The Risks of At-Home Exercise



If you are one of the many people using virtual exercise classes to stay fit while confined at home, you are putting yourself at risk for a strain, sprain, or inflammatory condition. That is the message ONS Sports Medicine Specialist, Dr. Katherine Vadasdi, delivered during a teleconference with members of the Women’s Business Council of Westchester.

“Whether you are exercising using an app or live streaming a yoga class from your favorite studio, injury prevention is more important than ever,” warned Dr. Vadasdi, “You don’t want to end up with tendinitis or other orthopedic problems at a time like this when it may be difficult to get treatment.”


Dr. Vadasdi, who is the director of the ONS Women’s Sports Medicine Center, noted that in times of stress, people should exercise in moderation and listen to their bodies, particularly if they are doing something new. “Now is not the time to push yourself.  If you feel any pain while doing an exercise, stop doing it.”

Before starting an at-home routine, Dr. Vadasdi advised finding programs that emphasize correct body positioning throughout each individual exercise. That guidance can help reduce the risk of developing inflammation in a joint, muscle or tendon from doing an exercise incorrectly.  Exercises available online from the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS) was one source she recommended. When exercising inside the house, make sure there is enough clear space to do the activity without banging into a coffee table or tripping on a loose area rug.

Dr. Vadasdi noted that while it’s important to find ways to stay healthy and fit during quarantine, people should be equally focused on injury prevention.  “A hospital emergency room is the last place you want to be right now,” she said.

People who suffer a serious musculoskeletal injury who would otherwise seek treatment at an ER, can make an appointment to receive immediate orthopedic diagnosis and treatment at the ONS Greenwich office at 6 Greenwich Office Park.  Non-essential office visits have been temporarily suspended until the COVID-19 crisis is abated. As an added safety measure, all urgent patients, and visitors accompanying them, will be temperature screened upon arrival.  Call 203-869-1145  for an emergency orthopedic appointment.  Patients who wish to consult with an ONS physician on issues that are not truly urgent can schedule a telemedicine appointment by calling the same number.