ONS Physician Spotlight on Dr. Alex Levchenko

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What is your own practice philosophy?   

I believe in getting my patients involved in their care by providing them with an accurate diagnosis and thorough explanation of their condition. With this collaborative process I can develop a treatment plan with the highest probability of success for the best outcome.  

What made you choose to become a physiatrist?  

I have been passionate about exercise and fitness all my life. Once I learned about the field of Physiatry and how it addresses the physical function of the whole body, it was a naturally choice for me. There is great satisfaction in returning someone to doing the things they love.  

What trends in your specialty area do you see emerging?  

I see more widespread use of regenerative medicine, that is using the body’s own healing properties to treat pain and inflammation. For example, ultrasound image-guided musculoskeletal injections including Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and stem cell injections are growing in use for both musculoskeletal and spine disorders to target treatments directly to problem areas.   

How do you stay current in your field?  

Being double board certified in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (PM&R) and Pain Medicine, I maintain educational requirements for each. I am also an active member and fellow of American Academy of PM&R, member of Spine Intervention Society, American Osteopathic College of PM&R and American Osteopathic Association, I attend yearly conferences and follow peer-reviewed research and publications closely to learn about the latest research and advances.  

Outside of work, what are your personal interests?  Levchenko-skiing

My work interests carry over into my personal interests and I enjoy exercising and being mindful of my overall fitness and wellbeing.  I am also an avid skier and I look forward to sharing my passion for skiing with my daughter. I enjoy traveling to the mountains in the winter and to the seaside in the summer.  My father was a music teacher so I have enjoyed music my entire life. Now I have the pleasure of sharing daily piano sessions with my daughter.