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What is Sports Medicine?

Sports medicine focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of injuries related to sports and exercise.

ONS sports medicine physicians have specialized medical training in the diagnosis and treatment  of injuries that occur during sports and exercise-related activity. After finishing a residency program in another specialty, such as orthopedic surgery or primary care, a sports medicine physician completes a fellowship program in sports medicine.

ONS sports medicine physicians have served as consulting team physicians to many professional teams including the Los Angeles Dodgers and New York Mets and they support local school athletic teams. Our sports medicine specialists treat athletes and non-athletes of all ages and have authored ground-breaking research papers.

Research studies done on athletic conditions and injuries by sports medicine physicians have led to important advances in treatments for orthopaedic conditions in people of all ages and backgrounds. To learn more about ONS sports medicine physicians and their research, visit the physicians’ pages.



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Learn about some of the many sports medicine conditions treated by our team of skilled physicians and about the treatments they use.

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Our doctors have served as consulting team physicians to professional teams including the Los Angeles Dodgers and the New York Mets. They currently provide game coverage to Columbia University Varsity basketball and football, as well as Brunswick School, Greenwich High School, Iona Preparatory School, and others in the region.

If you are an Athletic Director or Athletic Trainer interested in medical coverage, athlete screenings or injury prevention seminars for your team(s), our experienced team physicians can help. Please contact kreilly@onsmd.com for more information or call 203.869.1145, ext 424.


Dr. Paul Sethi
Sports Medicine Specialist Dr. Paul Sethi

ONS Ortho Access, is a service the makes our sports medicine physicians accessible by phone to coaches and trainers in the event of an athlete injury during practice or a game, regardless of the time of day. The Ortho Access team can assist in determining whether the athlete should be seen at our office on a priority basis, go straight to the hospital ER, or if it is safe for the problem to be managed conservatively at home until the next working day. Learn more about Ortho Access.

Sports Medicine Discussion

ONS doctors are team physicians for: