Mark Camel, MD


  • This note is in continuing appreciation of Dr. Mark Camel’s skills (communication, bedside and surgical). He completely resolved acute, incapacitating pain with a very successful microdiscectomy. He and his team at the surgery center – and all of the team at ONS were extraordinary. From diagnoses, to exploring options, second opinions, the surgery and the recovery were highly professional, suitably quick and a good as new result. Thank you. (5 Star Review on Healthgrades from V.S., Naples, FL)

  • Dr. Camel did the job and I was walking within a week. Takes the time to explain in detail what the issues are and what he’s going to do to fix it. (Five star review on Healthgrades by D.M. of Boca Raton, FL)

  • Dr. Camel is an outstanding professional. Incredibly knowledgeable, very easy to approach and straightforward about conditions/options. (comment from Health Grades)

  • Dr. Camel performed a fusion on my neck 15 years ago. He was diligent and sent me to PT first, and did not resort to surgery right away. Although he told me if that helped, it would probably help for about 2 years, and I would then in all likelihood need surgery. Almost 2 years to the day, I was back and he did the surgery. My entire experience from beginning to end was excellent. I was in unbearable pain prior to the surgery. I have been completely 100% ever since. I am so very thankful. (comment from Health Grades)

  • I would highly recommend Dr. Camel to anyone I know. He is a kind, confident and thorough surgeon. The hospital he is associated with, Greenwich Hospital is just by far the best hospital I have been to. What a team, thank you! (comment from Health Grades)

  • These doctors have saved my life 2 times. Originally it was Dr. Camel and this time happened to be Dr. Fiore. I always send my friends and family the ONS information and tell them how great the practice is. Thank you once again! (Patient Survey)

  • Everyone is always so professional …and Dr. Camel and Sommre are the best!..thanks for everything. (TC)

  • Dr. Camel – Exactly one year ago today I woke up from my spinal fusion surgery and I’m still feeling perfect! I am thankful every single day that I wake up free from pain…thanks and gratitude for giving me back my life. (CM)

  • I just had to check in with you all…I am doing so well! I have truly not felt this well in as long as I can remember. Having the spinal fusion surgery has changed my life in so many ways. I have lost 50 pounds since my surgery and resuming normal activity. I have ZERO pain whatsoever. I haven’t even had so much as a headache since my surgery in July. I feel about 10-15 years younger, minimally. I can never thank Dr. Camel, physical therapist Fey and all of the associates at ONS who helped me to return to a “better than normal” state of health and well-being. I know you guys do this every day; but to me, this was a once-in-a-lifetime “event” that has permanently changed my life for the better in myriad ways. THANK YOU ALL, once again! (CM)

  • Dr. Camel– At 86 years of age, E.B. of State College, PA is a healthy and active woman, accustomed to an independent lifestyle that includes gardening, volunteer work and traveling. She awoke one morning with considerable pain in her back and right leg. The previous afternoon she had spent raking and pulling weeds in her garden and her physician in Pennsylvania concluded that she had badly strained a muscle. The pain grew worse over time and after five weeks of physical therapy and pain medication, her condition had deteriorated significantly. Searing pain shot into her right thigh whenever she attempted to bear weight on it and she could no longer walk without leaning on a walker. Climbing stairs was all but impossible.

    With great difficulty, E.B. traveled to Westchester County to visit her daughters for Thanksgiving. They brought her to ONS to see Dr. Mark Camel. Upon reading an MRI of her lower back, he determined that the source of her pain was pressure on the spinal nerve created by a ruptured disc. A 45-minute procedure called a discectomy could end her suffering.

    She underwent the operation to remove disc fragments and material from the damaged disc. By the afternoon on the day of surgery she was up and walking with less difficulty, and in less than two weeks she was walking and climbing stairs unassisted.

    “What a relief,” said E.B. “I had become so disabled, that I was really concerned I might lose my independence. The surgery was as successful as Dr. Camel predicted and it exceeded my expectations. I only wish I’d had it done sooner.” (E.B.)