Ortho Access

We know that the safety and health of your student-athletes is your top priority. We work closely with many coaches and athletic trainers at high schools in Fairfield and Westchester counties to enable student-athletes to recover from injury and return to high school and college sports.

If you are interested in registering your team for ONS Ortho Access, call 203-869-1145, ext. 424 or download the ONS Ortho Access Registration Form.

Who We Are

Our ONS Sports Medicine Team consists of orthopedic surgeons, neurosurgeons, physiatrists, physical therapists, and athletic trainers who are specially trained in sports medicine. Our physicians have worked with numerous professional and youth competitive athletes and have served as team physicians for the LA Dodgers, the New York Giants, the New York Mets, the Denver Broncos, and the Columbia University sports teams.

What We Offer

From mild sprains to severe injury, we see student-athletes every day—often right from the field. We provide comprehensive evaluation and management of all sports-related injuries, both acute and chronic. 

We offer evaluation by a sports medicine physician, on-site MRI, digital X-ray, and physical therapists.

ONS Ortho Access Program

Assessing an athlete’s injury is not always easy when the game is ongoing and concerned parents are looking for answers.

Early evaluation can expedite an athlete’s recovery process. The ONS Ortho Access Program is designed to assist athletic trainers and coaches on the field in determining the best course of action to take during the first crucial moments after an athlete is hurt.

Through ONS Ortho Access, our sports medicine physician team is available by phone seven days a week to help evaluate whether the athlete should be seen at our office on a priority basis, go straight to the hospital ER, or if it is safe to manage them conservatively at home until the next working day. This service is available to athletic trainers and coaches only, at no charge.

Additionally, any athlete with an acute injury who is referred directly by coaches or trainers from schools registered in the Ortho Access program will be seen by an ONS Sports Medicine specialists, regardless of insurance circumstances. The initial visit will be billed to health and school insurance (incident and school insurance forms must be completed). Any cost for the initial visit that is not covered by insurance will not be billed to the familyHowever, the family will be responsible for costs related to future care or diagnostics.

How to Register

Athletic coaches, athletic trainers, and athletic directors interested in registering for Ortho Access to receive the hotline number, please download the ONS Ortho Access Registration Form or call 203-869-1145, ext. 424.