Christopher Sahler, MD


  • Dr Sahler puts you at ease immediately and explains everything really well. My procedure today was a little nerve racking for me but everything went so smoothly and I didn’t feel any pain at all. He’s awesome. (5 Star Review on Healthgrades from S.G. in Stamford, CT)

  • Great visit. I came in because of pain in my upper back/neck. Dr. Sahler was friendly and concerned and spent time asking me questions about my sports activity and lifestyle. After having me x-rayed, he was really great about showing me the x-rays on his laptop and clearly walking me through what the issue was (it was ligament-related in my neck…a sprain). It was also good that he showed me what was healthy + good about my spine too. We then talked about simple lifestyle changes. (5 Star Review on Healthgrades)

  • Doctor is a good listener, thorough regarding review my case and explained treatment & follow up very professionally.(5 Star Review on Healthgrades from Dr. H in Redding, CT)

  • Dr. Sahler is very compassionate, listens to you, works with you to plan treatment. (5 star review on Healthgrades from P.B. in Wilton, CT)

  • Dr. Sahler has provided exceptionally good care taking patience and gave a long view in tracking down and treating residual pain after back surgery. He provided as much art and detective work as traditional medicine. I am grateful that he has stayed with the chosen course because with each treatment, the pain is less and I become closer to getting my old life back. (Patient Survey)

  • Dr. Sahler was very knowledgeable and helpful!!! (Patient Survey)

  • Dr. Sahler is incredible! I was in a ton of pain and it felt like I was being stabbed in my back every time I got out of the car and up from my desk. I had fluoroscopic lumbar spin injections at the new surgery center  and felt immediate relief during the procedure. I had full relief within a few days!!! ONS has a great group of doctors and a wonderful support staff!!! I proudly and gladly call the the doctors at ONS MY Doctors!!! RV-C (Facebook)

  • I want to thank Dr. Sahler for the tremendous job he did giving my daughter an injection and taking the time and effort to have a heart to heart talk with her. In my experience, most doctors wouldn’t take the time to do that, usually next in line is right at the door. She really had a connection with him and I wanted to make sure all of the time that he gave us was very much appreciated. (D.S.)