Your Aching Feet: What You Can Do About It

Learn how to put a skip back into your step during this live webinar featuring ONS Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Specialist, Dr. Mark Yakavonis. Dr. Yakavonis will give you an overview of the common causes of foot pain and at-home and medical treatment options.

Access this presentation at 5 pm on Tuesday, July 21 using Microsoft Teams Live.

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Are shoes the culprit of foot pain?

ONS orthopedic surgeon Dr. Michael Clain, who specializes in foot and ankle surgery met with News 12 On Health Reporter Gillian Neff to discuss whether the cause of foot pain is related to shoes.


Dr.Clain says foot issues like bunions and hammer toes are exacerbated by shoes. Bunions may appear to be bumps growing on the foot, but they’re actually bones shifted out of place by frequent wear and tear and it is best to find shoes that can accomodate your feet comfortably. Watch the NEWS12 “What’s Ailing You: Aching Foot Pain” with Gillian Neff.

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