and I wasn’t used to that. Then Dr. Vitale didn’t make me wait either. X-ray and MRI are all in one place and again, there was no wait. I was reluctant to have the surgery but the doctor took the time to call me on his personal cell in the evening and weekend just to check up on me. I was putting off the hand surgery but Dr. Vitale was concerned I might lose total functionality of my finger or worse if I didn’t take care of it. I realized after the fourth call that this guy was real and this was serious.

I give ONS a five-star rating. It doesn’t get any better than this. It was a good global experience, I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop but it didn’t. I’ve never experienced in my life this level of medical care. I’ve just never seen anything like this. I don’t know how your MD’s set this up, I’m absolutely stunned by the level of how this place operates. Even the trouble I had with insurance where Aetna was coded wrong was taken care of by the billing staff.

Here I am with fine hand functionality back, the doctor accomplished what he hoped to accomplish given the circumstances. That’s the ONS Advantage. (CR)


Dr. Vitale: Hand

Dr. Vitale– I have been back to work now for about two months. Both hands are getting stronger every day, I am doing things that I never thought I would be able to do again. Pain right now as I am typing is less than a 1 on the scale…I could not be happier with the results! I can not wait to get back out and play golf again, something I could not do for the last 3 yrs. You have really changed my life and I can not thank you enough! Your skills and bedside manner are top notch, ONS is very lucky to have you on their team. (DC)


Dr. Vitale: Hand Pain

Dr. Vitale is fantastic. I have had pain in a particular spot on my hand for years and have seen several doctors about it, with little guidance as to what was wrong. Dr. Vitale was able to quickly diagnose the issue and treat it accordingly. I am very grateful for the effective treatment and pleasant experience at ONS. (5 Star Google Review from G.G.)

Dr. Vitale: Rare Wrist Condition

I’ve been seeing Dr. Vitale for over a year for a rare condition in my wrist. He is extremely kind and informative. It is very easy to get an appointment and the wait times during your visit are minimal. The physical therapy department is great too. I would recommend him and ONS to anyone.(5 Star Review on Healthgrades from a patient in Stamford, CT)

Dr. Vitale: Wrist

Dr. Vitale– I wanted to tell you that it has been 10 months since my surgery, and it is great! I had a  major accomplishment last weekend when I won my USTA match with the team that I joined; I am the oldest guy by almost 20 years and am more than holding my own, that was the reason we did the surgery in the first place! So thank you so much for helping me continue my love of the game. (PT)


Dr. Vitale: Wrist Injury

Dr. Vitale is an exceptional physician and person. He is extremely knowledgeable, has an excellent bedside manner, and explains the situation completely and answers all questions. In my case for a wrist injury, he explained how to deal with this problem without the need for surgery and made me feel very comfortable with his recommendation. (5 Star review on Healthgrades from A. in White Plains, NY)

Dr. Wei

Dr. Wei is so professional and very detail oriented. I can’t say enough good things about him. He has treated me for a variety of issues and each time my experience is the same. I trust him 100%. (5 Star Review on Google from J.S.)

Dr. Wei

Dr Wei quickly diagnosed my ligament issue, scheduled surgery, and provided excellent post surgery follow-up. He explained everything clearly and recovery was as expected. He is a consummate professional. (5 Star Review on Healthgrades)

Dr. Wei

Dr. Wei is the best. He is a warm and kind individual and clearly knows what he is doing. He diagnosed and took care of my problem quickly and, if you have to see a doctor for hand problems, I recommend him highly. (5 Star Review on Google from H.J.)

Dr. Wei

Dr. Wei was fabulous ! Other than being excellent in his specialty, his bedside manner and his empathy and thoughtful demeanor was first rate. My son now wants to be doctor! Thank-you! (Patient Survey)

Dr. Wei

Dr. Wei was very patient and professional with my six year old daughter. She was very comfortable with him. (Patient Survery)

Dr. Wei

Dr. David Wei is an excellent physician with a wonderful professional manner. I was very impressed with him and the services I received at ONS.  I would highly recommend him as well as ONS.  (Patient review from A.R.K)

Dr. Wei

Dr. Wei is kind and compassionate. He takes time with you and explains everything about your condition and treatment. His follow up is caring and careful. (5 Star Review on Healthgrades from W.M.)

Dr. Wei

I am a physician and all 6 of my family members have been using this practice for all of our orthopedic issues. They are amazing and I give big props to Dr. Wei for looking over my Harli two times now, and hopefully the last. (Patient Survey)

Dr. Wei

Patched my son’s hand up with care and compassion! What a wonderful doctor! (5 Star Review on Google from K.N.)

Dr. Wei

Dr. D.H.Wei, is a wonderful caring doctor.  He is easy to talk too and very knowledgeable. I would recommend him for any surgery for the hand or arm. (5 Star Review on Google from A.S.)

Dr. Wei

Dr. Wei is the best — extraordinarily competent and caring. I originally saw him to get a second opinion. I am so glad that I did. He presented options that no other doctor had mentioned previously, and I never felt pressured or rushed in making decisions. The surgery and post-op visits went very smoothly; Dr. Wei and his team went out of their way to be helpful and kind throughout. (5 Star Review on Healthgrades)

Dr. Wei

Dr. Wei provided me with excellent medical and surgical care. My relief from carpal tunnel was almost immediate and I’m very thankful for his professionalism and attentive care. His whole team including his office at ONS and the Stamford ASC surgical center was very diligent with precautions regarding the corona virus. I would highly recommend Dr. Wei. (5 Star Review on Healthgrades from J.F.)

Dr. Wei

Dr. Wei was very professional. He took the time to explain in detail everything to my son. He spoke to him like an adult and not a child. He was knowledgeable which was extremely comforting to my husband and I. (Patient Survey)

Dr. Wei

I love ONS. They are so above average compared to other doctors and offices. I have had 5 surgeries performed by three of your surgeons. I am seeing Dr. Wei and another doctor at ONS and so far on a scale from 1-10, I have to rate a 10. This includes the whole staff which are all very pleasant and helpful. (Patient Survey)

Dr. Wei: Broken Hand

Dr. Wei and the people at ONS are the best. I suffered from my first broken bone a few months ago in my hand, right in the middle of my final lacrosse season. From the moment I saw the x-ray to the moment I got the hard cast off, Dr. Wei and his crew were by my side. I made my goals of returning to play the final two games of my season. Without the help from these people, I’m not sure I would have made the comeback that I did. I strongly recommend using ONS.  They’re the best in the business. (5 Star Review on Google from E.S.)

Dr. Wei: Broken Metacarpal

Dr. Wei could have pushed surgery on me for a broken metacarpal but he assured me it wasn’t needed. Appointments were quick and he explained what was going on very well. I would recommend to anyone. (5 Star Review on Google)

Dr. Wei: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Dr. Wei provided me with excellent medical and surgical care. My relief from carpal tunnel was almost immediate and I’m very thankful for his professionalism and attentive care. His whole team including his office at ONS and the Stamford ASC surgical center was very diligent with precautions regarding the corona virus. I would highly recommend Dr. Wei. (5 Star Google Rating from J.F.)

Dr. Wei: Dupuytren’s Contracture

Dr. Wei was the third doctor I went to for treatment for my hand. I was so impressed by how caring and skilled he was.  He never left me sitting in the waiting room, and I appreciated that respect for my time.  Dr. Wei took the time to explain everything to me about my condition and the treatment he proposed. He made sure I understood it all. Dupuytren’s Contracture is difficult to treat.  The other two physicians were skilled but they couldn’t solve my problem.  Dr. Wei had a special technique that worked for me.  I would recommend Dr. Wei, and ONS, to anyone.  In fact, I already have. (PB)

Dr. Wei: Elbow Surgery

Dr. Wei is a wonderful doctor! I came to him with a badly damaged elbow from an old injury I sustained ten years earlier. I ended up needing surgery in December. The surgery went great and I’m living pain free. Dr. Wei explained everything I would go through and was super informative and very compassionate and understanding. My experience with him and ONS was excellent. (5 Star Review on Google from D. O.)

Dr. Wei: Finger Injury

I found Dr. Wei to be superb. Every aspect of the treatment I had with him, the quality of the diagnosis, the explanation of my options, the time he spent with me to help me decide the best plan for the treatment, were all handled with skill and with a manner that generated total confidence in him for me. Then when we determined the right treatment, he performed the surgery with precision and care, and was able to give incredible aftercare for the next five months, following which my finger is literally 100% perfect. There is no problem left and you can’t tell I ever had the accident. I can’t think of anything I would ask to be improved from my experience with him or his approach to helping me. I can only thank him and hope one day i can help him in the way and with the class with which he helped me.  (5 Star Review on Google from D. T.)

Dr. Wei: Hip and Wrist

Dr. Wei is not only a compassionate person and good ally, he’s a great doctor. I’m 86 years old and as you get older you not only need the best doctor, you need someone with the compassion to help you get through the long haul. He consoled me and took the time to listen and reassure my wife when she called while I was recovering. No one could think of a fall as wonderful, but the way Dr. Wei fixed my wrist and hip was truly outstanding. (JL)

Dr. Wei: Ligament Transplant

Dr. Wei was extremely knowledgeable, compassionate and thorough assessing my hand before “we” decided on surgery. He helped me weigh all the pros, cons, alternatives and helped make the final recommendation. I am sooo glad I had the surgery because I am still very active and I was able to bounce back from 2 full ligament transplants in my right dominant hand. I was back playing hockey within 6 weeks with the help of a strong Physical Therapist who helped me stay ahead of my post op plan. I would highly recommend Dr. Wei as this was my first surgery ever (50 years old) and not once did he push me one way or the other, we weighed all the risks which made me feel very confident in our treatment plan. Thanks again for all your help Dr. Wei, I am off to my 10 pm hockey game tonight, we are in first place……maybe because I am back helping the team!!! (5 Star Review on Healthgrades from D.)

Dr. Wei: Surgery

Dr Wei was fantastic. Every aspect of my treatment with him was as good as I could ask for. His initial diagnosis and explanation of my options; his help deciding the best way forward; his execution of the procedure and the immediate aftercare; his empathy and bedside manner; his consideration and accessibility; the time he spent with me; his follow up and focus on my recovery; all of these things were as good as they could be. He really was one of the nicest and most successful surgeons I’ve met. (5 Star Review on Healthgrades)

Dr. Wei: Trigger Finger

When I first went to Dr. Wei about my Trigger Finger, I told him I was ready for surgery because I’d had the same condition with a different finger a few years ago.  If I had been anywhere else, I think the surgeon would’ve rolled me right into the operating room, but Dr. Wei made sure I understood all the non-surgical options first.  When I decided to go ahead with the surgery, he took the time to explain that I had the option to forego anesthesia, which I chose because I react poorly to anesthesia.  Throughout my entire experience, I felt like I was handled with kid gloves.  I couldn’t believe the high level of care and attention I was given for such a little procedure.  I have seen other doctors at  ONS over the years  and my experience has always been very positive. The people at ONS couldn’t be nicer or more accommodating.  (DPA)

Dr. Wei: Trigger Finger

I saw Dr. Wei for a trigger finger condition and he was terrific. He is very caring and attentive physician and inspires confidence in any recommended treatment. I consider him one of the best orthopedists (or doctors in general) that I have ever seen. I highly recommend him and ONS. (5 Star Review on Yelp from H.S.)

Dr. Wei: Wrist Pain

My 30-minute visit with Dr. Wei relieved three years of intermittent wrist pain. Dr. Wei was professional and helpful. He was also punctual–I was seen about 5 minutes after I arrived at the office. He answered all of my questions and helped me explore different avenues to resolve my wrist pain. After being treated, I left satisfied and in less pain. I found ONS through my insurance provider, and I am so happy I came here. Great staff and facility. (Anonymous 5 star review on Yelp)

Dr. Wei: Wrist Surgery

Dr. Wei scores all tens in my book.  Throughout my entire experience, he was caring, sensitive, and very thorough. He gave me all the time I needed to have all my questions answered. I never felt rushed. After the surgery, his follow up was outstanding.  Even the stafff — each person was lovelier than the next.  I’ve never been cared for like that.  If I ever need another operation I would go to him in a minute.  Dr. Wei is above and beyond. (SF)

Dr. Wei: Wrist Surgery

Dr. Wei recently performed surgery on my wrist. He has a patient manner about him and clearly articulated the problem and possible solutions. I’d certainly consult Dr. Wei first if future hand or wrist problems arise. (5 Star Review on Google from D.R.)

Dr. Wei: Wrist Surgery

Dr. Wei cane into the emergency room at our local hospital to treat our son. A week later, he performed surgery on our boy’s wrist. Weeks later, the wrist is perfectly well now. Thank you Dr. Wei! You have impeccable bedside manner, you are most patient, and we’re truly lucky and thankful to have crossed paths with you. (5 Star review on Healthgrades from W.S. in Greenwich), CT

Dr. Wei: Wrist Surgery

I went to four different hand and wrist specialists for the severe pain I felt as a result of a serious car accident I’d had in August, 2015, and no one was able to help me.  Then the top hand surgeon at Columbia Presbyterian recommended Dr. David Wei at ONS.  Dr. Wei spent more time examining my hand and wrist than all four of the other doctors combined.  He was the only one who went beyond the X-rays and used MRI to diagnose that I had small fractures at the end of my ulnar bone and crushed tendons.  He was incredibly thorough and talked to me like I was a human being instead of an ailment.  He gave me such an incredible level of confidence that he could fix my problem and now, nine weeks after surgery, the pain is practically gone.  It was the best treatment I’ve ever received from a physician in my entire life.  It’s been a wonderful experience. I would gladly recommend him to anyone looking for a referral. (JS)

Dr. Wei: Wrist Surgery

Absolutely amazing doctor. He made the whole process so smooth and did a great job with my wrist surgery.  Really great staff and people at ONS and Dr Wei is the best you can get! (5 Star Google Review from M.P.)


Dr. Delos is an excellent person and doctor. Always on time for appointments. Awesome bedside manners. I never felt rushed. Always took the time to answer all of my questions. The facilities and staff were equally professional.  (5 Star Review on Healthgrades) September 11, 2019

Miller: Rotator Cuff Repair

Dr. Miller came highly recommended in 2005. Unlike other surgeons who wanted to operate on my shoulders, Dr Miller was confident my shoulder pain was related to my neck. He was correct and I had surgery at Yale for Eagle’s Syndrome, the removal of elongated styloid bones in my neck, pains gone. Recently I required rotator cuff surgery. I know from other patients also, he interacts and treats his patients as he would himself. He is compassionate, conservative and a highly skilled surgeon.(5 Star Review on Healthgrades from G.H. MD)

ONS Physical Therapy: Frozen Shoulder

Alicia Hirscht is an absolutely top-notch physical therapist!  As a physician who cares for patients myself, it was so wonderful to experience the kindhearted, knowledgeable, compassionate, and encouraging approach that Alicia took while treating my shoulder problem.  She guided me through an intensive 12-week program of physical therapy during which time I started out with a frozen shoulder and ended up with virtually full range of motion.  She managed my expectations beautifully, and she gave me terrific guidance with home therapy exercises.  I cannot recommend her highly enough! (Note from patient F.S.)

Physical Therapy

Pete and Nick have been instrumental in my continued recovery. Thanks ONS (Anonymous)

Physical Therapy

I had a full tissue tear of my rotator cuff. Dr. Delos examined me and pointed out the alternatives and how we could approach the injury. He explained his plan and operated to repair the damage at the ambulatory center. The experience was very good and they called me the next day to see how I was doing.

I needed physical therapy 3 days a week for the first few weeks, then twice a week and now I so much better six months later. Continue reading “Physical Therapy”

Physical Therapy Staff

Fey and ONS PT Staff – Thank you for being such an important part of my recovery. I could not have done it without your help and support. You are such a nice and supportive group of professionals. From the warm and friendly greeting the moment you enter the door to the smiles and conversations by everyone at ONS (even if you are not interacting with that person on that specific day) to the excellent care and attention by you Fey, and the other physical therapists I have worked with. I am so glad I came to ONS for my recovery. Thank you for everything. (P.P.)