Paul J. Apostolides, MD


  • Dr. Apostolides is a great doctor! He is extremely professional, compassionate and knowledgeable. He was very thorough with his examination, reviewed my spine xrays and MRI, clearly explained my diagnosis of lumbar stenosis and all the treatment options. Dr. Apostolides and his staff are wonderful and the office is very comfortable and welcoming. Dr. Apostolides has my highest recommendation! (5 Star Review on Google from P.T.)

  • Flat out the best in the medical field, Kind, compassion, great follow up, Great bed side manner. Really cares and top of his trade. (5 Star Review on Healthgrades)

  • Dr. Paul Apostolides was a very nice doctor and his staff too. He is very professional and he helped me as much as he could and helped me understand my problem. Thanks so much doctor. (5 Star Review on Google from M.M.)

  • Dear Dr. Apostolides, you gave me hope. Then, you repaired my broken body and gave me new life (I’m walking 1/2 hour, 3 times per day!). Thanks again. (DMT)

  • Top in his skills, knowledge and manner, along with his partner, Dr. Amory Fiore, the two of them make an incredible winning team. They have operated on me with astounding results, and if I could give them both a rating of 100 stars, I would be happy. Dr. Apostolides exudes great confidence in his patients and you know he will perform his surgery brilliantly, which he always does. There is a reason he has such a fine reputation and it is well deserved. He and Dr. Fiore are both top in my book. (comment from RateMD)

  • Dr. Apostolides is an absolutely wonderful doctor. I would never go anywhere else. I give him 5 stars and he is simply the best of the best!! (Patient Survey)

  • I have been a patient of ONS for the past two years. I have had two major back surgeries with Dr. Apostolides, several injections from Dr. Kessel, two MRI‘s and multiple x-rays. From the very first day of visiting ONS in Greenwich, I experienced the most respectful and courteous staff of any medical office in my entire life.

    Being greeted at the front desk by well-dressed and helpful security was the first sign that I knew I was going to have the best care. The second floor staff are superior in their handling of patients, not to mention promptly moving patients into the doctor’s exam room. The doctors are top notch and take as much time as needed to answer all questions. Their assistants are well-trained and equally respectful of patients and their families.

    Barbara and Madelyn are exceptional in scheduling necessary procedures and surgeries. Sommre is also easy to work with and very helpful. The desk staff on all three floors are friendly and happy to assist.

    I understand that all staff are interchangeable, which is a unique feature of any medical facility. This most definately adds to their skill level.

    I am writing to express my thanks for a well-organized and smooth operation. My family and I thank you for putting together a wonderful professional group of doctors, nurses, assistants and staff. (DR)

  • Dr. Apostolides –  Thank you so much for finding the time to come and celebrate my grandmother’s 102nd birthday with us. We were so pleased to see you. You are a very special person to both of us and we know that ‘Amy’ would not have had the quality of life and additional years if she had not had the surgery that you so skillfully performed. Thank you again for joining us for this joyful celebration. (RB)

  • Dr. Apostolides: Thank you so much for believing in my mother almost 10 years ago in 2003. She is still doing great at 89!! I just recommended you to a friend and it brought me back to realizing how you changed the trajectory of her and our lives. My mom had become a body filled with pain and anger, with litttle of her true personality left. I was having the last grandchild and worried that my daughter would never come to know what a wonderful Grandmother she had. You came along and told her that at 81, you would get her back on the tennis court! The other doctors just told her she was old and “this is what happens.” You got her back on the court!! (ES)

  • Dr. Apostolides– For over fifteen years, Darien High School computer technology trainer R.C. frequently suffered from back and leg pain. After a while, household projects became more and more difficult and by the time he was 58, he was easily fatigued and having difficulty walking short distances. Eventually, riding in a car was agonizing and he could no longer enjoy his favorite hobby, working on cars.

    After consulting chiropractors, orthopaedic surgeons and neurosurgeons as well as following programs of physical therapy and exercise, he went to see Dr. Paul Apostolides, a neurosurgeon recommended to him by his brother-in-law.

    “Upon reading my MRI, he explained that my problem was due to severe spinal stenosis and spondylolisthesis or slip-of-the-bone,” said R.C. “The spinal canal had severely narrowed putting pressure on the spinal nerves which caused my leg pain. In addition, one vertebra had slipped in front of the other and was moving abnormally, causing my back pain. Fortunately, there was a surgery that could help me.”

    Dr. Apostolides with Dr. Amory Fiore, performed a laminectomy to widen the spinal canal and decompress the spinal nerves. Then, an instrumentation and fusion were performed to treat the instability using titanium screws and rods, medical grade plastic inter-body cages and bone graft.

    R.C.’s recovery was steady through a post-operative routine of physical therapy and a home exercise program. He returned to his job after a two and a half month break to recuperate. Six months later, R.C. and his wife made a three-week trip to China and climbed the Great Wall. “I could never have made the trip before the surgery. It gave me my life back. I feel great!” he said. (RC)

  • Dr. Apostolides– Stamford resident K.O. was 17 when she was in a roll-over car accident that severely injured her neck. Dr. Paul Apostolides was on call that night and remembers meeting K.O. in the Greenwich Hospital ER, “She was awake, alert, scared and in a lot of pain. Fortunately, she was able to move her arms and legs.” X-rays revealed multiple fractures of the cervical spine.

    When K.O.’s parents arrived, they learned their daughter’s broken neck could result in long-term pain, loss of feeling, or even permanent paralysis in her limbs. “After reviewing numerous MRIs, CTs, and x-rays, Dr. Apostolides explained that he would have to virtually reconstruct Kimberly’s neck,” recalled K.O.’s mother Lorraine. “His assessment of her condition was tough to hear, although he was optimistic about her chances for recovery.”

    Dr. Apostolides and Dr. Amory Fiore performed the operation, which required decompressing the spinal cord and nerves and realigning, stabilizing and fusing together four adjacent vertebrae in the lower cervical spine using titanium plates, screws and rods and bone graft.

    After surgery, K.O. was placed in a cervical brace to support the neck while it healed. Her recovery was steady and six and a half weeks later, she left for her freshman year in college.

    “The surgery exceeded all expectations,” said Lorraine. “I can’t imagine what would have happened if Dr. Apostolides hadn’t walked into the emergency room that night.” (KO)