Phone Directory

Main number: (203) 869-1145 or (800) 999-9667

If you would like to email a question for your physician or nurse, please register on our secure Patient Portal. Please note that questions for physicians cannot be answered by email due to patient privacy laws.

If you have comments or would like further information about ONS best practices, you may send an email to  Clinical questions or requests cannot be made via email.  Please send all such questions via the secure patient portal.



Appointments 2
Prescription refills 3
Medical records 4
Physical therapy 5
Question for a physician 6
Directions 8
Radiology and MRI copies 422
Worker’s compensation 270
Billing 250
Medicare billing 277
Collections 226
Accounts payable 290
Insurance participation 279
Surgical coordinator for Dr. Delos, Hindman and Nocek 556
Surgical coordinator for Drs. Clain, Crowe, Cunningham, and Vitale 263
Surgical coordinator for Drs. Greene, Miller, Sethi, Vadasdi 264
Surgical coordinator for Drs. Apostolides, Camel, Fiore 604
Surgical coordinator for Drs. Ennis and Kavanagh 265
Coordinator for Drs. Heftler, Cohen, Kessel 293
Director of operations and communications 421
Human Resources 355
ONS @Tully Health Center in Stamford              (203) 487-0363

ONSCG (Orthopaedic and Neurosurgical Center, 55 Holly Hill) billing questions, call Margaret Little at (888) 252-7870, ext 303.


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