What is an Amniotic Stem Cell Matrix?

There are more than 225 growth factors and other naturally occurring nutrients in amniotic fluid and amniotic membrane that carry the potential to enhance tissue growth and healing. These nutrient-rich growth factors have powerful proven anti-inflammatory characteristics and accelerate healing by promoting cellular proliferation and new collagen formation.

An Amniotic Matrix is an allograft comprised of human amniotic membrane (HAM), the innermost layer of the placenta. This membrane is acquired from normal full-term, live births from Caesarean sections of mothers who have given consent for this use.

The matrix is applied to an injured site in the body through a small incision. One or two weeks following the procedure, patients typically feel progressive, lasting pain relief until the treatment’s full potential is reached by about six to eight weeks.

As a safe alternative to steroid or surgery, an amniotic stem cell matrix, often used in concert with PRP therapy, may help professional athletes, weekend warriors, and anyone who wants to get on with a life that is free of orthopedic pain.

Is treatment with an Amniotic Matrix effective?

Human amniotic membrane allografts have been used for a variety of reconstructive surgical procedures since the early 1900s.

What you should know about Amniotic Matrix

Because an Amniotic Matrix is designed to stimulate healing through an initial inflammatory response, anti-inflammatory medications such as ibuprofen, naproxen, and aspirin should be stopped at the time of treatment, as they can interfere with the healing process.

Also, amniotic products contain endogenous growth factors, so some agencies consider it to be a performance-enhancing substance.

Key Points to Remember

  • An Amniotic Matrix is an allograft from amniotic membrane donated by a consenting mother following a full-term, live birth.
  • An Amniotic Matrix is a concentrated source of nutrient-rich growth factors and cellular signaling factors that play a significant role in the biology of healing.
  • Basic science studies indicate success in the use of an Amniotic Matrix in healing many damaged tissues and arthritic conditions.
  • Anti-inflammatory medicines should be stopped before and after an Amniotic Matrix procedure, as they may interrupt the healing process.
  • It may take 6 – 8 weeks to feel significant pain relief.
  • In general, regenerative and biologic procedures may not be covered by your insurance. You can speak with an ONS insurance specialist at 203-869-1145, ext. 279.