Insurance Information

Questions About Changes to Your Insurance?

2015 changes to health care insurance can be very confusing! If you have questions about your new or existing insurance, we are here to help. Our insurance specialists will assist you in understanding the deductibles and coverage of your new or existing health care policy. To speak with a specialist call, 203-869-1145, ext. 279.

All ONS physicians currently participate in the following insurances for most products:

Golden Rule
NY Government
Workers Compensation

Following is a table of additional insurances that are accepted by some of our physicians. Please note that not all of the plans offered by these companies are accepted.

Anthem BCBS  
Amory Fiore, MD
Scott Simon, MD


ONS physicians are “unassigned with Medicare”. This means you will be asked to pay for your visit at checkout. We will submit the claim to Medicare for you, then Medicare will send payment for your visit directly to YOU. The fees we charge are based on the Medicare published fee schedule.

Does your insurance plan require an in-Network Referral?

Please check the back of your insurance card and see if there is a box that says In-network Referral Required.  If so, you will need to get an insurance referral from an in-Network Primary Care Physician, a Pediatrician or OBGYN.  Please note, if we verify your insurance and find that you do need a referral, you will not be able to be seen by the doctor until you get one from an in-Network physician.

To speak with a specialist call, 203-869-1145.