Brian F. Kavanagh, MD


  • I’ve been `doctored’ on all seven continents, and was fortunate enough to be in the US and have Dr Kavanaugh recommended for surgery on my left hip. The operation was seamlessly uncomplicated (he changed the date, at some inconvenience to himself, to accommodate my shift in schedule), and his cool explanations and guidance were mercifully succinct and understandable. Considering myself very lucky to have been his patient, I’m gratefully walking without a cane even over rough ground at three months out. Thank you! (5 Star Review on Google by John L.)

  • Dr. Kavanagh: My total knee replacement went unbelievably well including pre-surgery visits walking unassisted in two weeks, and post-surgery appointments. It was the best medical experience that I have been through. To me, his quadriceps sparing surgery should be required. Physical therapists, other doctors and friends were all amazed at my recovery. My primary care doctor said it took longer for him to recover from his hip replacement, which is known to have a much easier recovery. Office staff is superb. (5 Star review on Healthgrades from Ron in Oxford, CT)

  • Dr. Kavanagh performed two total knee replacement surgeries for my grandmother recently, after she was crippled by pain and discomfort due to severe arthritis. It was truly an exceptional experience from the first meeting until her last checkup. Dr. Kavanagh is a brilliant, world class surgeon and our experience could not have been better. Both times she was up on the same day, and recovered very quickly. Dr. Kavanagh is the best in the field and we are very grateful for his effort and care. (5 Star review on Healthgrades from Tatyana in Stamford, CT)

  • Dr. Kavanagh is a remarkable surgeon.  He was very communicative throughout my whole knee replacement process – from our first consultation to all the follow-up visits after surgery.  My family and I always felt comfortable sharing our questions and concerns, and his skill as a surgeon is incomparable.  Before the replacement, my knee was so painful I could barely walk.  Now, merely months after surgery with Dr. Kavanagh, I feel like myself again and can enjoy chasing after my grandchildren once more.  He is truly an angel; I can’t thank him enough. (Patient comment from Almaz G. in  CT)

  • Dr. Kavanagh is nothing short of phenomenal.  He performed my hip replacement surgery 16 years ago, and the outcome was so good I can’t even remember which hip it was.  In May, I turned to Dr. Kavanagh for a knee replacement.  I had heard that this would be a very painful procedure and difficult recovery, but that was not at all the case.  I felt discomfort but no real pain.  I didn’t need any narcotics for pain.  What’s more, when I began rehabilitation I was told that I was quite farther ahead in the healing process than most knee replacement patients.   It was the most incredible experience.  I want everyone to know that you don’t need to go to a big city orthopedic practice to get world class care.  Dr. Kavanagh and all the specialists at ONS are the best of the best. (personal testimonial from Ron T. from Armonk, NY)

  • Dr. Kavanagh is an amazing surgeon. I had a very bad knee case (90% percentile) and needed a total knee replacement. I interviewed three top surgeons in my area and picked Dr. Kavanagh because he explained his point of view on the procedure and was attentive to my questions. He used a minimally invasive technique when applicable which leaves less tissue damage, nerve damage and no muscle cutting and a smaller scar. It’s harder to perform but he feels the patients benefit. I did!  (5 star review on Healthgrades from Marylisa, Wilton, CT)

  • Dr. Kavanagh is an excellent surgeon. I interviewed three different orthopedic doctors for my total knee replacement surgery and he was the only doctor who could do the minimally invasive option which means he doesn’t cut muscles and has less tissue and nerve damage. It is a harder surgery to perform and health insurance doesn’t pay him any more. He does it because he genuinely cares about his patients well-being and recovery. He was also the only doctor I met with that was explained the type of knee implants. I got a rotating platform knee which mimics the natural gait of women. The other two orthopedic surgeons only implanted fixed knees. This allows only one movement and will eventually show more wear than a joint with multiple frames of movement. Do your research before a major surgery. Find out about types of implant, size of scar, follow up care, complication rates, how many surgeries the doctor performs per year…etc. I had a long list of questions that were all answered without condescension. Dr. Kavanagh was patient and thorough.  (5 star review on Google from Marylisa S.)

  • I am a 62 yo male. My minimally invasive TKR was done at Greenwich Hospital in Oct 2016. Within 10 days I had full range of motion (0 – 140), and walking w/o a walker in less than 2 weeks. Four weeks post surgery I was walking w/o a cane. Here I am at just under 4 months and my knee feels great, with only a little stiffness from sitting for long periods of time. Dr. Kavanagh is a highly competent surgeon, and his minimally invasive approach makes a huge difference with recovery time. Highly Recommended! (Comment from Health Grades)

  • Dr. Kavanagh had a direct and logical approach to everything concerning my TKA. I was never in any doubt as to the intelligence and competence of him, his staff, and his operating team. (comment from Health Grades)

  • I am happy to be walking again! (Patient Survey)

  • A note of thank you to Dr. Kavanagh and all of the staff of ONS. Truly very professional with personality and care for the patients. Thank you for all of your kindness! (Patient Survey)

  • Dr. Kavanagh -I just wanted to thank you for so many things, your kindness, your generosity with your time, and your well honed professionalism. I am so happy to know you are on the other end of my hip and back saga. (MM)

  • Dr. Kavanagh–  (I’m writing) in appreciation for the artistry with which you replaced my hips and knees over the last 4 years, I would like to give you a sample of my art. As one craftsman to another. (NB)

  • Dr. Kavanagh and “The Kavanagh Team”- You and your team gave me a total right knee replacement on 01-10-12 (six months ago) at Greenwich Hospital. I am a new man! You and your entire team gave me the greatest gift, the ability play competitive sports again and to keep up with my wife! Five months after the operation I have no pain and no stiffness. I am almost back to my former level of tennis, but it’s a mind game, my knee is fine, but my mind still hesitates on instinctive shots. My tennis partners are amazed at my level of play with a new knee. My wife and I went on a cruise to Europe in May and I was able to take every excursion rated “rigorous”. A wonderful experience thanks to you and your team! Also, my wife and I walk our new Black Lab Rescue puppy on a 20 / 25 minute walk every morning and every evening, pain free! Finally, while I am delighted with no pain, my wife loves the compliments that my scar is near invisible and she also likes the idea that I can shop longer and complain less. You are the “Best!” (JO)


  • Dear Dr. Kavanagh– And I do mean “Dear.” You may remember that nearly twenty-five years ago, you performed hip replacement surgery on my right hip. The replacement has been functioning perfectly for all of those years and seems to be continuing that pattern. May I add that my son, John Silker, who was injured in a motorcycle accident at about that same time that I had my hip surgery, is doing very well thanks to your outstanding and careful medical attention. Again, we want to thank you for that attention to detail. (NS)

  • Dr. Kavanagh– C.C. of Greenwich was just 49 when she began to feel intermittent pain in her right knee. Occasionally the joint would even lock in place. Eventually, the pain worsened. She consulted her doctor who told her it was probably arthritis, which is prevalent in her family. X-rays of her knee did not reveal any irregularities so she tried to continue with life as usual. When the pain elevated to “sharp and shooting,” she made an appointment to see Dr. Brian Kavanagh at ONS. He ordered another set of x-rays and the new images revealed that, in fact, no cartilage remained between the bones in her knee. “Dr. Kavanagh explained that the condition of my knee would not improve,” said C.C. “Sooner or later, I would need a knee replacement.” C.C. had the surgery and remained in Greenwich Hospital for three and a half days, followed by seven days in a rehabilitation center. Her progress was steady. By the time she came home, she was walking without a walker or cane. “I did physical therapy three times a week, which was tough work but the continual progress was very motivating.” After six months C.C. was completely recovered and back doing all her normal activities. (CC).

  • It’s been 6 months since you replaced my right hip. I just wanted you to know that I feel great. I am doing great and I have added 20 yards to my drives off the tees!!! Thanks again Dr. Kavanagh. (JC)