ONS Spine Center

Leaders in minimally invasive and outpatient spine surgery.

If you are experiencing back or neck pain or if you have arm or leg pain, numbness or weakness, you may require treatment for a spinal disorder. The ONS Spine Center is made up of a team of highly-skilled and experienced neurosurgeons who specialize in the full spectrum of both operative and non-operative spine treatments.  The Spine Center experts have been leaders in minimally-invasive and outpatient spine procedures for more than 20 years and have been recognized as the top in their field by the Castle Connolly national ranking agency.

ONS Spine Center Physicians

From diagnostic imaging to physical therapy, therapeutic spinal injections to the most advanced in-hospital and outpatient surgical techniques including Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery, our Spine Center offers premier and comprehensive spine care. The vast majority of ONS patients are treated successfully by non-surgical means, however, if surgery is the best option, your physician will be the one who performs your surgery, not a resident or fellow.  The ONS philosophy centers on a team approach.  Patients are matched to the physician specialist best suited for their condition.

Symptoms of Back or Spine Conditions

Symptoms of a back or spinal medical condition are varied and many are not an indication of a serious problem. However, if you experience any of the following back pain symptoms, you should seek the advice of a qualified neurosurgeon.

  • Severe or shooting pain in your back
  • Pain, weakness, or numbness in an arm or leg
  • Pain that wakes you in the night
  • Any of the above symptoms in association with difficulty urinating or with bowel movements.

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