Seminar Presentations

ONS physicians frequently speak to community organizations, parent associations, athletic groups and more about the area of their expertise.  Below are some PowerPoint presentations that have accompanied some recent seminars given by ONS specialists.

 The Well Balanced Student Athlete

Other Presentations

Anterior Hip Replacement – Dr. Jonathan Berliner

Arthritis Treatments for Active People – Dr. Demetris Delos

Maintaining Movement – Tatyana Kalyuzhny, DPT, Cert. MDT

Solutions for Shoulder Pain – Dr. Marc Kowalsky

Understanding Back Pain in Young People – Dr. Alex Levchenko

Hand and Wrist Injuries in Children and Adolescents – Dr. David Wei

Youth Sports Safety: Is it a Concussion? – Dr. Scott Simon

Low Back Pain: Uncovering the Truth – Dr. Scott Simon

Youth Sports Safety: Health and Nutrition for the Young Athlete – Dr. Demetris Delos

Youth Sports Safety: The Dangers of Sports Specialization – Dr. Marc Kowalsky

Aging & Exercise – Dr. Marc Kowalsky

Aging and Exercise – Robert Spatz, PT

Exercise for Treating Chronic Pain – Dr. Christopher Sahler

Hip Replacement- Dr. Frank Ennis, Dr. Brian Kavanagh

Leading Edge Treatrment for Knee Pain – Dr. Demetris Delos

Non-operative Solutions for Chronic Knee Pain  – Dr. Alex Levchenko

Personal Trainers: Benefits/Risks of Cardio Exercise & Strength Training on Knee Health

Personal Trainers: Achilles Tendon Injuries

Personal Trainers: Shoulder Injuries in Weight Training

Personal Trainers: Treating Back Pain with Exercise

Physiatry: Medicine’s Best Kept Secret – Fluoroscopy Injections for Back Pain – Dr. Jeffrey Heftler

Physiatry: Medicine’s Best Kept Secret – What is a Physiatrist – Dr. Tamar Kessel

Physiatry: Medicine’s Best Kept Secret – Holistic Approaches – Dr. Alex Levchenko

Physiatry: Medicine’s Best Kept Secret – Exercise, Biomechanics & Ergonomics – Dr. Christopher Sahler

Regenerative Medicine – Dr. Christopher Sahler

Shoulder Replacement – Dr. Seth Miller

Solutions for Foot and Ankle Pain – Dr. Sean Peden

Total Knee Replacement – Dr. Frank Ennis