Steven E. Hindman, MD


  • Dr. Hindman has been treating me for years now with my ongoing injuries. He diagnoses for all my ailments have been spot on, I highly recommend Dr, Hindman and the ONS team for professional quality care in keeping my mobility and quality A+ (5 Star Review on Google by G.R.)

  • Dr. Hindman is a very kind and compassionate physician. I like that he goes the extra mile to help you return to your optimal health. (Patient Survey)

  • Loved the in-practice availability. Dr. Hindman was able to schedule an MRI on an early Sunday morning very quickly with no hesitation which worked out perfectly for me. (Patient Survey)

  • Dr. Hindman– Thank you for coming the the Mogul Meister Ski Club meeting to give us a presentation on injury prevention. It was very much appreciated.

  • Dr. Hindman– Thank you so so much! (LMK)