Paul M. Sethi, MD


  • I first met Dr. Sethi in early 2017 after injuring my right shoulder and having sleep disruption. The ONS MRI DX was a minor tear of the rotator cuff and labrum plus a bone spur. I was worried about missing time from a new job I’d started and Dr. Sethi told me I could give PT a try and he administered a cortisone shot for the inflammation and pain. No push towards surgery whatsoever. He examined me physically, showed me the X-Rays and MRI images, walked me through what was going on and gave me all the facts and info I needed to make my decision. In about 8 weeks I was done with PT and sleeping normally. Fast forward to March 2019 and I reinjured my shoulder, this time severely. The DX was a major tear but again, Dr. Sethi didn’t push surgery. He did say no to another cortisone shot in case surgery became necessary but once again said I could try PT to avoid the downtime. In a few weeks of struggling through PT and sliding backwards we agreed on surgery and on June 5th Dr. Sethi did his thing. When I woke up and met with Dr. Sethi he told me the tears were much worse than the MRI had revealed but the good news was that my tissue was viable at the surgical margins making the repair easier and adding to his optimism that I’d have a good recovery. He had previously warned me “You’re going to hate me for the 3 months following surgery.” LOL – No but I quickly understood what he meant after the nerve blocker wore off, pain, discomfort, you’re one handed, strapped to an ice cooling machine (definitely a great help). Make no mistake. It’s horrible. Sleep? Forget it but that was already an issue for months and you’re wearing a sling 24 hours a day for weeks so – yeah, it sucked. Dr. Sethi’s pain management team and his PA’s were in constant touch with me. At my first follow up Dr. Sethi was his usual optimistic and articulate self, showing me the pre and post-surgical images from the surgical camera. WOW! My rotator cuff was just shredded. Then I could see the repaired view, what a difference. It was time for PT and he was pleased with my progress to this early stage. Fast forward and Dr. Sethi just “discharged” me, I’m close to fully recovered almost 9 months post-op. Sleep returned by October of 2019, that was for me the worst part of the experience but within normal boundaries. I worked hard at PT and for this part of the recovery, Range of Motion and Strength gains came steadily week after week. I did the work and got the results. I’m now in the gym 3-4 times a week, do my Home Exercise program plus regular cardio and sensible lifting and have zero pain. Dr. Sethi is an acknowledged leader in his field. He’s a straight talker, a funny and personable guy and he exudes quiet confidence while simultaneously listening to whatever feedback or questions you may have. I can’t say enough about him and his team at ONS. People warned me about surgery and I know some friends who didn’t have the same results as me. My days of throwing javelin and playing rugby are behind me but my every day living is pain free, sleeping like a baby and able to reach and lift and put on or take off my jackets, hit the gym with confidence and more. Paul is a great surgeon and he cares, that’s obvious. Thank you Dr. Sethi! (5 Star Review on Google from S.L.)

  • I was fortunate enough to be connected to Dr. Sethi when I started experiencing shoulder issues. He diagnosed the issue immediately and tried the least invasive approach to attempt to rectify. After some time it was clear I would need surgery to repair a torn labrum. I can attest to the fact that Dr. Sethi is the consummate professional, very personable, and compassionate. If he is treating you for orthopedic issues you are in good hands! Thank you Dr. Sethi!  (Five Star Review on Goolge from C)

  • Absolutely thrilled with my surgery and PT experience. Wonderful communication and results! (5 Star Review on Healthgrades from K.B.)

  • I am very grateful to Dr. Paul Sethi for restoring me to a pain-free life. My torn up shoulder constantly ached, woke me up at night, and limited all sorts of physical endeavors with that arm. 3 short months later, I have a fully restored range of motion with almost no lingering pain, and I’m sure with a few more months of strengthening PT I will be better than new. I cannot say enough about his approach, his thorough explanations throughout the process outlining my treatment options, and his skill as a surgeon. (Make sure to search YouTube for some of his presentations on the latest techniques in shoulder surgery.) Thanks again to Dr. Sethi and the entire support staff at ONS for an outcome that is better than I could have hoped for! (5 Star Review on Google from K.B.)

  • Dear Dr. Sethi,  It has been nearly a year since my surgery and I am very grateful that you were my surgeon. The outcome is exactly as I had hoped for and as you predicted. I have nearly full range of motion, no pain or discomfort,  my strength is back and continues to improve. I was initially skeptical when you prescribed no opioids after surgery, but I quickly understood they were unnecessary because extra strength Tylenol was all that I needed.  The 41/2 hour drive to your office and the hospital was easily worth it.  I very much appreciate being accepted as a patient, as well as your professionalism, your friendliness, courtesy, candor and the exemplary treatment I received in all respects.  I am a major fan.  Sincerely, E.W., Jr.


  • I broke my collarbone in my last football season and was looking for a doctor who could help me the best way possible. Doctor Sethi was my doctor for the process and he was amazing to say the least. He was very helpful to my family and me. We could not be happier. It is not just him as well. The office ran to perfection with a great system of getting in and getting out. In fact, my father and I were 20 minutes late to our appointment. We sat down and within 5 minutes I was in my room waiting to get X-rays. Overall 5/5, 10/10, 100%. It is a great place to be.  (5 Star Review on Yelp from P.P.)

  • I would like to take this opportunity to let you know of a surgeon that is what I consider a Rock Star in the orthopedic world.  His name is Dr. Paul Sethi.

    About four years ago, I started to have trouble with my right elbow. I couldn’t fully extend or contract my right arm. Since I am right handed, this was causing a major problem. After many visits with the orthopedic staff at the West Haven VA and three attempted surgeries that were postponed or canceled due to various reasons, it was suggested that I make an appointment with Dr . Sethi. They told me, however, that he was only at the VA once every several months. So I made the appointment and waited. Finally, after several months, I was able to meet with him. He is the only doctor I have ever met who told me straight up what he could and couldn’t do for me. He said he couldn’t guarantee that I would get full range of motion back but he could make it better than it was. At that time, I had 30 degrees at full extension and 105 at full contraction. It was starting to be painful.  I have a fishing outreach program for my fellow veterans where I teach them how to fish. The condition was starting to affect my fishing. Paul said he could make it better. Surgery was finally scheduled for November 21, 2017. After doing research I found out that Dr. Sethi is one of the most highly talented and respected orthopedic surgeons in the country.  I wanted him to do my surgery.

    After four years of disappointment and pain, it was definitely worth the wait!! Dr. Sethi was able to get me my full range of motion back. I now have zero degrees at full extension and 130 degrees at full contraction. I cannot be more pleased and grateful to him. We are lucky to have such a gifted, skilled and generous surgeon here at the VA. I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Sethi.  He really is a Rock Star!! Because of Dr. Sethi, I have normal use of my right arm and a better life! (Letter from patient J.K.)

  • Dr. Sethi and the entire support team at ONS are amazing! From my initial consult, to the surgery, to the rehabilitation period … they set the gold standard for medical care! Everyone I interacted with was an attentive listener, informative, and appeared to genuinely care about my recovery. I had a biceps tendon rupture repair five months ago which was performed at their Stamford surgical facility, which was state-of-art. (5 Star Review on Google from J.K.)

  • I went to Dr. Sethi as I had been experiencing shoulder and bicep pain for some time. Dr. Sethi and team surgically repaired both my rotator cuff and torn bicep (as well as removing a bone spur near my rotator cuff). While the first couple of months of recovery were difficult, I am now fully recovered at 9 months and my shoulder / bicep have never felt better. Dr. Sethi is a great doctor and surgeon and answered all questions I had along the way. I would highly recommend him to anyone as you will be in excellent hands. (5 Star Review on Google from R.F.)

  • Good bedside manners, extremely knowledgeable. Nice staff. Especially Florence. (5 Star Review on Google from E.W.)

  • Dr. Sethi is amazing. He did a phenomenal job for my son helping him get over a baseball injury that HSS gave up on. I strongly recommend him. (5 Star Review on Google from O.C.)

  • The Best Doctor/Patient experience I have ever had. Went to him as a 2nd opinion for a partial ACL tear. He laid out ALL the options and was very knowledgeable with all my questions. I have FULL CONFIDENCE and have recommended him to others. They All love his Work!! (5 Star Review on Google from D.T.)

  • I went to see Dr. Paul Sethi for a second opinion regarding a small rotator cuff tear on my left shoulder. My sister recommended Dr. Sethi as he repaired her shoulder a few years before. I was so impressed by Dr. Sethi that I decided to have him perform the surgery. During surgery it was discovered that my tear was massive. After seeing the images of the tear, it’s amazing that Dr. Sethi was even able to repair my rotator cuff. I went for my three month follow up today and I am at 100%. My friends at the gym who have had the same injury and surgery as me can’t believe what I am able to do at just three months. Most of my friends are not where I am and it’s been a few years since they had their surgery. I tell everyone that I had the most amazing surgeon. Dr. Sethi originally told me that it would take about nine months to lift my arm straight up and I am able to do that in less than three months. I recently sent my daughter to Dr. Sethi for knee pain she was experiencing. When she came home, she told me that she was also impressed by his bedside manner and the care she received from him. Dr. Sethi has the most amazing bedside manner and truly makes you feel as if you are in good hands. He will take care of you and you don’t need to worry about anything. I also want to say that the staff at ONS is truly professional. The staff does an amazing job in scheduling their appointments. I have never had to wait in the waiting room and usually go right in to see the doctor. I can’t say enough about Dr. Sethi and ONS. (5 Star review on Google from D.C.)

  • Dr Paul Sethi did a great job on my shoulder. I tore my long head bicep tendon and my rotator cuff was a mess. I work construction, played baseball, coached little league etc. I’m 60 now. DR. Sethi was my 3rd opinion and gave me the most confidence. Operation turned out great! He repaired it all! I have no more pain now that I’m back working, working out and throwing baseballs to my grandkids !!! He’s the best !!! (5 Star review on Google by R.V.)

  • I am a 45-yo female competitive rower. I’d been having trouble with my right shoulder for 18 months. After a year of applying every plausible alternative therapy to avoid surgery, I succumbed to the reality. There was no question in my mind that Dr. Sethi would do my surgery. He’d operated on a few fellow athletes and has a sterling reputation for both outcomes and manner. He delivered beyond my expectations in all respects. As a fellow athlete himself, he really understood the unique considerations of my life and the specifics of my individual sport. He warned me that going from my usual athleticism to no activity would have psychiatric effects. That warning came to mind when I started catching myself randomly crying when my kids didn’t put away their laundry or I saw videos of puppies and babies on my Facebook feed. I realized what was going on and that helped tremendously. He anticipated that I’d be eager to get back to my sport and have a propensity to try to “over-achieve” the process or not rely on others for help. He sternly warned me that some of the character qualities that serve me as an athlete would be liabilities in recovery. That warning changed the way I considered my choices. We had a detailed discussion about the potential repairs that could be made and the trade-offs that would accompany a faster recovery and less extensive repair. After that discussion, I elected for a “one-and-done” approach. He ended up repairing my bicep, labrum and rotator cuff. He also removed a very large bone spur that was sitting on top of my rotator cuff. I did my PT with ONS as well. As always, they were stellar. But here’s the punchline. He said the soonest he would be willing to have any kind of conversation about my return to rowing would be 5 months post-op. I accepted that and adjusted my expectations. At every appointment, he was very pleased with my recovery. I then thought, “Cool. I should be good to go at 5 months.” At my 3 month post-op, he concluded my exam with the following statement. “I can’t think of any reason why you can’t return to rowing.” “What? Are you serious? What restrictions?” “Don’t do anything stupid.” I got back on the erg and haven’t had any problems. Went back to full time training and after about a month also started performance training. When we got back on the water, I found out that I could still even hold the full weight of one end of a quad by myself. No problems with the shoulder. I’ve asked physical therapists and others how the heck I healed so quickly. The main theme of their answer is “surgeon skill.” (5 Star review on Google by J.S.)

  • One of the best around. Fixed up my knee perfectly from a severe football injury. Got me back on the field when no one thought I would be able to. Outstanding doctor, but even better person. Highly recommend to anyone. (5 Star review from P.)

  • Dr. Sethi repaired my torn rotator cuff and his suggestion to use the ice machine on my shoulder post-surgery worked miracles. I have only taken 1 painkiller on the day of post-surgery and didn’t need any more. The ONS PT and Dr. Sethi definitely made my recovery easier as well. Very happy with his professionalism as well as his entire ONS facility and staff.  (5 Star review on Google by T.H.)

  • I had shoulder pain for a couple of years, knowing that eventually rotator cuff surgery would be necessary. Dr. Sethi at ONS was fantastic, helping me with PT and exploring non-surgical options, and understood my reservations and concerns. Once the last cortisone shot wore off we scheduled surgery for December 2017. He cautioned me that for six weeks I would curse him but in six months I would praise him. 20 weeks after surgery I was hitting golf balls, in far less pain than before the surgery – I don’t even need the Advil and Aleve I used to use. I can’t recommend Dr. Sethi and ONS more highly! (5 star review left on the ONS Facebook page by J.F.)

  • Dr Sethi helped saved our son’s chances of getting into college after a very bad meniscus tear. We are forever grateful for the care and his expertise in correcting the problem. He always made my son a priority, giving our son his full attention, and I’m sure he puts the same effort into every patient. Thank you very much for everything, we look forward to seeing our son back on the court this season. We hope we never have to return, but if we do, we know we are in the best hands. ( 5 star review on Yelp from J.P. in Easton, CT)

  • Dr. Sethi is kind and compassionate and inspires confidence. From the very first appointment, through surgery and recovery, he proved to be an expert in his field. (Five star review on Healthgrades from D. in Bedford, NY)

  • Dr. Sethi is an amazing doctor, and a really nice guy. He operated on my knee and my daughter’s shoulder. Both procedures had a perfect outcome!  He has a wonderful bedside manner and really cares about his patients. He explained everything and took the time to answer my questions. I highly recommend Dr. Sethi. (5 Star review on Healthgrades by S.B. of Rye, NY)

  • Dr Paul Sethi is a wonderful person and a fine surgeon! His office is run efficiently and is always on time. Dr. Sethi is generous with his time and answers all the questions and concerns I have. I am very grateful to Dr. Sethi for giving me a new shoulder! I would recommend him to my friends and family! (5 Star review on Healthgrades by B.F. of New York, NY)

  • I had rotator cuff surgery in October 2016. Dr. Sethi was not only professional and knowledgeable, he was the most caring doctor I’ve ever met. Post surgery pain was minimal… 3 months later I am 99% better. I cannot say enough about him and his staff. (Comment from Health Grades)

  • I was fortunate to have Dr. Sethi with my two knee surgeries. I love the way he treats his patients, takes his time to explain, and makes sure you understand the problem and the options you have. Very knowledgeable and trustworthy. The prospect of surgery is never pleasant, however, Dr. Sethi and his team made the experience enjoyable. Very thankful! (comment from RateMD)

  • Ready for my 50+ tennis career, all thanks to Dr. Sethi. He’s amazing and gave me a high degree of confidence through the entire process. Thank you! (comment from RateMD)

  • I wish every doctor had the bedside manner of Dr. Paul Sethi. Thank you so much! (Patient Survey)

  • ONS is the best! My family and I would not go anywhere else. Dr. Sethi and Dr. Miller are top shelf. I refer everyone to go to ONS. (Patient Survey)

  • This is one of the best experiences I have ever had in a doctor’s office. The people were GREAT, and the process was VERY quick and virtually painless. I would definitely recommend your office to my friends and family. I give you all the best! (RJB)

  • Dr. Sethi has consistently been attentive, professional, competent, timely, and just an absolute pleasure to work with. My shoulder surgery was a huge success and he supported me through every step of the process. I couldn’t recommend him highly enough! (Patient Survey)

  • My experience with the entire ONS practice is nothing short of exceptional. The doctors are beyond caring and are professional and respectful of my time which is almost unheard of these days. I recommend your facility for both Dr. Heftler and Dr. Sethi to anyone wanting fantastic quality and care. (Patient Survey)

  • Dr. Sethi was amazing and caring. He listened to all of my concerns and fears. He spent time talking with me and had a wonderful bedside manner with my daughter. I would recommend Dr. Sethi to anyone because not only is he great, but the staff is exceptional as well. I truly appreciate everything that was done for my daughter in the office and at the time of surgery. When  I called after the surgery my call was returned immediately. Thank you all for taking such good care of my daughter. It means the world to me that she was in such good hands. All the best to all of you. (Patient Survey)

  • I chose to go to Greenwich for Dr. Sethi because his reputation is superior to anyone in the city. He is the most sympathetic, wonderful man. My friends can’t believe my incredible recovery. I highly recommend him to anyone. (MP)

  • William McHale: Getting Back in the Game

    Will McHale Paul Sethi MD
    William McHale with ONS Orthopedic Surgeon, Sports Medicine Specialist Paul Sethi, MD who has provided orthopedic care for Will since the 7th grade.

    The doctors at ONS have always been my resource for orthopedic issues. I met Dr. Paul Sethi when I broke my ankle playing football in 7th grade. In high school I broke my wrist and had a number of other strains and sprains, each time, returning to ONS. Dr. Paul Sethi is a sports medicine doctor who has an athlete’s mentality when it comes to treatments and recovery. He has a balanced view of treating an injury thoroughly and properly- while understanding the urgency of getting the athlete back to the game as soon as possible.

    I played linebacker for Yale University and started in 30 consecutive games between my sophomore year and the end of my senior year. In my senior year though, I tore the labrums in both of my shoulders. It was so bad that I had to wear a restrictive brace to keep my shoulders from slipping out of the socket during games. I couldn’t do most of the upper body weight training regime. It was rough. I had to get them repaired. On top of everything, I was under pressure to recover in time for my Pro Day in front of NFL scouts.

    McHale Push Up Position
    Will McHale – post shoulder surgery.

    The surgeries went great. Dr. Sethi found more damage than originally showed on the MRIs.  Afterward, did physical therapy three to four times a week. By four months post surgery, I was able to do most of the prescribed exercises and my shoulders felt back to normal. I regained all my strength between six and seven months after surgery.

    Dr. Sethi was completely sensitive to my goal to perform well on my Pro Day, and he worked with me to set up an aggressive rehab schedule. I was able to return to play with complete confidence in the strength of my shoulders, and I haven’t had any issues with them since! The result was that my Pro Day went great, and I was invited to Minicamp with the New Orleans Saints! I just returned from playing professional football in France and played at 110%! (WM)

  • “Paul is an amazing orthopedist. I went to 3 orthopedists and physiatrists who told me there was nothing wrong with my knees….” read more on YELP from R.P.

  • Dr. Sethi: Thank you so much for everything you have done to help me reach my dream of playing at Elon. I can’t tell you how much your words of encouragement have meant to me this past year. (CG)

  • “Hi Dr. Sethi– Shoulder feels great. Scored on a 75-yard bomb on our first play of the season. Thanks for all you did for me.”

  • Dr. Sethi: Just a small a word to tell you thanks for all you’ve done for [my son.] Not only have you repaired him physically, but emotionally as well. I am eternally grateful to you for your genuine interest in my son. (LG)

  • Dr. Sethi– You would never believe what I can do with my arm (shoulder) now!!! (AP)

  • Dr. Sethi– Thank you for providing your expertise and service. You performed a ACL replacement, OAT’s procedure, and meniscectomy on my left knee. As a veteran and college student of limited means…thank you for your medical service. (MZL)