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  • Dear Dr. Kavanagh and “The Kavanagh Team”: You and your team gave me a total right knee replacement on 01-10-12 (six months ago) at Greenwich Hospital. I am a new man! You and your entire team gave me the greatest gift, the ability play competitive sports again and to keep up with my wife! I started playing golf, five months after the operation and play 5 or 6 strokes better golf, after the operation, because I have no pain and no stiffness. I also play doubles tennis two or three times a week. I am almost back to my former level of tennis, but it’s a mind game, my knee is fine, but my mind still hesitates on instinctive shots. My tennis partners are amazed at my level of play with a new knee. My wife and I went on a cruise to Europe in May and I was able to take every excursion rated “rigorous”. One excursion was to Mt. St. Michel in France that required a very long walk and then a significant climb with thousands of stairs to reach the top. I had no problems and enjoyed the experience. I was also able to walk on Omaha beach on “Memorial Day” and watch WW II veterans lower the American flag that flies over nine thousand American White Crosses in the cemetery at Normandy. I would have not been able to do that without a new knee. A wonderful experience thanks to you and your team! Also, my wife and I walk our new Black Lab Rescue puppy on a 20 / 25 minute walk every morning and every evening, pain free! Finally, while I am delighted with no pain, my wife loves the compliments that my scar is near invisible and she also likes the idea that I can shop longer and complain less. You are the “Best”!  
    J. O., New Canaan, CT
  • Dear Dr. Kavanagh And I do mean "Dear." You may remember that nearly twenty-five years ago, you performed hip replacement surgery on my right hip. The replacement has been functioning perfectly for all of those years and seems to be continuing that pattern. May I add that my son, John Silker, who was injured in a motorcycle accident at about that same time that I had my hip surgery, is doing very well thanks to your outstanding and careful medical attention. Again, we want to thank you for that attention to detail. We pray that you will continue to have a very long and happy professional life as well as a personal life of happiness and joy.
    N. S. Rochester, MN
  • Dear Dr. Miller, Just to let you know that I am grateful for the excellent surgery you performed on my left shoulder. I feel like I have completely recovered after seven months. Thanks so much for giving me back the use of my shoulder. Looking forward to playing golf again in the spring.
    G. D., Old Greenwich, CT
  • "Dear Dr. Miller, I wanted to take a minute to thank you for the excellent job you did repairing my torn bicep. The surgery and recovery went remarkably well, and I have probably recovered 95% of my strength at this time.  Your entire staff, from your office to Greenwich Hospital, provided nothing but the best of care and service.  Moreover, it was very much appreciated to be able to make a doctor's appointment and actually be taken on time. I would not hesitate to recommend your practice to anyone. Thanks for everything."
    A.G., New York, NY
  • I have had a wonderful experience, everyone is so nice and helpful.
  • Dear Dr. Clain Thank you so much for sending me the hardware that was in my foot! It is sad to think that I won't have to see you anymore to assist with my endless amount of foot problems! Thank you for everything you have done!
    H.H., New Canaan, CT
  • Dr. Hindman, Thank you so so much!
    L.M.K., Stamford, CT
  • Dear, Dr. Greene, It has been 6 weeks since you mended my fractured left clavicle and I continue to make progress in my recovery. I estimate that my range of motion in the shoulder is close to 90% and I am beginning to cautiously build strength in the muscles affected by my injury. I wish you a wonderful wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving, and this year I am especially grateful for having such a great orthopedist as you.
  • Dr. Hindman, Thank you for coming the the Mogul Meister Ski Club meeting to give us a presentation on injury prevention. It was very much appreciated.
    Mogul Meister Ski and Snowboard Club
  • "I wanted to tell you that it has been 10 months since my surgery, and it is great! I had a  major accomplishment last weekend when I won my USTA match with the team that I joined; I am the oldest guy by almost 20 years and am more than holding my own, that was the reason we did the surgery in the first place! So thank you so much for helping me continue my love of the game."  
    P.T. – Jupiter, FL
  • "I've been wanting to write to you for some time now to express my sincere appreciation and DELIGHT in the outcome of my finger and wrist surgery done by you back on April 4. I wish you could see the results!  Nothing short of professional beauty!  -- more than I had hoped for.  No one could believe the difference.  AND, I have complete movement with no limitations or pain at all.  Remarkable. Be assured, I will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone I love or know!!"
    S.C. – Stamford, CT
  • It's been over a year now since my elbow surgery and I'm back in full swing. Literally! My golf swing- I had my best season to date (over 45 rounds) and achieved my lowest handicap score of 10.8. I can't thank you enough for applying your surgical skills in repairing my elbow. With PT my recovery was smooth and quick. I was back up and running in just a few months. I feel better and stronger than ever. You staff from start to finish was professional and compassionate. Thank you.
    D.T., Greenwich, CT
  • Dear Dr. Clain, I want to thank you for taking such good care of me for my ankle surgery. It went much smoother than I expected and I know that's in large part because of your care. From the moment I first consulted you, you were attentive and gracious. I appreciate your patience with all of my questions. You are remarkable in your ability to listen which I know is not easy in todays medical climate. I liked how you included me in looking at the x-rays and MRI before surgery and then the videos inside my ankle were fascinating. It was so helpful to have a visual of what you did. So I am so grateful for the many ways you took care of me. I am so happy to be recovering and progressing. You are a most excellent doctor!
    B.K., Westport, CT
  • "Hello Dr. Vitale...I wanted to give you a update on my progress, I have been back to work now for about two months. Both hands are getting stronger every day, I am doing things that I never thought I would be able to do again. Pain right now as I am typing is less than a 1 on the scale...I could not be happier with the results! I cannot wait to get back out and play golf again, something I could not do for the last 3 yrs. You have really changed my life and I can not thank you enough! Your skills and bedside manner are top notch, ONS is very lucky to have you on there team."  
    D.C. – Fairfield, CT
  • Dear Dr. Clain, I am thrilled with my new feet! Your patience and time you gave to me through both surgeries helped to make it all that much easier and manageable. I am grateful and off to buy some new shoes!!
  • Dear Dr. Ennis - I can't begin to express my gratitude to you for making it possible for you to perform my knee surgery. It was so reassuring knowing I had such a great team that my anxiety level was "almost" zero! Your office is run so professionally, and my experience with the Greenwich Hospital team was amazing. One week post-op, I am improving and looking forward to enjoying my new, strong knee! Thank you again - see you soon.
  • "Dear Dr. Ennis, Let me first thank you for the great job you did replacing my hip... What I had not expected was to be so impressed by each and every member of the ONS staff that I had interactions with. The office staff was at all times courteous, knowledgeable, and professional. The medical staff patiently explained every aspect of my procedure and answered my questions clearly. At all levels, each and every member of the ONS team appeared to both enjoy and excel at their professions. Thank you for your good work and that of the ONS team."
    W.H.P., Greenwich, CT
  • Dear Dr. Ennis, I can't think you enough for giving me a new knee so I can hop around more quickly after my 2 year old grandson that I take care of three days a week. You are a truly brilliant surgeon. I also appreciate your accpeting medicare assignment. I know since I was a former medical office manager that you only recieve a fraction of what you truely deserve...also, your terrific physical therapy group, (especially Betsy) accepted medicare because you did surgery on me.
    - NB
  • Dr. Ennis, I would like to thank you for doing my hip surgery. I feel great. You did my surgery in October and I'm walking better than I did prior to the surgery. Once again, thank you.
  • Dr. Delos was incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. He diagnosed my son's Lyme disease almost immediately and this was confirmed by testing.
    - patient survey comment
  • I would like the thank Dr. Peden for all his help and care for my daughter. She is sixteen and was nervous about having surgery but Dr. Peden was kind, professional and compassionate. He took the time to speak directly to her and was able to make her understand her surgery at the same time he was able to give her hope in her recovery. Thank you.
    - Patient Survey
  • Dr. Delos operated on my broken ankle 6 months ago and today I have graduated and am doing great! My experience was very good at ONS and I have healthcare background so I am very picky when I chose a doctor. The ONS office is extremely well-run and the ambulatory care center is top notch. I'm not sure how they could do a better job and they called me the next day to see how I was doing after surgery. I've referred friends to ONS in the past months that have seen other specialists at ONS who have told me they have all had the same experience. I've even brought my daughter here for care. Dr. Delos is very knowledgeable, competent and caring.
    M. S. – Larchmont
  • Dear Dr. Ennis, Thank you for being so "normal" and answering all my questions frankly and your great staff. You'll be happy to know I'm doing well...each week gets better as you promised. I know I am doing so well because of you.
  • William McHale: Getting Back in the Game

    [caption id="attachment_8465" align="alignright" width="300"]Will McHale Paul Sethi MD William McHale with ONS Orthopedic Surgeon, Sports Medicine Specialist Paul Sethi, MD who has provided orthopedic care for Will since the 7th grade.[/caption] The doctors at ONS have always been my resource for orthopedic issues. I met Dr. Paul Sethi when I broke my ankle playing football in 7th grade. In high school I broke my wrist and had a number of other strains and sprains, each time, returning to ONS. Dr. Paul Sethi is a sports medicine doctor who has an athlete’s mentality when it comes to treatments and recovery. He has a balanced view of treating an injury thoroughly and properly- while understanding the urgency of getting the athlete back to the game as soon as possible. I played linebacker for Yale University and started in 30 consecutive games between my sophomore year and the end of my senior year. In my senior year though, I tore the labrums in both of my shoulders. It was so bad that I had to wear a restrictive brace to keep my shoulders from slipping out of the socket during games. I couldn't do most of the upper body weight training regime. It was rough. I had to get them repaired. On top of everything, I was under pressure to recover in time for my Pro Day in front of NFL scouts. [caption id="attachment_8471" align="alignright" width="300"]McHale Push Up Position Will McHale - post shoulder surgery.[/caption] The surgeries went great. Dr. Sethi found more damage than originally showed on the MRIs.  Afterward, did physical therapy three to four times a week. By four months post surgery, I was able to do most of the prescribed exercises and my shoulders felt back to normal. I regained all my strength between six and seven months after surgery. Dr. Sethi was completely sensitive to my goal to perform well on my Pro Day, and he worked with me to set up an aggressive rehab schedule. I was able to return to play with complete confidence in the strength of my shoulders, and I haven't had any issues with them since! The result was that my Pro Day went great, and I was invited to Minicamp with the New Orleans Saints! I just returned from playing professional football in France and played at 110%!
    William McHale
  • "Paul is an amazing orthopedist. I went to 3 orthopedists and physiatrists who told me there was nothing wrong with my knees...." read more on YELP from Rob P.
    Yelp Review from Patient – Paul Sethi MD
  • Dear Dr. Sethi, Thank you for the amazing job you did performing surgery on my shoulder. It still amazes me after such a severe injury I can be healed so fully that I never sense a difference between my left and my right shoulders....it felt amazing to be back on the field after all that time...I will cherish the memories of my senior season forever, the memories you helped me make, by enabling me to return to my team.
    E. P.
  • Six months ago I fell at work and had to have a very complex surgery to repair my damaged shoulder. Today I have “graduated” and am back to normal working at my job again. I’m still going to physical therapy but I’m back to work shoveling and doing the maintenance I did before. I feel great! Dr. Delos did a tremendous job. Everyone had told me before the surgery that is was going to be so painful but I have to say it was not what I was expecting, I didn’t feel that kind of pain. The physical therapy really helped get back my ability to stretch; it felt stiff but not the pain I thought I was going to have. Dr. Delos gave me the best care. He is number one in my opinion.
    G. C. – Greenwich
  • Everyone at ONS was very warm and friendly. Dr. Delos was extremely helpful and very direct with his thoughts and recommendations, which I liked!
    - patient survey comment
  • Dr. Sethi, Just a small a word to tell you thanks for all you've done for [my son.] Not only have you repaired him physically, but emotionally as well. I am eternally grateful to you for your genuine interest in my son.
    L.G., Riverside
  • Dear Dr. Sethi, You would never believe what I can do with my arm (shoulder) now!!!
    A.P., Stamford, CT
  • Dear Dr. Paul Sethi, ...thank you for providing your expertise and service. You performed a ACL replacement, OAT's procedure, and meniscectomy on my left knee. As a veteran and college student of limited means...thank you for your medical service.

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